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08:25  15 september  2021
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Newsom's nightmare: How one November day fueled the recall

  Newsom's nightmare: How one November day fueled the recall SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — On a single day last November, two events helped set the course for just the second recall election against a governor in California history: Gov. Gavin Newsom dined with 11 friends and lobbyists at one of the country’s most expensive restaurants as he pleaded with Californians to stay home, while those looking to kick him out of office won four more months to qualify for the ballot. Photos of the maskless dinner showed the Democratic governor going against what he had been urging for months to combat the coronavirus: don’t gather in groups, keep your distance, wear a mask.

California Governor Gavin Newsom appears to have survived a rare state-wide vote to remove him with a clear majority, US media report. Republicans launched the election over his handling of the pandemic. Mr Newsom 's main rival, conservative radio host Larry Elder, claimed that the vote was rigged before polls even opened. On the eve of the recall vote, Mr Biden appeared at a rally with Mr Newsom - a former San Francisco mayor - to tell voters that their choice will "reverberate around the world".

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Sept 14 (Reuters) - California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom appeared set to fend off a recall effort, U.S. television networks said on Tuesday, overcoming a Republican campaign to unseat him over his liberal policies on immigration, COVID-19 and crime. Newsom , a first-term governor beset by challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic, extreme drought and severe wildfires, successfully boosted turnout among Democrats with a flurry of late campaigning. In the final days of the race, he appeared alongside President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, who

After an expensive, complex, and noisy campaign, early mail ballots — the first votes counted in California — are showing Governor Gavin Newsom winning a decisive victory in the state’s second-ever recall election. Newsom, whose self-inflicted wounds during the pre-Delta phase of the COVID-19 pandemic made him only the the second governor in the state’s history to face recall, survived the scare thanks to a lavishly-funded anti-recall effort; his state’s strong Democratic advantage; and a divided and not terribly compelling Republican field of would-be replacements. The election was called by NBC, CNN, and the Associated Press less than an hour after voting ended, with Newsom mobilizing heavy support in the state’s urban and coastal Democratic strongholds. The results were in stark contrast to the previous gubernatorial recall election in 2003, when Democratic incumbent Gray Davis was removed from office and Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected to replace him.

What The French Laundry Has to Do With Gavin Newsom's Recall Election

  What The French Laundry Has to Do With Gavin Newsom's Recall Election A dinner California's governor attended last November has been credited with galvanizing support for the recall petition that ultimately qualified for a ballot.More than a month before the first COVID-19 vaccine received emergency use approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), California was battling a rising wave of new COVID-19 infections with health experts predicting additional increases during the holiday weeks that were still to come.

The 2021 California gubernatorial recall election is expected to be a special election to recall Governor Gavin Newsom . It would be the second gubernatorial recall election in the state's history.

Gavin Newsom of California ended in defeat late Tuesday, as Democrats in the nation’s most populous state closed ranks against a small grass-roots movement that accelerated with the spread of Covid-19. Voters affirmed their support for Mr. Newsom , whose lead grew insurmountable as the count continued in Los Although Mr. Newsom ’s critics had started the recall because they opposed his stances on the death penalty and immigration, it was the politicization of the pandemic that propelled it onto the ballot as Californians became impatient with shutdowns of businesses and classrooms.

a man wearing a suit and tie standing in front of a sign: David McNew/Getty Images © David McNew/Getty Images David McNew/Getty Images

California’s 22 million registered voters were presented with two questions on their ballots: Whether to recall Newsom from office, and which of the 46 “replacement candidates” should become governor should that happen. About half the voters who filled out an answer to the first question skipped the second, reflecting the Democratic Party’s sustained effort to undermine interest in the replacement contest (in part by discouraging well-known Democrats from running). As expected, conservative talk show host Larry Elder is comfortably winning the now-irrelevant replacement race with a strong plurality of the vote.

Late-arriving mail ballots will still be counted for a week so long as they were postmarked by today. And the “no” margin will likely shrink at least temporarily later tonight as votes cast in person on Election Day (recently a Republican preference thanks to Donald Trump’s many attacks on voting by mail) are tallied. But in the 2020 general election held under the same procedures, 87 percent of votes were cast by mail, so the massive lead for “no” is secure. As of late this afternoon, 9.7 million mail ballots (44 percent of all those sent out) had been returned. Tracking of returned ballots by party registration showed that just over half of them were cast by Democrats; just over a quarter by Republicans; and the balance by independents, who lean pretty decisively Democratic in the Golden State. Recent polls also showed “yes on recall” trailing “no” votes by a steadily increasing margin (15.8 points in the FiveThirtyEight polling averaging and 14.5 percent at RealClearPolitics). So all the late signs were pointing to a Newsom victory despite the huge scare the recall threw into the ranks of the state’s dominant Democrats. As recently as late August, the election looked very close.

