Politics Obama ethics chief warns of 'influence-seekers' buying Hunter Biden's art

01:05  22 june  2021
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  Biden and his aviators greet queen on a sunny afternoon WINDSOR, England (AP) — President Joe Biden and his aviator sunglasses met Queen Elizabeth II on bright Sunday afternoon. The queen hosted the president and first lady Jill Biden at Windsor Castle, her royal residence near London. Biden flew to London after wrapping up his participation in a three-day summit of leaders of the world's wealthy democracies in Cornwall, in southwestern England. He arrived at the castle aboard the presidential helicopter and was ferried to the queen in a black Range Rover.

Jason chaffetz: hunter biden ' S art scam — with his work selling for 0K, we need to know who's buying . Shaub also warned that the anonymity granted to Hunter 's clients could allow " influence - seekers " to funnel money to the Biden family. "Just as hotel charges and real estate purchases created a risk of unknown parties funneling money to the Trump family for potentially unsavory purposes, Hunter Biden ' s grotesquely inflated art prices create a similar risk of influence - seekers funneling money to the Biden family," Shaub said.

Former President Barack Obama ' s ethics chief , Walter Shaub, ripped President Biden for publicly commenting on son Hunter ' s forthcoming memoir, likening it to a "book promotion tour." "It is not acceptable for the President of the United States to be part of the book promotion tour. No," tweeted Shaub, a U. S . Office of Government Ethics former director under Obama . The tweet that was issued Sunday afternoon was deleted, but not before the Washington Examiner viewed its contents.

Former President Barack Obama's ethics chief is raising concerns about a plan to sell Hunter Biden art for high prices to "confidential" buyers.

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Walter Shaub, who worked under Obama in the Office of Government Ethics from 2013 to 2017, expressed his outrage on Monday in response to reports about the impending sale of Biden's art priced between $75,000 and $500,000 to patrons whose identities will remain undisclosed.

"Let's let foreign govts or anyone else funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars anonymously to POTUS's relatives through subjectively priced commodities like hotel charges, real estate purchases and art. Oh wait, no, art is COMPLETELY different. (sarcasm)," Shaub wrote in a tweet on Monday.

Hunter Biden claimed baby mama was daughter's basketball mentor

  Hunter Biden claimed baby mama was daughter's basketball mentor Hunter Biden referred to Lunden Roberts as a basketball mentor to his daughter Maisy and Barack Obama's daughter Sasha.Hunter, 51, had an affair with Lunden Roberts, 29, and fathered a daughter, Navy Joan in 2018. He settled with Lunden out of court last year after she sued him for refusing to acknowledge the baby was his or pay child support.

While the former ethics chief said Biden was still "better than Trump," he argued that "a straight up crook" should not be the "standard for ethics ." "Authoritarianism & corruption go hand in hand. If we don't clean up govt, we're setting the table for the next authoritarian," he said. "Speaking of which, Biden ' s administration is fighting tooth & nail to stop Congressional oversight—not just of this admin but of the Trump admin too!" Newsweek reached out to the White House for comment. This story will be updated with any response.

The Biden White House pushed back in a statement on Friday, claiming that Biden has maintained a high standard of ethics . "The president has instituted the highest ethical standards of anyone to ever hold this office," deputy White House press secretary Andrew Bates told The Washington Post. "And he' s proud to have staffed the most diverse administration in American history with well-qualified public servants who reflect his values." Fox News' requested a comment from the Biden administration on Shaub' s comments, but the White House declined.

Shaub said selling to anonymous buyers could allow "influence seekers" to gain access to President Joe Biden's family.


"Just as hotel charges and real estate purchases created a risk of unknown parties funneling money to the Trump family for potentially unsavory purposes, Hunter Biden's grotesquely inflated art prices create a similar risk of influence-seekers funneling money to the Biden family," Shaub told Fox News on Monday.

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A former ethics chief in the Obama administration has accused President Joe Biden of thumbing his nose at government ethics with the prevalence of family ties among his administration’ s hires. ‘I’m sorry, I know some folks don’t like hearing any criticism of him. But this royally sucks. I’m disgusted,’ tweeted Walter Shaub, who led the Office of Government Ethics from 2013 to 2017. ‘A lot of us worked hard to tee him up to restore ethics to government and believed the promises. This is a a real ‘f*** you’ to us—and government ethics ,’ he added.

Former Obama -era Office of Government Ethics Chief Walter Shaub called the Biden administration's hiring of multiple relatives of senior staffers a disgraceful repudiation to the mission of restoring ethics in government. At least five children of Biden ’ s top officials were offered and now occupy important positions in his administration, including two sons and a daughter of the White House counselor, the daughter of a deputy White House chief of staff, and the daughter of the director of presidential personnel.

The former ethics chief called on Hunter Biden and his art dealer, Georges Berges, to "disclose the identity of the purchasers" so the public can see if the buyers try to "gain access to [the] government." He also said the president should request his son not to move forward with the auction.

The Townsend Group, an agency representing Berges, previously said the decision to keep Biden's art customers "confidential" is standard practice among most mainstream auction houses.

"Pricing fine art in his experiences as a Gallerist is based on the demand of the work as well and the intrinsic value of it," the agency said in a statement. "His feeling is that within each piece — as with every artist, sales are always confidential to protect the privacy of the collector, this is standard practice for transactions in galleries as well as auction houses."

The president's 51-year-old son has no training in visual arts but claims he has been making art since he was a child. He revealed his artistic hobby in 2020 and has taken his creative efforts down a more serious career path in recent years, calling himself a "full-time artist."

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  AP PHOTOS: Biden wraps up 1st overseas trip of presidency Joe Biden wrapped up the first overseas trip of his presidency Wednesday after rallying allies and facing off with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The eight-day, three-country swing included meetings with leaders of the Group of Seven wealthiest democracies in scenic Cornwall, England, and a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle. In Brussels, Biden huddled with nearly a dozen NATO allies and met with the leadership of the European Union. The stop was meant to convey a united front among alliance members in standing up to Russian aggression and human rights violations. © Provided by Associated Press People watch Air Force One, carrying U.S.

President Joe Biden ’ s son Hunter repeatedly used a racial slur for African-Americans in text messages with lawyer George Mesires, the Daily Mail reported, citing the contents of his laptop abandoned in a Delaware repair shop. Any criticism of Hunter – from his involvement with the Ukrainian gas company Burisma or business deals with China to the laptop discovered at a Delaware repair shop and turned over to the FBI and later the media – was dismissed by the Biden campaign as lies and even “Russian disinformation.”

The Biden administration revealed on Tuesday that guys who can't get laid may be terrorist threats due to "involuntary celibate-violent extremism." That revelation is part of a new crackdown that identifies legions of potential "domestic Capitol Police acting Chief Yogananda Pittman told Congress that January 6 was "a terrorist attack by tens of thousands of insurrectionists." Less than a thousand protestors entered the Capitol that day but apparently any Trump supporter who hustled down the Mall towards the Capitol became the legal equivalent of Osama Bin Laden.

Hunter Biden plans to debut his artwork in a New York gallery and a private showcase in Los Angeles this fall.


The Washington Examiner contacted the White House, Berges, and the Townsend Group but did not immediately receive a response.

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