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Putin purposely coughed. Trump said he'd act tough for cameras, White House book reveals

  Putin purposely coughed. Trump said he'd act tough for cameras, White House book reveals According to former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, Vladimir Putin used tricks to try to intimidate Donald Trump at their 2019 meeting.Former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham's book, "I'll Take Your Questions Now," obtained ahead of publication by The Washington Post, reveals a much more nuanced relationship between Trump and Putin than previous reports portrayed.

In the post-Trump era, there is little room for criticism of the former president by members of the GOP. Nearly a year after the election, too many in the party still believe he was robbed of a second term. This delusion isn't just held by some supporters, but the man himself. And because of it, GOP hopefuls who seek office must walk a fine line.

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Nikki Haley has been a well-respected politician for decades. As a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives and then the state's governor, she has maintained a level of decency and poise that others lack. During the Trump administration, she gracefully took on the role of ambassador to the United Nations. While others in the Trump team beclowned themselves on a daily basis, Haley stuck to her job and did it well. But being so closely tied to President Donald Trump created a problem then, and now, for Haley.

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Donald Trump after Poll Shows Him Tied With Ron DeSantis for 2024

  Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Donald Trump after Poll Shows Him Tied With Ron DeSantis for 2024 The survey by the PAC of Trump's ex-aide John Bolton said Republican voters are "getting weary" of the former president.During his monologue on Thursday, the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host referred to Trump as he compared Fox News coverage relishing the boos that President Joe Biden got at a congressional baseball game this week with the poor reception that his predecessor once received.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, Haley said of her former boss, "He has a strong legacy from his administration. He has the ability to get strong people elected, and he has the ability to move the ball, and I hope that he continues to do that. We need him in the Republican Party. I don't want us to go back to the days before Trump."

These assertions are disappointing, to say the least. For a long while, Haley existed as a constant voice of reason. Now, it appears as though she is merely playing the game for political leverage. With her sights set on 2024 and beyond, Haley is positioning herself to look politically attractive to GOP voters. These voters either support Trump outright or at least look favorably upon his influence.

Trump says he'd 'beat' DeSantis if they faced off for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination

  Trump says he'd 'beat' DeSantis if they faced off for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination During an interview with Yahoo Finance, Trump said that he doesn't expect to face Florida's GOP governor, adding most Republicans wouldn't run against him.During an interview with Yahoo Finance that is slated to be published on Monday, the former president said that he doesn't expect to face DeSantis - noting that most Republicans "would drop out" if he jumped into the race.

But Haley's effusive praise of Trump contradicts earlier statements. In the wake of the Jan. 6 attacks on the Capitol, Haley told a room of Republicans, "President Trump has not always chosen the right words. He was wrong with his words in Charlottesville, and I told him so at the time. He was badly wrong with his words yesterday. And it wasn’t just his words. His actions since Election Day will be judged harshly by history."

Haley, often so competent and measured, looks more like a political chameleon than ever. There may be a lot she can personally thank Trump for, but treating him as the future of the GOP ignores the recent past and present. Trump's unexpected rise to power didn't give way to a second term. This was due, in large part, to his own sabotage. More than that, his own conspiracy theories about election results helped Republicans lose in the Georgia runoffs. The wider Trump effect meant the GOP lost Congress and the White House. This can't be the future Haley wants. The only explanation for her insistence that the party include Trump is her desire for more political power.

Trump's choice: Build a 2024 campaign or become 2020 bore?

  Trump's choice: Build a 2024 campaign or become 2020 bore? Former President Donald Trump is scheduled to hold a rally Saturday at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. As usual for those not physically present, it won't be easy to find a way to watch. © Provided by Washington Examiner Much of social media has de-platformed Trump. The major news networks don't cover his rallies live. While Trump still dominates much discussion on cable news, especially on CNN and MSNBC, it is often in the context of the threat many on those networks believe he presents to the future of U.S. democracy.

President Joe Biden has only been in office for nine months. His "progressive" vision for the country is already a disaster on many levels. This means the GOP should be serious about 2024. That requires looking to the future, not the past. Sure, Trump may still be on the scene in some capacity, but he should not be the template for any kind of personal or electoral behavior. His popularity should not override the damage he has done to the party and its reputation. 2024 contenders will have to decide how to approach his legacy and what doing so will mean for their own chances.

To navigate the future successfully, Republicans must close the Trump chapter, once and for all. This means growing pains. Ultimately, moving past Trump will make the party more attractive to voters of all stripes who grew tired of the nonsense.

Haley's elevated political aspirations should not overshadow her history of effective leadership and common sense. Republicans should want her style of leadership and personal character. It would be best for her and the GOP if they thank Trump for his service and move on. But that may be asking too much of a short-sighted party that's still reeling from loss.

Trump heads to Iowa as 2024 chatter grows

  Trump heads to Iowa as 2024 chatter grows Donald Trump is sending the clearest signals yet that he's planning another presidential run in 2024 as he heads to Iowa for a rally this weekend.The Saturday event in the first-in-the-nation caucus state is the latest sign the former president is gearing up for a third White House bid as he also doles out midterm endorsements, hires aides in places like Iowa and boasts in media interviews of what he sees as a glide path to victory in a 2024 GOP primary.After it was reported this week that aides had to hold him back from officially announcing a bid, Republicans are viewing a Trump candidacy as a near certainty.

Kimberly Ross (@SouthernKeeks) is a contributor to the Washington Examiner's Beltway Confidential blog and a columnist at Arc Digital.

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