Politics Former Obama Ethics Chief Slams Psaki’s Dismissal of Public Concerns with Hunter Biden Art Deal

03:51  14 october  2021
03:51  14 october  2021 Source:   nationalreview.com

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti among 200 people to attend Hunter Biden's art show

  LA Mayor Eric Garcetti among 200 people to attend Hunter Biden's art show Hunter Biden hosted an art show in Hollywood on Friday for several California elites, including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. © Provided by Washington Examiner Garcetti was a national co-chairman of President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign and was nominated by the president to serve as the U.S. ambassador to India. Also in attendance was Shepard Fairey, creator of the Obama/Hope poster, and the musician Moby. HUNTER BIDEN STILL HOLDS 10% STAKE IN CHINESE FIRM Approximately 200 people reportedly attended the Hollywood event that took place in a large white room in Milk Studios, Mother Jones reports.

Former Director of the U. S . Office of Government Ethics Walter Shaub shared some constructive criticism on Wednesday for President Biden and his administration. "That seems to suggest a departure from the White House-brokered agreement where the purchasers would be anonymous." Michael goodwin: the hunter biden saga remains an outrageous scandalm on its first anniversary. He then asked whether Psaki "could say if the White House knows who purchased the five prints and whether there is indeed a departure to the arrangement that there would

Walter Shaub, Obama ' s former ethics chief , says the White House' s deal to help Hunter Biden sell his art is "the perfect mechanism for funneling bribes" to the president. I think that what Jen Psaki was saying was that this would be a way to shake off any ethical concerns , but you're shaking your head." Shaub thoroughly dismissed the idea that the White House, getting involved in the high priced art sales of a newbie painter who happens to be the president' s son looked anything like the avoidance of ethical problems.

After press secretary Jen Psaki chided a reporter for asking a question about the White House’s art arrangement with Hunter Biden, the former Obama-appointed director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, Walter Shaub, criticized her and the administration’s dismissive attitude, calling it “disappointing.”

Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a media briefing at the White House, August 11, 2021. © Evelyn Hockstein/Reuters Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a media briefing at the White House, August 11, 2021.

“These are legitimate questions. It’s disappointing to hear @jrpsaki send a message that the WH thinks the public has no right to ask about ethics. After the last 4 years, these questions have never been more important. I know this isn’t a popular opinion, but this stuff matters,” Shaub tweeted Wednesday.

Hunter Biden sells five art prints for $75K each

  Hunter Biden sells five art prints for $75K each At least five reproductions of Hunter Biden's art sold for $75,000 each at his show at the Georges Berges Gallery in Los Angeles. It is unclear what prints sold or who bought them.The prints were sold from Georges Berges Gallery in Los Angeles before the Oct. 1 opening of his pop-up presentation.

Jen Psaki was asked again about Hunter Biden ' s art on Tuesday after it emerged five prints had been sold for ,000. 'We still do not know, and will not know who purchases any paintings,' she said. Instead she explained that sales fell under the 'purview' of the gallery. Potential buyers and celebrity guests who attended the event included World Champion boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, Moby, Garcetti and the artist behind Barack Obama ' s iconic Hope poster. Former chief White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter claims Biden ' s attendance at the show 'illustrates how this veil-of-secrecy idea is not

F ormer President Barack Obama ’ s ethics chief Walter Shaub is speaking out again to blast Hunter Biden for selling what he calls “ art ” for hundreds of thousands of dollars, pointing out the obvious, that this is only happening because of who his father is. “I think it would be very hard to draw a bright line rule here. Watch below: Art sales aside, it’ s also unclear if Hunter has divested his 10% stake in a Chinese firm like he promised he would. Jen Psaki wouldn’t answer questions on it, and made no promise to “circle back.” Be sure to share this article and find more videos just like this on Rumble, the

New York Post reporter Steven Nelson questioned Psaki about the potential ethical red flags of the president’s son selling multiple paintings recently for massive price tags, despite his lack of experience in fine art.

“We at the New York Post reported on Friday that the First Son had sold five prints of his artworks for $75,000 each and that a team of lawyers is reviewing prospective buyers who are going to be allowed into an upcoming New York show,” he said. “That seems to suggest a departure from the White House–brokered agreement where the purchasers would be anonymous.”

When he inquired as to the identities of the buyers and whether the condition of the deal that all prospective buyers remain anonymous was breached, Psaki bristled at the suggestion.

Hunter Biden's art gallery saw federal COVID loan rise to $500k

  Hunter Biden's art gallery saw federal COVID loan rise to $500k Public records show the Georges Bergès Gallery in Soho, New York City, was granted a $150,000 COVID-19 disaster assistance loan last year.Public records, seen by the New York Post, show the Georges Bergès Gallery in Soho, New York City, applied for and was granted a $150,000 COVID disaster assistance loan from the Small Business Administration last year.

During an appearance on CNN on Friday, former Obama -era Office of Government Ethics chief Walter Shaub called the White House’ s arrangement allowing Hunter Biden to sell his art “the perfect mechanism for funneling bribes” to the president. Shaub’ s statement comes amid the development This is just preposterous and very disappointing,” the Obama official said. Psaki said during a press briefing Friday that Biden has every right to pursue a new career like any other previous president’ s child. She said the White House’ s appointing itself the intermediary in the arrangement would help the

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki discusses the deal agreed by Hunter Biden , the president' s son, to shield the buyers of his art work from public scrutiny.

“I know this is your favorite topic,” Psaki said. “But it, again, it’s still is the purview of the gallerist. We still do not know and will not know who purchases any paintings. And the president remains proud of his son.”

By the original arrangement announced in July, the president’s son would be able to make proceeds from art sales without knowing who purchased his pieces so as to avoid political favoritism and situations in which people could unlawfully buy influence to the administration.

Shaub, who has voiced his qualms with Hunter Biden’s art set-up with the White House a few times before, took issue with Psaki’s nonchalant and half-hearted answer to what he believes to be a serious ethical issue.

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