Politics Devin Nunes to grill Christopher Wray on FBI’s role in 'aiding' political misinformation

22:56  20 november  2021
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DOJ and FBI gave cover to Steele dossier source accused of lying

  DOJ and FBI gave cover to Steele dossier source accused of lying The Justice Department and the FBI continued defending their use of information from Christopher Steele’s main source, Igor Danchenko, even after interviews with the bureau during which special counsel John Durham says the Russian lied repeatedly. © Provided by Washington Examiner Danchenko, a U.S.-based and Russian-born researcher, was charged “with five counts of making false statements to the FBI” that Durham claims he made about the information he provided to Steele for the dossier. The Durham indictment stated Danchenko lied to the FBI five times in 2017. He pleaded not guilty on Wednesday.

Christopher Asher Wray (born December 17, 1966) is an American lawyer who has served as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ) since 2017.

Devin Nunes . From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nunes subsequently began an investigation of the FBI and the Justice Department for allegedly abusing their Role in Trump–Russia investigation. See also: Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections According to Politico, in July 2017 an aide to Nunes secretly sent a pair of Republican staffers to London to contact Christopher Steele

A top Republican plans to grill FBI Director Christopher Wray about the bureau’s role in “aiding and abetting political misinformation campaigns” through its deployment of British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s dossier to obtain secret spy court surveillance against a Trump campaign associate.

  Devin Nunes to grill Christopher Wray on FBI’s role in 'aiding' political misinformation © Provided by Washington Examiner

Rep. Devin Nunes of California, the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, sent a letter to Wray giving the bureau chief a heads up on some of what he planned to ask him during a closed-door intelligence briefing scheduled for Wednesday.

Among the topics that Nunes said House Republicans planned to raise were “matters related to Special Counsel Durham’s indictments” and “reforms needed to prevent FBI investigations from aiding and abetting political misinformation campaigns, such as those surrounding the Steele dossier.” Steele had been hired by the opposition research firm Fusion GPS, which itself had been hired by the Perkins Coie law firm and Clinton campaign general counsel Marc Elias, with funding from the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Democrats urge tech CEOs to combat Spanish disinformation

  Democrats urge tech CEOs to combat Spanish disinformation A coalition of congressional Democrats is pressuring the CEOs of four social media companies to combat the spread of Spanish and other non-English language disinformation on their platforms. Democratic Sens. Ben Ray Luján (N.M.), Amy Klobuchar (Minn.) and Rep. Tony Cárdenas (Calif.) led 23 colleagues in sending letters to the CEOs of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Nextdoor requesting detailed information on content moderation policies for the top five languages users on the platforms encounter.

Devin Nunes to grill Christopher Wray on FBI ’ s role in ' aiding ' political misinformation Washington Examiner16:24 16-Nov-21. Trump reamed out Chris Christie for recommending Chris Wray as FBI director and called Wray …

Devin Nunes and staff for the Republican-led House Intelligence Committee. The FBI released an unusual public statement warning of 'grave concerns' about its release. President Trump is poised to cast those doubts aside and release the memo. A senior administration official told reporters today That could push Wray to the resign, although he has not threatened to do so, CNN reported, citing multiple aides concerned Wray may walk over the blowup. But within minutes after speculation about Wray ' s future burst forward, NBC reported that the FBI director has no intention of quitting, NBC


Michael Sussmann, a Democratic cybersecurity lawyer, was indicted in September for allegedly concealing his work for the Clinton campaign when pushing claims of a secret back channel between the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank. The grand jury indictment centers on a September 2016 meeting between Sussmann and then-FBI general counsel James Baker, with Durham alleging Sussmann told Baker he was not working for any specific client, while the special counsel contends Sussmann was secretly doing the bidding of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and working on behalf of technology executive Rodney Joffe. Sussmann pleaded not guilty.

Igor Danchenko, a U.S.-based and Russian-born researcher, was charged “with five counts of making false statements to the FBI,” which Durham claims he made about the information he provided to Steele for the dossier. Danchenko pleaded not guilty, too.

Report: 'Whole of society' effort must fight misinformation

  Report: 'Whole of society' effort must fight misinformation Misinformation is jeopardizing efforts to solve some of humanity's greatest challenges, be it climate change, COVID-19 or political polarization, according to a new report from the Aspen Institute that's backed by prominent voices in media and cybersecurity. Recommendations in the 80-page analysis, published Monday, call for new regulations on social media platforms; stronger, more consistent rules for misinformation “superspreaders” who amplify harmful falsehoods and new investments in authoritative journalism and organizations that teach critical thinking and media literacy.

FBI Director Christopher Wray has reportedly warned the White House against releasing the classified GOP House Intelligence Committee memo, saying that some of the information in the document is inaccurate. Pretty sure he just wants a hyper partisan inaccurate memo being released that smears our FBI . In my role as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee I led the first impeachment of Donald J. Trump. Before I served in Congress, I worked as an Assistant U. S . Attorney in Los Angeles and as a California State Senator.

