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14:31  01 august  2022
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CPAC goes to Israel

  CPAC goes to Israel Inside the American right’s effort to bring their ideas to Israel.“If you listen to the fake news media, what they tell you is that Israel is all kinds of terrible things ... it’s disgusting,” he said in an improvised speech. “God bless you for caring enough about this civilization to protect it.

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In the eyes of many people, conservatism and environmentalism are incompatible ideologies. Progress against climate change has largely been associated with liberal politics, but conservatives have made significant strides.

President Donald Trump’s continuous denial of our evolving climate, however, was the perfect opportunity for Republicans to step up to the plate. The media have fought tooth and nail to exploit conservatives as “impossible to persuade” and recently labeled the GOP as the party of “climate denial.” Although many consider Trump as the party’s leader, his past actions do not reflect the reason I began working toward conservative climate solutions, and they certainly do not represent the party’s ambition to lead the climate movement.

A Court Without Precedent

  A Court Without Precedent The judiciary is supposed to be informed by historical memory, and guided by more than its members’ whims. Stare decisis is what makes the Court an institution. Without it, the judiciary is just a collection of opinionated people.Perhaps this is why, although Clarence Thomas has publicly rejected stare decisis, his fellow conservatives still claim to take it seriously. In their confirmation hearings, Justices Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett each promised to respect settled law.

At a time when young people are demanding action against climate change, Republicans are leading the charge to counter the effects of rising greenhouse emissions. In early June, the American Conservation Coalition hosted its inaugural summit with hundreds of young activists with one goal in mind: solving climate change in a bipartisan and economic manner.

Contrary to the mainstream narrative, President Joe Biden and his congressional allies have been more bark than bite when it comes to fighting climate change. Detrimental energy policies that hurt our climate and lackluster leadership have robbed consumers at the gas pump, leaving their wallets hurting and Biden’s approval numbers plummeting.

On the flip side, Republicans have established the beginning of a new era as climate change becomes an increasingly important subject for many across the nation — and this is nothing new. From creating the National Park Service and the Environmental Protection Agency to passing landmark environmental legislation, Republicans have spearheaded monumental climate action that has left us with incredible progress.

Mac Lesggy: His new blunder on Twitter that makes environmentalists crazy!

 Mac Lesggy: His new blunder on Twitter that makes environmentalists crazy! a few days ago, following the violent fires in Gironde, Mac Lesggy took hold of his Twitter account to denounce measures taken by the environmental movement which would have favored the spread of fire. Except that the measures in question would have been released from their context by the presenter of M6 ...

Unfortunately, federal environmental regulation has become one of the most partisan topics that Washington has faced in recent times. When Trump rolled back more than 100 environmental regulations, liberals saw that as the official party stance. The narrative of the GOP being strong-armed by corporate influence from the fossil fuel industry became the portrayal of a party once known for advancing environmental initiatives.

Now Republicans have done an about-face to tackle the challenge of our evolving climate head-on. With the launch of the Conservative Climate Caucus, as well as the passage of the Energy Act of 2020 and the Great American Outdoors Act, Republicans have reversed the image of being climate-hesitant and replaced it with striving to protect our nation’s natural resources.

This type of GOP leadership is especially important as the public faces an unprecedented energy crisis and Democrats have failed to protect their constituents. Consumers are paying more for electricity, even though the service they are paying for is becoming less reliable through flawed domestic and foreign policy. One assessment found that more than half of the country is at high risk of facing energy shortages this summer, which may lead to blackouts during extreme temperatures.

Mexican president calls opponents foreign agents, traitors

  Mexican president calls opponents foreign agents, traitors MEXICO CITY (AP) — In a bid to stoke nationalism and justify his policies, Mexico’s president has increasingly taken to calling his opponents “traitors” and accused them of working for the foreign governments. Analysts say President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is starting to sound more like right-wing Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, calling anyone who opposes him a foreign agent. The issue came to a head last week when President Andrés Manuel López Obrador tried to side-step court challenges to one of his pet projects by declaring a tourist train line “an issue of national security," without explaining why a tourism project warranted that status.

While the Biden administration is blocking American energy production, Republicans are bolstering viable energy solutions that benefit the country in an effort to beat climate change. Liberals have used climate change policy as a Trojan horse to supercharge an expansive agenda that only benefits the party and not the people. But not inviting a competitive alternative into the mix disincentivizes anyone with a different approach and any possibility to unleash America’s innovation.

The days of positioning the GOP as the boogeyman to all things climate-related are over. The environmentalist movement has been overtaken by angry activists and extreme radicalism, but Republicans see right through the theatrics. America deserves an economically sound environmental policy that acts in the interests of their livelihoods and promotes the well-being of our nation. While Democrats are falling behind in their quest to fight climate change, Republicans are just getting started in their new era of introducing extraordinary energy solutions that will strengthen our country for generations to come.

I’m a Young Queer Conservative. The GOP Lied to Me.

  I’m a Young Queer Conservative. The GOP Lied to Me. I knew I was conservative long before I knew I was queer. A natural contrarian, I always wanted to color outside the box. I had little respect for authority, and a deep desire to challenge mainstream thought and opinion. As an Obama-era kid, it was clear to me even as a child that there was an “approved” way of thinking—which was largely held by the Democratic Party and mainstream media. Because of this, I knew the Democratic Party was not for me at the age of 12. Even as a child, I believed in relentless freedom, American exceptionalism, and the promise of our country. That’s what drew me to the Republican Party.

Jorge Velasco (@velascoAjorge) is an executive communications intern for the American Conservation Coalition. He is a sophomore at George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government.

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