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Trade won’t be on 'back burner' for Biden, USTR pick Tai tells Senate

Friday  00:16,   26 february 2021

U.S. Trade Representative nominee Katherine Tai used the hearing to respond to those concerned of a trade policy pause.Senators from both parties pressed Tai on the Biden administration’s pledge to not negotiate any major new trade deals until it... >>>

'Not an actual problem': Top Democrat dismisses conservative censorship complaints

Thursday  23:17,   25 february 2021

Rep. David Cicilline, the top Democrat on the House antitrust panel, said Thursday that Republican allegations of conservative censorship on social media was not a real problem and that it was not productive to spend time focusing on it. © Provided... >>>

'Can we find a deal?': Coronavirus sparks debate over paid leave

Thursday  23:07,   25 february 2021

The policy has garnered more bipartisan support than ever. But there is already a wide gap between what Biden campaigned on, what Republicans are amenable to and what employers think could be workable.President Joe Biden’s support for a federal... >>>

Republicans Return to Old Voter-Suppression Playbook

Thursday  23:07,   25 february 2021

Trump shifted the focus to phony vote-by-mail fraud claims, but Republicans tried to limit all kinds of voting pre-2020 — and they’re at it again.That’s most evident in Georgia, where GOP legislators are considering crackdowns on early in-person... >>>

Senate Democrats call on GAO to review child care access barriers for disabled parents, kids

Thursday  23:00,   25 february 2021

Democratic Sens. Tammy Duckworth (Ill.), Maggie Hassan (N.H.) and Bob Casey (Pa.) on Thursday asked the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to review obstacles to child care access for disabled parents and children.In the letter, the three... >>>

GOP's Chip Roy vows to fight Equality Act in court

Thursday  23:00,   25 february 2021

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) on Thursday vowed to oppose the Equality Act in court shortly before a House vote on the legislation, saying it would damage religious freedom. The Equality Act would would expand on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Fair... >>>

Adriano Espaillat Highlights 'Embarrassing' Items in Biden Stimulus, Like $1.5M Canada Bridge

Thursday  23:00,   25 february 2021

"I think that the American people from around the country are hurting and $1.9 trillion will get us back on the right track," said the New York congressman.In a Thursday CNN interview, host Poppy Harlow remarked to Espaillat: "There's $1.5 million... >>>

Chip Roy slams Equality Act as government forcing people to 'bow' to 'cultural elite'

Thursday  23:00,   25 february 2021

Rep. Chip Roy slammed the Equality Act on the steps of the Capitol Thursday, calling it an attempt by the government to force people to bend to the will of the "cultural elite. ""This is a government using its power to tell us to bow down to the... >>>

Antony Blinken Fast Facts

Thursday  22:54,   25 february 2021

Read CNN's Fast Facts on US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. © Provided by CNN PersonalBirth date: April 16, 1962 Birth place: Yonkers, New York Birth name: Antony John Blinken Father: Donald Blinken, investment banker and US ambassador to... >>>

House Democrats ask Biden to surrender unilateral nuclear launch powers

Thursday  22:51,   25 february 2021

House Democrats are asking President Biden to share his unilateral ability to launch nuclear weapons. In a letter to the president, Reps. Ted Lieu and Jimmy Panetta, accompanied by nearly 30 colleagues, argued that "vesting one person with this... >>>

Pelosi mocks McConnell for criticizing commission on the Capitol insurrection: GOP Sen. 'Ron Johnson seems to be taking the lead'

Thursday  21:32,   25 february 2021

Pelosi also accidentally called the Wisconsin senator "Don" Johnson. "Not Miami Vice or anything like that?" she said, referencing a TV actor.The top Democrat said she's disappointed over the Kentucky Republican calling her draft proposal "partisan... >>>

Acting US Capitol police chief says the force is maintaining 'enhanced' presence for possible threats during the State of the Union address

Thursday  21:32,   25 february 2021

Acting chief Yogananda Pittman said the Capitol police will "maintain its enhanced and robust security posture" for the still-to-be-scheduled event.Acting chief Yogananda Pittman and House Sergeant at Arms Timothy Blodgett testified in a hearing,... >>>

Biden believes Postal Service leadership 'can do better,' White House says, as DeJoy faces scrutiny

Thursday  21:32,   25 february 2021

The White House on Thursday swiped at Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, signaling a change in leadership at the U.S. Postal Service could be coming once President Biden's picks for agency's board of governors are confirmed."The president is... >>>

Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm confirmed as energy secretary

Thursday  21:22,   25 february 2021

Granholm will be a key player in Biden's vision for a green economy as the United States fights to slow climate change. Michigan was devastated by the 2008 recession, and Granholm has promoted emerging clean energy technologies, such as electric >>>

USA: Capitol police "overwhelmed" by the scale of the January 6 attack

Thursday  21:20,   25 february 2021

USA-CONGRESS-CAPITOLIC-SECURITY: USA: Capitol police "overwhelmed" by the scale of the attack on 6 January © Reuters / Stephanie Keith USA: CAPITOLIC POLICE "OVERHEAD" BY THE SCALE OF THE JANUARY 6 ATTACK by Kanishka Singh (Reuters) - Police at the >>>