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Biden turns to Colorado to pitch investments in clean energy

  Biden turns to Colorado to pitch investments in clean energy LONG BEACH, Calif. (AP) — While legislators craft the details back in Washington, President Joe Biden is pitching his massive domestic spending package with a visit to a renewable energy lab in Colorado to highlight how the investments in clean energy in his massive spending package would help combat climate change. The trip to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Denver will cap off the president’s two-day swing to the West, and offer Biden the chance to continue linking the need to pass the massive spending package to the urgent threat posed by climate change.

Black people could not vote. So times have changed in most places. One reason that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election was that many Hispanic men were not willing to vote for a woman for president . So there is still a bias against women in some cultures. That doesn’t mean a woman can’t be president just that she will have mote of an uphill battle. As far as what is in the Constitution, that was written a while ago and we can see how things have changed. The Constitution using gender biased language just gives us a snapshot of the cultural views of that time.

president may recognize their own unfitness and step aside by their own choice. It’s not whether Biden is fit. The answer to the question is best phrased, is Biden better fitted to be President Stray dog from Cambodia is more fit to be the US President than Trump, so Biden will be better anyway.

On Sept. 11, 2021, to mark the 20th anniversary of the attack on our nation, President Joe Biden attended a ceremony in New York City with former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Biden did not speak, but he was the cause of an inadvertently illustrative image. A photographer caught him with his mask down, apparently shouting to get somebody’s attention, while the fellow attendees stood by somberly. Standing next to him, Obama — never one with a good poker face — seems to give him a sideways glance, as if to say, “C’mon, man. You’re the president. Act like it!”

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The scene was a perfect snapshot of a challenge Biden is thus far failing: adapting his emotive persona to his new position. Uncle Joe has spent so many years trying to be just one of the guys that it’s unclear whether he can be leader of the pack. The former senator has spent decades in public life chasing the presidency to become the proverbial dog who finally caught the car. And he looks nearly as out of place in the Oval Office as the dog would look sliding into the driver’s seat of his new quarry.

Mexico highlights Cuban leader's visit on Independence Day

  Mexico highlights Cuban leader's visit on Independence Day MEXICO CITY (AP) — The big highlight of Mexico’s Independence Day Thursday was a visit by Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador welcomed the Cuban leader on the reviewing platform for Mexico’s annual Sept. 16 military parade. López Obrador called on the United States to end the economic blockade of Cuba. The Mexican leader also called on Cuban-Americans to “leave aside partisan or electoral interests” and seek reconciliation.“Hopefully President (Joe) Biden has enough political sensitivity to act with greatness and put an end to the political attacks on Cuba," López Obrador said.

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Become president if you can, but any position of power will do. Fourth, get involved in politics. Even just writing a letter to your representative, level of government not mattering, will get you somewhat involved. Fifth, apply for all the scholarships you can. 50$ here and another 100$ there, built up over the years Since you’ll probably blow that by the time you’re 16, because we all did (thank God there were no cell phones around when I was your age), give it up. It’s a horrible, thankless job, and half the people in the country will hate you. If you still want to be President , you have to learn how to lie, cheat, and

This man has been in national politics since 1973. He has witnessed up close how nine American presidents before him behaved. Some mediocre, some great, most in between. But all in all, a very clear picture of the job description has been available to him, especially as the vice president of a two-termer. How can he not get it? And if he does get it, why can't he act the way he should?

The retort of Biden partisans is the tu quoque non sequitur — what about Trump!? Well, sure. Donald Trump likewise consistently failed to behave as the president should. His Twitter feed was proof of that before it was shut down. But acting presidential was supposed to be the main reason to choose Biden over Trump last year. The “adults” were to be back in charge — the adults being the people who understood how to operate the machinery of government. Instead, the amateurish nature of this presidency has been its most striking feature in both private and public displays.

France recalls ambassadors to US, Australia over submarine deal

  France recalls ambassadors to US, Australia over submarine deal The diplomatic row came over a broken contract by Australia to buy French submarines in the wake of a new security pact by Australia, the US and the UK.Philippe Étienne, France's ambassador to the United States, and his counterpart in Australia were recalled to Paris "for consultations" at the request of French President Emmanuel Macron, said Jean-Yves Le Drian, France's minister for Europe and foreign affairs.

It used to be on March 4, to give electoral results time to get from the states to Washington so that Congress could count them and declare a winner, and for the president -elect to be notified and have time to get to Washington, but it caused issues having such a long “lame duck” period between the election of the new president and. Removal from office by invocation of the 25th Amendment is a bit murkier. It only addresses how a president may regain his position after removal during his term, not whether they may be barred in the future.

president , congress, presidential . In which of the following ways can presidential succession be handled? A vice president can temporarily take over as president if the president is incapacitated. Though not universally true, a president 's approval rating is likely to be highest when? How can a president contribute to lawmaking? Correct: - veto legislation - lobby members of Congress - declare legislative policy in the State of the Union address. Incorrect: - formally introduce legislation to Congress - issue an executive agreement.

Back in the spring, the buzz around Biden was that he planned to have an impact that would rival Franklin D. Roosevelt, making the government in his own image. But he has failed at the most straightforward functions of a president.

The Constitution empowers the president to propose legislation to Congress and veto legislation he does not like, which gives him a part in the lawmaking process. But most of his constitutional duties involve the implementation of the law. There are particularly four major executive tasks the Constitution assigns to the president, either explicitly or implicitly: He is to serve as the head of state, to command the armed forces, to serve as the nation’s chief diplomat, and to take care that the laws are faithfully executed. In just the past month alone, Biden has failed miserably in each of these jobs.

