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Trump Retweets False Claims About Paris Protesters

Tuesday  23:20,   04 december 2018

Although protesters have taken to the streets to demonstrate against fuel taxes, the criticism of President Emmanuel Macron is actually the opposite of what right-wing commentators have claimed. Opposition political leaders have actually called for... >>>

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's mangled truths on Russia probe, Cohen

Monday  14:55,   03 december 2018

President Donald Trump can't seem to get his facts straight when it comes to the Russia investigation. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); Facing... >>>

Dems snipe at each other in border wall fight

Monday  03:30,   03 december 2018

House Democrats fear Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer will sell them out on Trump’s... >>>

Court filing: Ex-lawyer says he told Trump about Kremlin contact

Saturday  18:05,   01 december 2018

Michael Cohen informed Donald Trump about a conversation he had with the Kremlin seeking help to build a skyscraper in... >>>

AP FACT CHECK: Is Trump's new trade deal really a landmark?

Friday  22:55,   30 november 2018

President Donald Trump is hailing a revised North American trade deal as if nothing existed before... >>>

Trump’s Sketchy Cohen Claims

Friday  04:55,   30 november 2018

President Trump went on the attack against Michael Cohen, saying his former personal attorney is a "weak person" trying to avoid jail time by "lying" about negotiations with Russian officials about a possible Trump Tower development in Moscow. But... >>>

Mueller eyes Ivanka and Don Jr.’s work on Trump Tower Moscow

Friday  02:55,   30 november 2018

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Donald Trump’s efforts to build a skyscraper in Moscow has led him to ask questions about the role two of the president’s children played in attempting to secure a Russian real estate... >>>

AP FACT CHECK: Trump claims an auto boom that isn't

Thursday  23:30,   29 november 2018

President Donald Trump is calling attention to an auto industry boom that doesn't exist.In a tweet Thursday slamming General Motors for plans to lay off workers, Trump wrote that auto companies "are pouring into the U.S." and GM is "very counter" to >>>

AP FACT CHECK: Trump spreads false claims on immigrant aid

Thursday  01:05,   29 november 2018

President Donald Trump is spreading a false claim from supporters that people who are in the United States illegally receive more in federal assistance than the average American gets in Social Security benefits.Everything about the tweet he passed... >>>

The Baseless Claim That Climate Scientists Are ‘Driven’ by Money

Wednesday  04:40,   28 november 2018

Critics of a major United States climate report, including the president and conservative pundits, have dismissed its findings with several inaccurate... >>>

Fact check: 7 things Trump said about the border and immigration

Wednesday  00:05,   28 november 2018

After defending the use of tear gas against migrants, Trump inflated statistics about crimes committed by undocumented immigrants, among other... >>>

Trump Says U.S. May Eliminate Electric Car Subsidies for GM

Tuesday  21:30,   27 november 2018

President Donald Trump said he may try to eliminate electric car subsidies for General Motors Co. after it announced it will close factories and lay off... >>>

Where the government’s climate report undercuts Trump’s rhetoric

Monday  23:40,   26 november 2018

Most of the president's claims about the climate are shown to be untrue by his administration's... >>>

State’s past shadows closer-than-expected Mississippi Senate runoff

Monday  20:40,   26 november 2018

Three weeks ago, Cindy Hyde-Smith was considered a sure thing in Mississippi’s special Senate election, and well on her way to making history as the first woman elected to represent the state on Capitol Hill. Hyde-Smith — a Republican appointed to... >>>

AP FACT CHECK: Trump myths on dipping oil prices, cold snaps

Monday  15:15,   26 november 2018

President Donald Trump is wrong when he suggests global warming can't be happening if it's really cold outside. He points to a "brutal and extended cold blast" in the Eastern U.S. during Thanksgiving week and wonders aloud to his Twitter followers,... >>>