Politics Nancy Pelosi, on the way to Asia, without confirming a step at Taiwan

18:20  31 july  2022
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Taiwan holds drills amid Pelosi visit concern, China tension

  Taiwan holds drills amid Pelosi visit concern, China tension BEIJING (AP) — Taiwan’s capital staged air raid drills Monday and its military mobilized for routine defense exercises, coinciding with concerns over a forceful Chinese response to a possible visit to the island by U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. While there was no direct link between China’s renewed threats and Taiwan’s defensive moves, they underscore the possibility of a renewed crisis in the Taiwan Strait, considered a potential hotspot for conflict that could envelop the entire region.

  Nancy Pelosi, en route pour l’Asie, sans confirmer d’étape à Taïwan © Saul Loeb / AFP

L A President of the House of US Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, confirmed to be on the way to Asia, Without mentioning a possible step in Taiwan which could further overturn relations between China and the United States . "I lead a delegation from Congress to the Indo-Pacific region to reaffirm America's unshakable commitment to its allies and friends in the region," she announced in a statement on Sunday, July 31.

in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan, "we will hold high -level meetings to discuss how we can promote our common values ​​and interests, including peace and security, economic growth and Trade, the COVID-19 pandemic, the climate crisis, human rights and democratic governance, "said the press release. The Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that Nancy Pelosi and the accompanying delegation would go to the city-state from August 1 to 2.

China vows 'consequences' if Pelosi visits Taiwan

  China vows 'consequences' if Pelosi visits Taiwan The Chinese military says it will not sit idly by if the US Speaker visits the self-governing island democracy.On Monday, China warned of "serious consequences" if Nancy Pelosi were to proceed with a visit to Taiwan in the coming weeks.

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The president of the House of Representatives maintains the vagueness around a possible visit to Taiwan, invoking security reasons. For weeks, the tensions between the United States and China have increased following information that it could go to the autonomous island, which China considers as part of its territory. Beijing would see a passage, even in short, of the president of the House of Representatives on the island as a provocation.

The Xi Jinping call to "do not play with fire"

Thursday, on the occasion of a rare direct exchange with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping , the American president Joe Biden had assured that the position of the States -Unis sur Taiwan had not changed and that his country "firmly opposed unilateral efforts to modify the status or threaten peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait". For his part, Xi Jinping called Joe Biden not to "play with fire" and a spokesperson for Chinese diplomacy had spoken of a trip by Nancy Pelosi on the island as a "red line".

Pelosi to Taiwan would be career capstone, despite warnings

  Pelosi to Taiwan would be career capstone, despite warnings WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi launched her political career being tough on China -- a new congresswoman who dared to unfurl a pro-democracy banner in Beijing's Tiananmen Square during a 1991 visit with other U.S. lawmakers shortly after the student massacre. More than 30 years later, her interest in traveling to Taiwan presents a powerful diplomatic capstone. It has also contributed to tensions at the highest levels in Washington and Beijing among officials who worry a trip could prove provocative. As the U.S. balances its high-stakes relations with China, whether Pelosi will lead a delegation trip to Taiwan remains unknown.

Nancy Pelosi's visit comes as military tension rises in the region. The Taiwanese army carried out its most important annual military exercises this week, which included simulations of interception of Chinese attacks from the sea. At the same time, the American aircraft carrier Uss Ronald Reagan and its flotilla have left Singapore to head to the Southern China Sea as part of a scheduled operation. And Saturday, as a response, China organized a military exercise "with real ammunition" in the Taiwan Strait.

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Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan Visit: Chinese Military to Conduct Drills Around Taiwan .
The White House warns China not to use the trip as a "pretext to increase aggressive military activity" near Taiwan.Before arriving in Taiwan, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stopped in Malaysia.

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