In many of his public engagements, his demeanor has been plain bizarre, varying from exhausted in some instances to way too intense in others. He’s like a singer who cannot find the key. If ever there was a moment for Biden to act presidential, it would have been on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Yet Biden botched it completely, giving no public remarks and leaving behind only an embarrassing photograph.

Psaki forced to cut her family vacation short to address Afghanistan

  Psaki forced to cut her family vacation short to address Afghanistan White House press secretary Jen Psaki was forced to cut her planned family vacation short, returning to work Monday as President Joe Biden delivered remarks on Afghanistan. She'll brief reporters Tuesday afternoon at 1:30, alongside National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, as the crisis continues to unfold. Psaki had planned to take this week off, with her automated out-of-office reply saying she would return on August 22, when reporters tried asking her questions about Afghanistan over the weekend.

Democratic challenger Joe Biden has described Donald Trump's alleged remarks about US war dead as "disgusting" and says he is not fit to be president . He expressed pride in his late son Beau's military service in Iraq.

how to become president what process you have to through. Terms in this set (34). How many representatives does each state get? Are not bound to vote for the candidate they were elected to represent. They can, and have in the past, cast vote for another presidential candidate at the convention.

Biden’s failures as commander in chief are best encapsulated by the disaster in Afghanistan. And his responses to this unfolding catastrophe have seen him act in a most unpresidential manner, blaming everybody from the Afghan government to the military and intelligence community, even his predecessor in the Oval Office. Yet the founders invested the president with supreme power over the military because clear lines of accountability are necessary during combat operations. Biden has the final call but acts as though he does not. Perhaps the most sickening lack of leadership was his refusal to take responsibility for the Aug. 29 drone strike on an innocent Afghan family. He slunk away on vacation while his underlings admitted that, yes, it was a botch.

The president is also in charge of maintaining good diplomatic relations with foreign governments, and here Biden has failed with France, the nation’s oldest ally. Angered over the agreement between the United States, Britain, and Australia to provide the latter with nuclear submarines, French President Emmanuel Macron recalled his country's minister to the U.S. No doubt, the United States has an interest in keeping Australia strong in the face of an aggressive China, but surely, this could have been done without aggravating France so profoundly.

Former Algerian leader Bouteflika buried with quiet honors

  Former Algerian leader Bouteflika buried with quiet honors ALGIERS, Algeria (AP) — Former Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika was laid to rest on Sunday in the martyrs section of the capital’s main cemetery, quietly honored despite his fall from grace, forced from office after two decades. A flowered tank with a military escort carried his coffin to the El Alia Cemetery’s special section reserved for those who fought for Algeria’s independence from France, folks who are today considered martyrs. President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who on Saturday declared three days of mourning, was among the officials at the ceremony.

The most important domestic job of the president is to take care that laws are faithfully executed. Is he doing that? Look no further than Del Rio, Texas, for the answer. There is a massive humanitarian crisis on the country’s southern border because the president of the United States refuses to enforce the immigration laws. Those laws are in need of change, yes — but that is the job of Congress, not of the president by ignoring them, and certainly not to such disastrous effect.

Or, consider Biden’s efforts to extend the eviction moratorium imposed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The administration knew this would be struck down by the courts, and yet the president went ahead with it anyway merely to, as Biden himself suggested, play for time while the challenge went to the courts. So, what on Earth is the president doing enforcing a mandate that he knows is unconstitutional? And why is he burdening the Supreme Court with the duty of striking it down?

In all of these fiascoes, the 46th president has seemed either disengaged or dishonest. He rarely takes questions, especially when the news cycle turns against him. And when he does, his answers are often not to be believed. He assured the country that the Afghanistan withdrawal would go smoothly. Not so. He told us the goal was to get every American in Afghanistan out of the country. Not so. He told the country that vaccine mandates were not under consideration. Not so. Eight months into his administration, a giant credibility gap has opened up, a massive, yawning difference between what the president says and what is actually happening.

As Merkel bids farewell, German women wish for more equality

  As Merkel bids farewell, German women wish for more equality BERLIN (AP) — Angela Merkel, Germany's first female chancellor, has been praised by many for her pragmatic leadership in a turbulent world and celebrated by some as a feminist icon. But a look at her track record over her 16 years at Germany's helm reveals missed opportunities for fighting gender inequality at home. Named “The World’s Most Powerful Woman” by Forbes magazine for the last 10 years in a row, Merkel has been cast as a powerful defender of liberal values in the West. She has easily stood her ground at male-dominated summits with leaders such as former U.S. President Donald Trump or Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The presidency of the United States is a big job. Arguably, it has become too big. Perhaps the administrative machinery of this government has become too byzantine and burdensome for any one individual to direct it effectively. But the Biden administration is hardly a fair test of this proposition. Biden has failed at the most simple, basic functions of the presidency in the first months of his administration. And each time, he has expressed denial rather than reconsider his approach, suggesting this is a preview of the next three years. This man has been either unwilling or unable to act as a president should, despite being in Washington, D.C., for nearly half a century. Why should we expect him suddenly to start? C’mon, man.

Jay Cost is a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and a visiting scholar at Grove City College.

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Marine Corps refutes claim of corporal who told Trump rally he hoisted baby over wall at Kabul airport .
The Marines refuted a claim made by a Marine that he was the one who lifted a child over a wall at the Kabul, Afghanistan airport in a viral photo.Lance Cpl. Hunter Clark was invited to a Sept. 25 rally held by former President Donald Trump, and Clark was introduced to the Perry, Georgia crowd by Trump as being the Marine who "helped evacuated children over ... the airport wall. You saw him. He did a great job.

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