Politics Manchin accepted over $400,000 from energy companies and GOP donors in the third quarter

01:24  17 october  2021
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With GOP sidelined, Manchin steps up to defend fossil fuels

  With GOP sidelined, Manchin steps up to defend fossil fuels Climate hawks on and around Capitol Hill accustomed to seeing Republicans thwart their agenda have found a new roadblock in Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin III of West Virginia. Environmentalists knew they would face challenges winning Manchin’s support for the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package that Democrats can pass only if all 50 of their senators […] The post With GOP sidelined, Manchin steps up to defend fossil fuels appeared first on Roll Call.

Manchin appears to have scored a victory over progressives on a climate change provision in the Build Back Better Act. A central part of President Joe Biden 's climate change agenda will reportedly be removed from the bill because of Manchin 's opposition, according to a report from The New York Times citing The 0 billion plan for clean electricity would reward utility companies that make the switch from fossil fuels to renewables as well penalizing those who did not. The measure would have significantly reduced the production of greenhouse gases over the next decade, according to experts.

Manchin tweeted out his concern over the scope of the legislation in response to an editorial from Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont, advocating for it. On Friday, West Virginia paper the Charleston Gazette-Mail published an editorial from Sanders urging support for the Democratic plan to address wealth inequity, soaring pharmaceutical costs, an increasingly expensive healthcare system and costly childcare. After passage in the Texas House, the maps will go to Republican Gov.

Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia. AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite © AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia. AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
  • FEC filings show that Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat, raised over $400,000 from energy companies.
  • Manchin has opposed certain climate-related features of the Democrats' proposed infrastructure bill.
  • Manchin, who represents West Virginia, also owns millions of dollars in coal stocks.

Senator Joe Manchin raised over $400,000 from donors in the energy industry in the third quarter, including some from donors that normally give to Republicans, according to his latest filing with the Federal Election Commission.

Joe Manchin won’t support a key climate program. Alternatives won’t be enough.

  Joe Manchin won’t support a key climate program. Alternatives won’t be enough. The clean electricity program is “the backbone of the energy transition,” experts say.According to the New York Times’ Coral Davenport, who first reported the news on Friday, Manchin, who chairs the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee, will not support the sweeping clean electricity program that is widely seen as the centerpiece of the bill’s climate plan.

Joe Manchin , the West Virginia rock in the road, was not on the invitation list. Negotiating with the proper committees is absolutely required, but Manchin has deliberately made himself the Indispensable Man on infrastructure, and virtually every other piece of legislation the Biden administration seeks to pass. Trying to grasp Joe Manchin ’s motives is like trying to see the bottom of a mud puddle. On the surface, the Democratic senator from a bright red state is all about bipartisanship; he insists that all legislation must come with a rousing verse of “Kumbaya,” even in the face of years of implacable

The senator raised more than .1 million in the third quarter . She received ,800 from PACs of pharmaceutical companies from July through September — up from , 000 in the three months prior Top donors included the pharma giant Gilead’s CEO, Daniel O’Day, who gave , 000 this past quarter . Manchin — who, like Sinema, is not up for reelection in 2024 — also had his most prolific

Manchin has opposed certain climate-related stipulations within the Democrats' proposed $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill. The legislation also includes expanded safety net programs for workers and families, lower prescription drug prices, and billions of dollars toward healthcare benefits for seniors.

Democrats have been trying to rein in certain aspects of the bill - including its overall cost - to appease moderates like Manchin, as well as Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, according to Bloomberg.

Video: Rep. Plaskett: The 1/6 committee is ‘serious about utilizing the powers that Congress has’ (MSNBC)

Manchin, who is from West Virginia, also owns millions of dollars in coal stocks. West Virginia is the second-largest producer of coal in the US, according to the West Virginia Office of Energy.

Joe Manchin Hates Spending More Than He Loves Children

  Joe Manchin Hates Spending More Than He Loves Children The child tax credit represents one of the most effective youth anti-poverty efforts in modern history, a sweeping program that has fulfilled the too-often-made promise to lift all boats. Sen. Joe Manchin is trying to drown it in the Potomac. For a few heady days last week, it looked like House Progressives and the Senate’s two conservative Democrats might actually find a consensus price tag for Joe Biden’s signature Build Back better package. But that was before Machin another hundred yards onto the football field Sunday with a new, GOP-approved demand that Democrats incorporate aggressive means testing and strict work requirements to keep a proposed expansion of the po

Yet, people around the globe accepted the new rule - which eventually destroyed the world economy, decimated it to the point where small and medium size corporations were literally wiped out, putting people jobless in the street, fending for means of survival, increasing poverty rates worldwide exponentially. The World Food Program - WFP estimated total population suffering from acute famine at more than a quarter of a billion (265 million) by end 2020, about half of them are covid-related - and steadily raising. "These new numbers show the scale of the catastrophe we are facing,' says the WFP.

Wealthy Republican donors have given nearly $ 400 million so far to presidential candidates with zilch to show for their efforts, including at least million donated to super PACs supporting the latest GOP dropout – Sen. Cruz enjoyed the support of a small number of rich donors willing to commit large amounts of money to his cause. New York hedge-fund manger Robert Mercer of Renaissance Technologies donated at least million to a Cruz super PAC, allowed to accept unlimited donations , called Keep the Promise I. Toby Neugebauer, a Texas energy investor and son of a member of Congress

Manchin raised $1.6 million in the third quarter, with over $400,000 coming from the oil and gas industry, according to his FEC filing. Manchin is not up for reelection until 2024.

Manchin received $74,600 from the employees and political action committee of energy company Energy Transfer Partners, according to Bloomberg and FEC documents.

The company's co-founder, Kelcy Warren, donated the maximum of $5,800-$2,900 to Manchin for his primary and general election campaigns, Bloomberg reported. Warren also hosted a fundraiser for former President Donald Trump and gave $13.7 million to GOP candidates and causes in 2020.

Biden's clean electricity program will likely be scrapped from the Democrat's reconciliation bill because of Manchin, Insider reported Saturday. Sources told The New York Times that Biden staffers are removing the program from the legislation after Manchin told the White House he strongly opposed it. The program would have encouraged oil- and gas-fired power plants to transition to renewables like wind, solar, and nuclear.

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Manchin Says Spending Deal 'Should Be' Reached This Week, Sticks By $1.5T Top-Line Number .
Manchin has opposed the proposal's efforts to expand Medicare, fund child care and fight climate change.After weeks of negotiations between Manchin, fellow moderate Democratic Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, Democratic progressives and Democratic President Joe Biden, Manchin told reporters on Monday that he believed a framework on the spending package "should be" feasible this week.

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