Devin Nunes , which purports to summarize abuses perpetrated by the FBI during its investigation. The memo' s release occurred without any of the underlying materials on which it is based (or the competing analysis of those materials authored by Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee). I don’t suggest this lightly; Chris Wray is exactly the kind of person who should be leading the FBI at this tumultuous point in our history. This is underscored by the very fact that got us here — that he stood up to both the White House and Nunes over the release of the memo.

“PR Executive-1” in Durham’s indictment against Danchenko is Charles Dolan, a longtime ally of the Clintons, whom Durham alleges was an originator of a false dossier claim he passed to Danchenko, who then gave it to Steele. Danchenko was charged with making false statements in 2017 to the FBI about his sources, including about the role Dolan played in supplying at least the basis of certain claims. Durham pointed out that Dolan spent years doing business in and for Russia, met with Danchenko in Moscow in 2016, and passed information to the Steele source during that election.

Nunes said his colleagues will press Wray on “the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, including the systemic problems associated with FBI execution of FISA authorities as identified by the DOJ Inspector General, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, and Congressional investigations.”

Rigged Voting Machines? Chinese Hacking? Local Fraud? Officials Kept Digging

  Rigged Voting Machines? Chinese Hacking? Local Fraud? Officials Kept Digging In this daily series, Newsweek explores the steps that led to the January 6 Capitol Riot. On Monday, November 16th, Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray were worried enough about Donald Trump & Company's loud claims to meet with election security experts to more fully understand the systems and machines that had been used in the elections. "I won the Election!" President Trump tweeted in the morning. "The Radical Left Democrats, working with their partner, the Fake News Media, are trying to STEAL this Election," he tweeted.

Christopher Wray became the eighth Director of the FBI on August 2, 2017. Mr. Wray began his law enforcement career in 1997, serving in the Department of Justice as an assistant U. S . attorney for the Northern District of Georgia. In that role , Mr. Wray prosecuted a wide variety of federal criminal Mr. Wray was nominated by President George W. Bush in 2003 to be the assistant attorney general for DOJ’ s Criminal Division, supervising major national and international criminal investigations and prosecutions. He also oversaw the Counterterrorism Section and the Counterintelligence and Export

In nominating Christopher Wray to be the next FBI chief, President Donald Trump immediately thrust a low-profile white collar defense lawyer into the public spotlight. In 2003, questions swirled on Capitol Hill as lawmakers learned that then-Attorney General John Ascroft' s top aides were regularly briefing him on key details of the investigation into who revealed the identity of CIA officer Valerie Plame and Democratic senators questioned whether Ashcroft had taken on more of a hands-on role than previously understood.

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz concluded in December 2019 that Steele's dossier played a "central and essential" role in the FBI's effort to obtain wiretap orders against former Trump campaign associate Carter Page. The DOJ watchdog determined the FBI’s investigation was filled with serious missteps and concealed potentially exculpatory information from the FISA court, criticizing the bureau for at least 17 “significant errors and omissions," particularly its reliance on Steele.

Declassified footnotes from Horowitz’s report indicate the bureau became aware that Steele’s dossier may have been compromised by Russian disinformation. FBI notes of a January 2017 interview with Danchenko showed he told the bureau he “did not know the origins” of some of Steele's claims and that the most salacious allegations may have been made in “jest.” Horowitz said Danchenko “contradicted the allegations of a ‘well-developed conspiracy’ in” Steele’s dossier.

Durham discovered Danchenko was investigated by the FBI as a possible “threat to national security," according to documents declassified by then-Attorney General William Barr. The FBI's "Crossfire Hurricane" team apparently became aware of this information by December 2016.

Devin Nunes has more cash on hand than any other Republican. What does he want to do next?

  Devin Nunes has more cash on hand than any other Republican. What does he want to do next? WASHINGTON — Rep. Devin Nunes has more campaign cash on hand than any House Republican as he prepares for a 2022 reelection race that he’s favored to win. The campaign committee for Nunes, R-Calif., who became a national political figure after aligning himself with former President Donald Trump, had more than $11.5 million on hand as of June 30. That’s the third most of any House member, behind California Democratic Reps. Adam Schiff and Katie Porter — according to OpenSecrets, a nonpartisan campaign finance watchdog. Between April and June, Nunes raised $2.67 million through four different fundraising committees he controls.

So far, Durham has obtained a single guilty plea from ex-FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith for editing a FISA filing fraudulently to state Page was "not a source" for the CIA.


Nunes also said he would also ask whether the FBI “has used any National Intelligence Program-funded personnel or capabilities” in relation to Attorney General Merrick Garland’s controversial October memo on school boards. He also plans to ask about “counterintelligence threats associated with China.”

Wray should also be prepared to answer questions about “the FBI’s recent raids on the homes of reporters associated with Project Veritas, including media leaks associated with those raids, and the FBI’s commitment to preserving First Amendment protections,” Nunes said.

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