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'A deep and boiling anger': NBC/WSJ poll finds a pessimistic America despite economic satisfaction

Sunday  17:35,   25 august 2019

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that 70 percent of Americans say they're angry at the political establishment defined them “very well.” Now, it’s 29 percent of Republicans and 54 percent of Democrats — a ten point swing for each party, >>>

EXCLUSIVE: Joe Walsh announces GOP primary challenge against Trump

Sunday  16:45,   25 august 2019

Conservative firebrand former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh announced Sunday in an exclusive interview with ABC News Chief Anchor George... >>>

Joe Walsh becomes second Republican to challenge Trump for White House

Sunday  16:35,   25 august 2019

Joe Walsh, a conservative former U.S. congressman turned talk show host, on Sunday became the second Republican to challenge President Donald Trump for the party's 2020 White House nomination. © Peter Hoffman for The New York Times Joe Walsh, a Tea... >>>

The Cherokee Nation wants a representative in Congress

Sunday  16:05,   25 august 2019

The largest tribe in the country has announced that it will appoint a delegate to the House of Representatives, asserting rights granted to it in an 1835... >>>

Elizabeth Warren's rise started by looking at the bottom

Sunday  15:25,   25 august 2019

As a young scholar, Elizabeth Warren traveled to federal courthouses, studying families overwhelmed by debt. She brought along a photocopier, gathering reams of statistics as she tried to answer one question: Why were these folks going bankrupt?... >>>

Biden struggles to hit it off with millennials

Sunday  13:40,   25 august 2019

Joe Biden has a millennial problem.The former vice president is holding onto his perch atop the polls, but strategists and political observers say he needs to do better with younger voters if he wants to win the Democratic nomination next year.... >>>

Cindy McCain wants to bring civility back to politics. Is it too late?

Sunday  10:40,   25 august 2019

To honor her late husband, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), she’s campaigning against bitter partisanship as the “new... >>>

Haley-Pence rivalry heats up as GOP weighs post-Trump future

Sunday  08:50,   25 august 2019

Interviews with top Republicans reveal they're watching each other warily ahead of a potential 2024... >>>

Joe Biden mixes up New Hampshire with ‘scenic beautiful’ Vermont on campaign trail

Sunday  04:50,   25 august 2019

Joe Biden confused New Hampshire and “scenic beautiful” Vermont on the campaign trail in his latest verbal slip-up. The Democratic presidential front-runner apparently got the New England neighbors mixed up as he pressed the flesh in Keene, N.H.... >>>

'We have a little bit of a mad King George in charge': Marianne Williamson likens President Trump to the British monarch known for losing America and suffering mental illness

Sunday  03:45,   25 august 2019

Democratic Presidential nominee hopeful Marianne Williamson made the comparison between President Trump (top left) and George III (bottom right) after Trump tweeted about the China trade... >>>

Former 'Apprentice' contestant ranks Trump next to Mother Teresa on women's issues

Sunday  01:40,   25 august 2019

Former "Apprentice" contestant Tana Goertz said in recent interview that only Mother Teresa comes to mind when she thinks of who has done more for women than President Trump.In an brief interview with one of CBS News's 2020 campaign reporters, Adam... >>>

Democratic National Committee votes against allowing 2020 candidates to participate in climate change debate

Sunday  01:40,   25 august 2019

Democratic National Committee members at their summer meeting on Saturday rejected a resolution that would have confused the Party's stance to bar presidential candidates from participating in single-issue or unsanctioned debates.... >>>

Trump’s wild week of tax ideas continues with new promise if GOP sweeps in 2020

Sunday  00:35,   25 august 2019

The president said in a tweet that he would pass a “major" middle-class tax cut, the latest in a string of varying tax pledges that he has made in the past week. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) {... >>>

Trade Turmoil Gives Democrats an Opening to Hit Trump on Economy

Sunday  00:30,   25 august 2019

Weeks of turmoil in financial markets and an extraordinary outburst over trade from President Trump have opened a fresh lane of attack for Democrats hoping to unseat a president who has put the strength of the economy at the center of his... >>>

He resigned from Congress for sexting with teenage boys. But Mark Foley is now reinvented and honored by Republicans

Saturday  23:25,   24 august 2019

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Mark Foley was a popular South Florida congressman until he resigned in disgrace more than a decade ago, rocking the Republican Party and leaving it tarnished. He's now enjoying a political renaissance among South Florida... >>>