Recall election: Campaign trip for Gavin Newsom could bring bigger benefit to President Biden

  Recall election: Campaign trip for Gavin Newsom could bring bigger benefit to President Biden President Joe Biden's campaign trip for California Gov. Gavin Newsom ahead of Tuesday's recall election, could help Biden as much as Newsom.Polls indicate Republicans’ attempt to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom is likely to come up short in Tuesday’s election – for which many votes have already been cast.

image captionPresident Biden campaigned with California Governor Gavin Newsom (L) near Los Angeles. US President Joe Biden has thrown his support behind California Governor Gavin Newsom , on the eve of a vote that could remove the governor from office. The recall vote will see Californians decide if they approve of Mr Newsom , and if not, who should replace him. At a rally in Long Beach, Mr Biden said the result would "reverberate around the world". Polls show a comfortable lead for the Democrat, whose main rival, Larry Elder, is a conservative radio host.

California 's Democrat Governor, Gavin Newsom , faces being replaced as the leader of the state if voted out of office in Tuesday's election. His handling of the pandemic has been criticised, fuelling a long Republican-led effort to remove him as governor. Here, BBC News looks at some of the claims made by Governor Newsom and his challengers on the campaign trail. Governor Newsom has been comparing California 's Covid record with those of states with Republican governors.

The trend that saved Newsom can be explained in multiple ways. The “no” campaign outspent its opponents handily, and took advantage of the state’s partisan makeup by depicting the recall as a Trump-inspired power grab in a state where Democrats have nearly a 2-1 registration advantage, control every statewide office, and hold super-majorities in the legislature. Team Newsom (with some help from rival Republican candidates) also amplified media revelations about the extremism and dubious personal conduct of Larry Elder, who emerged as the top replacement candidate soon after entering the race in July. And finally, a possible turnout gap between excited Republicans favoring a recall and apathetic or complacent Democrats opposing it faded as the campaign reached its peak (all those ballots arriving in the mail had a particularly significant effect). It looks like the percentage of Democrats voting could match or even exceed that of Republicans.

How the Newsom recall could strengthen the push for Covid mandates

  How the Newsom recall could strengthen the push for Covid mandates The closely watched California gubernatorial recall election on Tuesday is poised to send precisely the opposite political message that its proponents initially intended. © Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images An observer who declined to give their name watches election workers process ballots (and signatures verified) at vote centers across the state during the California gubernatorial recall election, including the Orange County Registrar of Voters in Santa Ana, on Thursday, Sept. 9, 2021.

California is holding its recall election today to determine whether Democratic governor Gavin Newsom will be allowed to remain in office. Many Democrats had previously been concerned about Newsom getting recalled because polls taken over the summer indicated that he might be in trouble. Joe Biden visited California yesterday to encourage voters to support Newsom in the recall race, warning that Republican candidate Larry Elder is a “clone of Donald Trump”. “Can you imagine him being governor of this state?

Gavin Newsom in California on Monday, a day before the state's highly anticipated recall election that could remove the first-term Democrat from office. Biden gave the closing pitch to a large crowd in Long Beach, calling the leading Republican front-runner, conservative radio host Larry Elder, "a clone of Donald Trump." Although Democrats outnumber Republicans 2-1 in California , Newsom has faced scrutiny over his strict Covid-related mandates, rising taxes and homelessness in the state, among other issues. In the recall fight, Elder has emerged as the front-runner in a crowded field, motivating

There will be a lot of “lessons learned” commentary on this election. Clearly the big one for incumbent governors from either party who might face a recall is this: Do not inflame people who already resent the pandemic measures you have imposed by ignoring your own rules and attending an unmasked indoor party for a lobbyist friend at one of the world’s most exclusive restaurants. Had Newsom not made this big mistake at around the same time as many Californians were giving up their own family Thanksgiving dinners in 2020, the perennial Republican effort to recall every Democratic governor would have died, like nearly all of them have. Newsom’s comeback was also instructive. Aside from what his campaign against the recall accomplished, he was helped a great deal by his management of COVID’s Delta resurgence, which he handled more adeptly than he did the original pandemic (or than many other governors handled Delta).

As for Republicans, they would be wise to avoid the undocumented “voter fraud” accusations that Elder and Donald Trump were making before the first vote was reported. To Californians who haven’t drunk the MAGA Kool-Aid, they are beginning to look and sound like a cult, which isn’t helpful given their minority status in the state. They should also express some regrets about climbing aboard the failed recall train, which leaves them in a weakened condition for the next general election in 2022. And much as they allegedly hate pandemic accommodations like expanded voting by mail, Republicans should understand that the recall would have never even gotten off the ground had not a judge given petition circulators a four-month extension in the deadline as a pandemic accommodation.

Finally, California voters and their legislators might also want to take a look at their recall law and see if they really want to encourage this complex and expensive form of between-regular-elections accountability. It gave us political writers some excitement, but in the end it changed nothing.

How the recall election against California Gavin Newsom will work .
The election will be just the second recall election for governor in state history. The other took place in 2003 when Democratic Governor Gray Davis was recalled and Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor. Here's what you need to know about the recall. How did we get here?In February 2020, a group called the California Patriot Coalition began circulating a petition to recall Newsom, citing his administration's policies on immigration, homelessness, the state's drought emergency and taxes. Newsom had faced five previous recall attempts, but such petitions require 1.

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