Politics In the face of the rise in crime, biden increases the tone on firearms

23:35  23 june  2021
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The ATF needs to be modernized; David Chipman can help do that

  The ATF needs to be modernized; David Chipman can help do that For the sake of public safety, we can’t continue to insist that ATF tackle 21st century crimes with 20th century resources. David Chipman, President Biden's nomination for ATF director, has served his nation well, both during his time at ATF and in the time since. Since retiring, he has continued to work to increase public safety against the threat of armed violence.At a time when we increasingly fear gun violence, our nation needs someone who understands the threats we face today. It is my hope that David will be confirmed and steer ATF - and our country - into safer waters.

  Face à la hausse de la criminalité, Biden hausse le ton sur les armes à feu © Provided by the point

L e US President Joe Biden presents Wednesday new measures to attempt to limit the circulation of firearms , on a backdrop of increasing crime through the United States , the subject of which his republican opponents seesp.

with a 30% increase in homicides in the country's big cities, the year 2020 was one of the most deadly for a quarter of a century. And the most recent data show that this trend spares no city: big or small, democrats or republican.

If the rise is real, the analysis of its causes, and answers to bring it, is - without surprise - very different according to the positioning on the American political chessboard.

Biden-Putin summit live updates: 'I'm always ready,' Biden says

  Biden-Putin summit live updates: 'I'm always ready,' Biden says President Joe Biden will meet face-to-face with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in Switzerland on Wednesday amid rising tensions between the two countries.The two men will face off inside an 18th-century Swiss villa in Geneva, situated alongside a lake in the middle of the Parc de la Grange. The fifth American president to sit down with Putin, Biden has spoken with him and met him before, in 2016.

The republican camp hammeses that the deterioration of the situation is linked to the police reforms adopted - or envisaged - by certain municipalities after the major demonstrations of the summer, even if the fact that almost all urban centers are affected by the phenomenon weakens the scope of this argument.

for the White House, the debate on police reform is important and legitimate. "But there are steps that the president can take to try to reduce crime," says Jen Psaki, Joe Biden spokesman. "And an important part of this effort must be, according to him, measures for the sale and purchase of firearms".

How to move the lines while the congress, deeply divided on the subject, refuses to move? "He can use the weight of the presidential speech and other levers," she answered, evasive, aware of the limited margin of lease of the tenant of the White House.

Biden-Putin summit: Key takeaways from their high-stakes meeting

  Biden-Putin summit: Key takeaways from their high-stakes meeting Here are key takeaways from the high-stakes summit between U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Both men called their meeting positive, but while Biden said he raised serious concerns and warned of consequences, he did not claim he got Putin to commit to changing his behavior and the Russian leader accepted no responsibility for cyberattacks on the U.S. or for anything else.

In early April, he had denounced the "epidemic" of firearms violence in the United States, judging that it was an "international shame". He had on this occasion signed six decrees, within the scope, limited. One of these measures aimed at combating "ghost weapons", which are made artisanally, sometimes with a 3D printer, and do not have a serial number.

Fight against arms trafficking

Tuesday, the Department of Justice announced the creation of five units to tackle firearms traffic. They will focus on New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, who has recorded a sharp rise in homicides for a year and a half.

bringing together federal prosecutors, specialized police and local actors, they "will investigate and dismantle networks that bring criminal weapons into our communities with tragic consequences," said Minister Merrick Garland.

The bitter debates in the Congress should continue. But five months after the arrival of Joe Biden in power, the Republicans, who so far struggle to find an angle of attack against the Democratic President seem to determine to support worrying statistics of crime.

For the elected of North Carolina, Richard Hudson, Joe Biden's speech will not change anything. "Calls for cutting police funds have led to a dangerous increase in crime. President Biden's response: further proposing new firearms restrictions that only affect the respectful citizens of the law," A-T -He tweeted.

"Rather than the coach of firearms, we need to support our police officers," he added, with the keyword #bidencrimecrisis.

"Basic concept that Democrats do not seem to understand: criminals do not respect the laws on arms", has ironed his colleague Andy Biggs on his side.

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Top Biden adviser blames guns for crime surge and insists Republicans defunded police .
President Joe Biden’s senior adviser Cedric Richmond blamed a nationwide crime surge on guns on Sunday and insisted Republicans defunded the police earlier in the year. © Provided by Washington Examiner His comments follow an announcement from the Justice Department that it is implementing "cross-jurisdictional firearms trafficking strike forces" in five U.S. cities to track and stop the illegal transfer of firearms amid unprecedented spikes in crime. When asked what is behind the rise in violence, Richmond insisted firearms, including so-called “assault weapons,” were the culprit.

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