Politics Statewide police union warns of political consequences if lawmakers attempt changes to Health Care Right of Conscience Act

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Bill would remove 'conscience' as basis for refusing vaccine

  Bill would remove 'conscience' as basis for refusing vaccine SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Illinois law has for more than four decades protected those who oppose providing or receiving medical treatment because of their religious beliefs. Now Democrats want an exception to allow repercussions for those who refuse vaccinations in the battle against COVID-19. Long considered a shield for physicians whose religious beliefs precluded their performing abortions, the Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act has become a pandemic lightning rod. Lawsuits invoking it are challenging employers trying to enforce rules requiring testing for or inoculation against the coronavirus.

Chicago police face possible separation from the force for not complying with Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, but a statewide union said the mayor is not negotiating in good faith.

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A judge told the Chicago police union president not to speak publicly amid pending litigation. However, Illinois Fraternal Order of Police President Chris Southwood is free to speak. He told WMAY what’s happening in Chicago is concerning.

“They clearly feel that the mayor is not bargaining in good faith when it comes to implementing the vaccine mandate,” Southwood said.

Exacerbated by pandemic, child care crisis hampers economy

  Exacerbated by pandemic, child care crisis hampers economy SEATTLE (AP) — After Bryan Kang’s son was born in July, the occupational therapist and his wife, a teacher, started looking for child care in the Los Angeles area. The couple called eight day care centers: Some didn't have spots for months; others stopped taking their calls and some never answered at all. So with no viable options, Kang scrambled to find a new job that would allow him to work remotely. “I told my manager, ‘Hey, by the end of the month, I have to transition out,’" Kang said. "They were very supportive and very understanding because they’re all mothers. But now there’s one less body to see patients.

Elsewhere throughout the state, local officials seem to be negotiating mandates in good faith with local law enforcement unions, Southwood said. If not, he said there’s always the state’s Health Care Right of Conscience Act.

“It clearly states that it’s unlawful to discriminate because of a person’s conscientious refusal to receive health care service contrary to his or her conscience,” he said. “We clearly feel we can fall back on that when we need to when it comes to these vaccine mandates and how they are implemented.”

Southwood said there’s been no consideration in the vaccine mandate debate about natural immunity.

“And a lot of our members have already been exposed to COVID,” Southwood said. “A lot of our members have already had COVID. What about the natural immunities that they have now that protects them even in some studies showing better than the vaccine does and they don’t have to deal with the adverse effects of the vaccine.”

Bid to unionize Amazon workers in New York nears milestone

  Bid to unionize Amazon workers in New York nears milestone NEW YORK (AP) — A bid to unionize Amazon workers at a distribution center in New York City neared an important milestone, as organizers prepared to deliver hundreds of signatures to the National Labor Relations Board as soon as Monday for authorization to hold a vote. Organizers say they have collected signatures from more than 2,000 employees at four Amazon facilities in Staten Island. The bid to establish the Amazon Labor Union in New York City is the second attempt in the past year to form a union at the nation's largest online retailer.

The FOP he said will be lobbying against any possible changes to the Health Care Right of Conscience Act, a decades-old law he says gives broad protections to people refusing medical treatments that go against their beliefs.

“We’ll let General Assembly members know right up front that if you vote for changes to this act, we’re going to make sure your constituents are aware that you voted for changes to that act,” he said.

Lawmakers return to Springfield on Tuesday. It’s unclear if they’ll take up changes to the HCRCA, something the governor’s office has suggested.

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