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Progressives Still Pushing for Student Loan Relief, Despite Poll Showing Its Unpopularity

Friday  06:26,   26 february 2021

The study found just 13 percent of Americans said they support forgiving $50,000 in federal student loans. Meanwhile, 19 percent said they support forgiving $10,000 in loans; 25 percent said they are behind forgiving all student loans; and 22... >>>

Democratic strategists start women-run media consulting firm

Friday  06:26,   26 february 2021

A group of Democratic strategists announced the launch of a new women-run media consulting firm on Thursday as the party prepares for the 2022 and 2024 elections. Strategists Mindy Myers, Tracey Lewis and Sarah Callahan Zusi launched MZL Media this... >>>

Schumer Condemns 'Despicable' Transphobic Remarks From Republicans Ahead of Equality Act Vote

Friday  06:08,   26 february 2021

"Their attacks on trans people and the transgender community are just meanand show a complete lack of understanding," said the Senate Majority Leader during a press conference on Thursday."Their despicable comments just make my blood boil with... >>>

Yogananda Pittman: Acting Capitol Police chief denies race played a role in security failures ahead of riot

Friday  06:08,   26 february 2021

There is no evidence that race played a role in the US Capitol Police's failure to bolster security before the January 6 insurrection, the department's top official told Congress on Thursday, as lawmakers sound the alarm over the threat... >>>

House Sends Equality Act to Senate, Where GOP Could Block Its Passage

Friday  06:04,   26 february 2021

Republicans argue that the Equality Act is an attack on religious freedom and cisgender women's spaces.The House bill passed by a vote of 224-206. All but three GOP members voted against it. In the Senate, the bill needs 60 votes to pass. The... >>>

Here are the three GOP lawmakers who voted for the Equality Act

Friday  06:04,   26 february 2021

Three Republicans opted to buck party lines and join Democrats in voting for the Equality Act on Thursday.The sweeping civil rights bill passed the House in a 224-206 vote, with every Democrat supporting the measure.While eight GOP lawmakers voted... >>>

Democrats short of a backup plan after minimum wage ruling

Friday  06:04,   26 february 2021

The Senate parliamentarian’s decision saves them from an internal fight — but they have no clear path forward.The Senate parliamentarian’s decision to rule the wage hike out of order ahead of debate on President Joe Biden’s coronavirus relief plan... >>>

A Texas judge has ruled the CDC's eviction moratorium during the pandemic is unconstitutional

Friday  05:46,   26 february 2021

The ruling is seen as a win for landlords who said the moratorium violated their rights as property owners. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. A federal judge in Texas ruled that an eviction moratorium put into place by the... >>>

Minimum wage setback revives progressive calls to nix Senate filibuster

Friday  05:46,   26 february 2021

A Senate official's ruling against Democrats' $15 minimum wage hike in the next coronavirus bill has revived calls to end the Senate filibuster. Democrats are trying to pass the legislation through reconciliation, a fast-track process that... >>>

Bernie Sanders says Democrats will try to devise a backdoor to implement a $15 minimum wage after major stimulus setback

Friday  05:35,   26 february 2021

Sanders said he would introduce a plan to end tax breaks for large corporations and set up incentives for small businesses to implement a pay hike.Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth McDonough ruled that a $15 minimum wage violated the strict... >>>

$15 Minimum Wage Is Dead for Now Thanks to One Unelected Official

Friday  04:51,   26 february 2021

Biden must decide whether to change the rules or change the subject.On the one hand the ruling saves Democrats from an internal battle between the vast majority of their House and Senate members who favor the $15 minimum wage and the few who don’t,... >>>

Minimum wage increase imperiled in covid relief bill by Senate official’s ruling

Friday  04:51,   26 february 2021

The guidance from the parliamentarian, Elizabeth MacDonough, was communicated privately to key Senate offices and confirmed by aides in both parties. It could be a major setback for liberals hoping to use Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief bill as the... >>>

On $15 Minimum Wage, Will Kamala Harris Overrule the Senate Parliamentarian?

Friday  04:26,   26 february 2021

If Harris refuses, Democrats will have to introduce the wage hike as a standalone bill. The bill would likely require at least 10 Republican Senators' support. Thus far, Republicans haven't supported the measure.Elizabeth MacDonough is the... >>>

Federal judge rules eviction moratorium is unconstitutional

Friday  04:25,   26 february 2021

A federal judge in Texas on Thursday ruled that the federal moratorium on evictions is unconstitutional, according to court documents. © Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images A demonstrator holds up a sign as he listens to speakers during a 'Resist... >>>

‘Hard to see the path out’: Cuomo besieged as crises grow

Friday  04:02,   26 february 2021

"It appears he's earned himself a primary," said New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams.Now, two months later, he’s embroiled in two major scandals and facing a daily onslaught of questions about deaths in nursing homes, accusations of... >>>