Politics Ronny Jackson, former White House doctor, predicts Biden will resign

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‘Normal is not good enough': After Trump, pressure’s on Biden to create new ethics rules

  ‘Normal is not good enough': After Trump, pressure’s on Biden to create new ethics rules Government watchdog groups are urging Biden to hire an ethics director at the White House the way George W. Bush and Barack Obama did.Six months into office, they’re pushing the president to follow through on his campaign promise to press for an aggressive 25-point plan for ethics reform, fearful that the window to do so may be closing — and with it an opportunity to prevent the lapses of the Trump years from happening again.

Ronny Jackson , the former White House physician-turned-congressman, says he’s “terrified for our country” in the wake of President Joe Biden ’s disastrous town hall this week — and that he doubts whether the commander in chief has the cognitive ability to make it through a full term. Earlier this month, Biden was forced to rely on notes to answer a reporter’s question at a Michigan pie shop. "This is a national security issue at this point," Jackson told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday. "I think he’s either going to resign — they’ re going to convince him to resign from office at some point

Ronny Jackson , who served as the top White House physician under the Obama and Trump administrations, has predicted President Joe Biden won’t finish his term in office because of a lack of fitness for the job. ‘Something is SERIOUSLY wrong with Biden - and it’s only going to get WORSE Jackson told Fox News that Biden , who has been seen tripping on a stairwell before boarding Air Force One and having difficulty speaking coherently, will either be forced from office when the Cabinet invokes the 25th Amendment or he will resign . If members of Biden 's cabinet aren't looking into

a man wearing a suit and tie: Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas) © Greg Nash Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas)

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas), the controversial former White House physician, said on Thursday that he believed President Biden would resign because of his limited cognitive abilities.

During an episode of Fox's "Hannity," host Sean Hannity criticized responses Biden gave during a CNN town hall the day before, calling some "completely incomprehensible."

In an interview with Jackson, Hannity said that Biden would not perform well on a cognitive test, repeating a claim circulated among Republicans that the president's health is in decline.

"Donald Trump took a cognitive test. He got 30 out of 30 right. I hear it's a very difficult test. I do not think Joe Biden would do well on that test. Is that a fair assessment based on what I'm observing?" Hannity asked Jackson.

Unscripted remarks start to haunt President Biden

  Unscripted remarks start to haunt President Biden President Biden has been more freewheeling with his remarks in the last few weeks, leading to slip-ups the White House has had to clean up.The most recent example came Friday, when Biden accused Facebook of "killing people" because of the misinformation spread on the social media network about coronavirus vaccines.It was a striking statement that triggered a furious response from Facebook. And on Monday, it became clear Biden had gone further and been more biting than he intended.Less than three days after his initial remarks, the president reversed course, saying Facebook "isn't killing people.

Obama’s former doctor predicts Biden will resign ‘in the near future,’ fears the president is a ‘national security issue’. Ronny Jackson , who served as physician to the president during the administrations of Barack Obama and Donald Trump, is concerned about President Joe Biden ’s Jackson predicted that “there’s going to be some serious pushback from the White House and from the left to do something about what’s going on” with Biden . The former White House doctor stated, “This is a national security issue at this point.” “Our adversaries overseas, they are watching this closely.

Ronny Jackson served as White House doctor under George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump. He is among 14 Republican lawmakers, who wrote a letter to the incumbent president asking him to undergo a cognitive test.

"Absolutely, Sean, and I've been saying this from the very beginning. I've been saying that something's going on here. I was saying this when he was candidate Joe Biden, and I've been saying that it's only going to get worse, and guess what. We're watching that happen right before our eyes right now," Jackson said.

"There's something seriously going on with this man right now, and, you know, I think that he's either going to resign, they're going to convince him to resign from office at some point in the near future for medical issues or they're going to have to use the 25th Amendment to get rid of this man right now," Jackson later added.

Jackson also tweeted a video of Biden answering a reporter's question, saying, "He's completely LOST it! Needs a cognitive exam NOW!"

'The glue that is holding us all together': Joe Biden rides herd on Democrats ahead of tough 2022 election cycle

  'The glue that is holding us all together': Joe Biden rides herd on Democrats ahead of tough 2022 election cycle Biden has been a driving force as the Democratic National Committee gears up for the 2022 elections in which control of Congress is at stake.But behind the scenes, the chief executive is playing another role: Democratic Party leader.

In 2018, White House physician Ronny Jackson stood before a room of reporters and praised then-President Donald Trump’s cognitive state as “very sharp” and “very intact.” The president, Jackson boasted, had aced a cognitive assessment meant to disprove claims that his mental health was Doctors last year who reviewed Biden ’s medical history and current state said he was in good health. Stuart Jay Olshansky, a professor of public health at the University of Illinois at Chicago who analyzes the longevity of presidents, told The Washington Post that Biden ’s health and family history suggest a

Former White House doctor Ronny Jackson says President Biden must immediately have a cognitive exam or will have to resign . 9:54 am July 25, 2021. 36. A former White House physician-turned-congressman is “terrified” for the country and says that he doubts that President Biden is mentally able to make it through his whole term in the Office and suggested the president should take a cognitive exam as soon as possible. Rep.

Jackson, who was the White House physician for former Presidents Trump and Obama, circulated a letter in June calling on Biden to take a cognitive test to prove he was mentally fit to perform his duties as president, which was signed by more than a dozen Republicans.

However, Jackson has been steeped in controversy over comments he has made regarding Trump's health. During a White House briefing in 2018, he called Trump's diet "excellent" even though Trump regularly ate fast food and did not exercise.

White House officials said in May that Biden was scheduled to take an annual physical exam "later this year" and said they would make the results publicly available.

The Hill has reached out to the White House for comment.

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