Politics Trump Says Republicans Must Solve the Big Lie or Their Voters Won’t Vote

02:41  14 october  2021
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Is Boris Johnson a Liar?

  Is Boris Johnson a Liar? And if he is, why don’t voters seem to care? The political scientists Ivan Krastev and Stephen Holmes have developed a distinction between “accuracy” and “sincerity” to explain why voters seem to care little about the lies told by politicians they support. People can be “truthful” about two things, they write in their book, The Light That Failed—facts and feelings. Of the two, only the former is falsifiable.

Former President Donald Trump said Wednesday if the GOP won ' t back his call to ' solve ' what he called election fraud of 2020, Republicans 'will not be voting ' in 2022 or 2024. Grassley had blasted Trump the day after the riot. 'Sadly, yesterday he displayed poor leadership in his words and actions, and he must take responsibility,' he said then. Trump has not yet said if he plans to run again in 2024, but he enjoys broad support within the GOP and has been flexing his muscles through other endorsements, going after 'never Trumpers' while GOP legislators seek to change state election laws.

Nearly half of conservative respondents said they would vote for Trump in a presidential primary if it happened today, and only 29% are against the idea of another run. While he continues to hold strong sway among Republicans , Trump ’s support is more mixed among Independents and almost nonexistent among those who identify as Democrats. For Republicans who do not want to see Trump run again, there still appears to be no real frontrunner to act as an alternative to the former president.

It’s generally part of the conventional wisdom these days that the real downside (politically, not morally; its immorality is fundamental) of Trump’s Big Lie about the “rigged” 2020 election was manifested in the crucial January 5, 2021, Senate runoffs in Georgia. NPR had the story not long after Republicans lost both contests and, with them, control of the U.S. Senate:

Trump’s latest demands are either impossible or plain sinister. Demetrius Freeman/The Washington Post via Getty Images © Demetrius Freeman/The Washington Post via Getty Images Trump’s latest demands are either impossible or plain sinister. Demetrius Freeman/The Washington Post via Getty Images

“Telling everyone that the race was stolen when it wasn’t cost the Republicans two Senate seats,” said Erick Erickson, a syndicated conservative radio show host and blogger in Georgia. “The going all-in on the cult of personality around President Trump hurt them as a result. They had to play up this, ‘There’s no way Donald Trump could have lost. It had to be stolen from him.’ “

Democrats face tough options for raising debt ceiling as US inches closer to Oct. 18 deadline

  Democrats face tough options for raising debt ceiling as US inches closer to Oct. 18 deadline Senate Democrats face three tough options to raise the debt limit as time runs down before a potential default Oct. 18.Senate Republicans were expected to block another Democratic attempt to raise the nation's debt ceiling on Wednesday, but the vote was postponed. If that vote fails, it would force Democrats to consider alternatives they've resisted, including a controversial step to bend Senate rules to allow the bill to come to a final vote.

Trump 's “ big lie ” is probably the greatest threat our democracy has ever faced, but his Republican enablers took that lie and spread it like herpes at an orgy. People are furious at Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley because they spearheaded the objections to the Electoral College votes in the House Maybe after years of covering up Trump 's outrageous behavior it was natural to just go along or remain silent. Either way, those Republicans that didn' t shout the truth that Joe Biden won the election are complicit in this horrific event. And the thought that McCaul needs “more facts” makes me question if

Trump spent almost 30 minutes at the rally, arguing falsely that he had won Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania and urging Republicans to conduct 'audits' of the vote counts. One man with a cowboy hat saying ' Trump : Keep America Great' was seen at the rally in Iowa on Saturday night. His visit came as lawmakers investigating the Jan. 6 violence at the US Capitol building tighten their focus on Trump and his top aides. On Friday, the former president said he would do everything possible to shield his presidential records from the investigation, setting up a potential legal battle after the White House

Aside from his hijacking of the campaigns of Senate incumbents David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, Trump’s “rigged” message appears to have convinced a crucial number of Republican voters there was not point in casting ballots, the classic example of a self-fulfilling prophecy. And now Trump has put out a statement demanding that Republicans not only subscribe to the Big Lie but “solve” it as their top priority:

Whether or not you agree with Karl that Trump is “calling on Republicans not to vote,” this statement, if it reflects the former president’s planned message for the foreseeable future, sets out an impossible objective for his party. How do you “solve” the allegations of the Big Lie? They change constantly. Trump has challenged the authenticity of virtually all voting by mail, which is irreversibly a ballot option in every state and was a big deal long before 2020. On occasion, he and his allies have suggested (without evidence, of course) that there is systemic corruption in voter-registration rolls, in the conduct of in-person voting, in the maintenance of voting machines, in the tabulation of votes by election officials, in the certification of results, and in recounts and so-called audits. Add in the fact that Trump’s party has taken a virtually unanimous position against federal voting-rights legislation in order to justify their obstruction of Democratic legislation via the filibuster. He is making a demand the GOP cannot possibly fulfill.

Mainstream Republicans seek to 'rescue' Idaho - from the GOP

  Mainstream Republicans seek to 'rescue' Idaho - from the GOP BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho’s Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin wants to be the state’s governor after next year's November elections. But when the man currently holding the job left town this week on official business, she decided not to wait. McGeachin, a far-right Republican known for her opposition to COVID-19 restrictions and association with anti-government figures, declared herself acting governor and tried to deploy National Guard troops to the Mexican border. She was rebuffed by the guard’s commanding general. She also tried to issue an order blocking vaccine requirements. Gov. Brad Little, a fellow Republican, repealed the order the next day, from Texas.

Trump 's " Big Lie " campaign: It's been almost a year since President Joe Biden won the White House, yet there remains a persistent belief among many right-leaning voters that the 2020 election was “rigged” against Trump . That, in turn, has stoked interest in secretary of state roles. The final election results: Biden won the 2020 presidential race by roughly 7 million votes nationwide in the popular vote and 74 electoral votes . In Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Michigan, Republican secretary of state candidates are in regular communication and formed a coalition backed by Trump allies to win in 2022.

Donald Trump ’s Big Lie continues to bear toxic, conspiracy-theorist fruit in Arizona, where the Republican state Senate’s effort to “audit” the vote from Maricopa County is an ever-worsening cluster in desperate need of oversight—oversight that was There are a lot of very serious reasons for concern here, in other words, and experts are saying so in the strongest terms. ” I think the activities that are taking place here are reckless and they in no way, shape or form resemble an audit,” Jennifer Morrell, a partner at Elections Group, a consulting firm advising state and local election officials, told

I guess the big question is once this problem becomes apparent to all, where does Trump go next with it? Will it be enough when every Republican from sea to shining sea is grinding out a Big Lie message like so many cicadas? Will he then stop saying things that might discourage the people listening to this inane noise from voting in 2022 and 2024? Or are his intentions more sinister? Is Trump making it plain that democratic elections are so hopeless that extra-constitutional measures are the only resort?

Any way you slice it, though, Trump has succeeded in what is probably his short-term objective: keeping attention focused on his own self. That’s always Job One in MAGA-land.

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