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Biden flips script on Trump in campaign’s final week

Monday  11:15,   26 october 2020

The president is scrambling. The challenger is not. It’s a jarring role reversal.It’s a jarring flip of the script for an incumbent president and his challenger eight days before Election Day. Trump, in the last gasp of his campaign, is barreling... >>>

Biden Campaign Can’t Resist Making a Last-Minute Play for Texas, Georgia

Monday  11:15,   26 october 2020

As former Vice President Joe Biden rides consistently high in national polls and internal numbers indicate that red-leaning states are tantalizingly close to abandoning President Donald Trump in next week’s election, the Democratic nominee’s... >>>

Trump Again Shadowed by Coronavirus as He Enters Final Swing

Monday  10:51,   26 october 2020

President Donald Trump enters the final week before Election Day with a surge in U.S. coronavirus cases and another White House outbreak threatening efforts to reverse his political fortunes with a string of barnstorming rallies. © Photographer:... >>>

Young and progressive voters aren’t just ‘settling for Biden’ anymore. They’re going all in.

Monday  10:50,   26 october 2020

The general election is a week away and groups like Settle for Biden are hoping to be the push that gets young voters and progressives to the polls. Youth turnout jumps from 2014 to 2018 midterms Over the past several months, young and progressive... >>>

The Constitution is under attack from the Left, but Amy Coney Barrett will be a great defender

Monday  10:16,   26 october 2020

The Left is all too eager to tear up our guiding American documents and values. The latest under attack appears to be the Constitution, drafted by the framers to “secure the Blessings of Liberty” for generations. It guarantees the freedom to hold... >>>

Trump ad snips Biden’s comments on taxes out of context

Monday  09:50,   26 october 2020

Joe Biden keeps saying he will raise taxes on people making more than $400,000, so this ad clips out the number over and over. “And here’s how it works. I’m going to raise... >>>

Hillary says Trump winning re-election makes her physically sick

Monday  09:25,   26 october 2020

Hillary Clinton has said that a second Trump term would make her feel sick. In a New York Times podcast released Monday she said his re-election would leave her 'literally sick to my stomach'.'It makes me literally sick to my stomach to... >>>

Senate to confirm Barrett for court in highly partisan vote

Monday  08:15,   26 october 2020

WASHINGTON (AP) — A deeply torn Senate is set to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, Republicans overpowering Democratic opposition and institutional norms to secure President Donald Trump’s nominee the week before Election Day.... >>>

AP FACT CHECK: Trump and his familiar falsehoods

Monday  07:50,   26 october 2020

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump says Mexico is paying for the wall (it isn’t), health care choice for veterans came from him (it didn’t) and his tax cut stands as the biggest in American history (nowhere close). These are among his... >>>

No, Really -- Don't Pay Attention to Early Voting Data

Monday  07:50,   26 october 2020

It's that most wonderful time of year. After endless speculation, analysis, and hedging, we are tantalizingly close to having actual new election data to work with. Given this, it is a natural temptation for analysts to gravitate toward the one... >>>

Pence says Biden, Harris should stop playing politics with COVID-19 vaccine

Monday  07:05,   26 october 2020

Pence says Biden, Harris should stop playing politics with COVID-19 vaccineJOE BIDEN SAYS HUNTER EMAIL LEAK A RUSSIAN 'SMEAR... >>>

Early vote total exceeds 2016; GOP chips at Dems' advantage

Monday  07:05,   26 october 2020

With nine days before Election Day, more people already have cast ballots in this year's presidential election than voted early or absentee in the 2016 race as the start of in-person early voting in big states led to a surge in turnout in recent >>>

Donald Trump's last push for reelection is being overshadowed by White House admission on pandemic

Monday  06:40,   26 october 2020

A stunning White House claim that the US cannot control the fast-worsening pandemic is overshadowing President Donald Trump's frantic last-ditch bid to turn around his reelection race with Democrat Joe Biden with eight days to go. © Evan... >>>

CBS shows the moment Donald Trump walked out of 60 Minutes interview

Monday  06:35,   26 october 2020

Footage from Donald Trump's interview with 60 Minutes, recorded on Tuesday, was aired on Sunday night and showed the moment the president walked off the set.Trump's refusal to sit through Lesley Stahl's questioning on Tuesday sparked uproar on... >>>

Trump team just announced its surrender to the pandemic

Monday  06:30,   26 october 2020

The Trump administration has announced its unconditional surrender to the Covid-19 pandemic, which will be remembered as the greatest presidential failure in American history, writes Jeffrey D. Sachs.The Trump administration has announced its... >>>