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Google Maps helps you find EV chargers that work with your car

Monday  05:30,   16 december 2019

Google Maps can help you find available EV charging stations, but that doesn't mean they're stations you can use -- and that might be a problem if you show up at the wrong station with a low battery. Thankfully, Google might help you avoid... >>>

Samsung Galaxy A71 to offer domino-style quad camera at mid-range price

Monday  04:35,   16 december 2019

Samsung's newly-announced Galaxy A71 mid-ranger is expected to arrive in early 2020.The flagship camera-sporting Galaxy A71 was quietly confirmed alongside Samsung's other new mid-range smartphone, the Galaxy A51, at a launch event in Vietnam... >>>

RCS messaging is now available to all Android users in the US

Monday  04:20,   16 december 2019

After years of delays and very limited rollouts, next-generation texting is finally available to all Android users in the US. Android Messages product manager Sanaz Ahari has confirmed that the American RCS rollout completed on December 9th, or a... >>>

PewDiePie is 'taking a break' from YouTube in 2020

Monday  02:40,   16 december 2019

One of YouTube's best-known stars is close to taking a hiatus. PewDiePie (aka Felix Kjellberg) has used a video critiquing YouTube's new harassment policy to announce that he's "taking a break" from the site in early 2020. While he said... >>>

FBI breaks up 2 illegal streaming sites — including iStreamItAll, with more subscribers than Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu

Monday  01:10,   16 december 2019

Darryl Polo and Luis Villarino, both of Las Vegas, have pleaded guilty to copyright infringement charges for operating iStreamItAll and Jetflix.One of the platforms reportedly had more paying subscribers than Netflix, Hulu and other popular licensed >>>

New Orleans city computers offline after cyberattack

Monday  00:35,   16 december 2019

It wasn't immediately clear whether ransomware was to blame.The website was still down for "unplanned maintenance" Sunday, but emergency services such as 911 and the fire department are still operational, the New Orleans' Office of... >>>

Ads on Facebook are spreading misinformation about anti-HIV drugs

Monday  00:25,   16 december 2019

While many are focused on Facebook's unwillingness to curb false political ads, there appears to be another misinformation campaign going unchecked. The Guardian and GLAAD have noted that personal injury law firms continue to run Facebook ads... >>>

See the Ocean in Las Vegas: Fisker will unveil its new electric SUV at CES 2020 in January

Sunday  23:21,   15 december 2019

Fisker also announced a partnership with Electrify America to ensure future Ocean owners will have access to a vast network of fast-charging stations.Fisker also announced a partnership with Electrify America to ensure future Ocean owners will have... >>>

The best holiday 2019 iPad deals: iPad Air for $400 and more

Sunday  18:35,   15 december 2019

Plus: Grab an $80 discount on the new 10.2-inch model or save $150 on the 11-inch iPad Pro.SEE IT AT BEST... >>>

Disney+ is a huge hit and already on more than 22 million devices

Sunday  18:11,   15 december 2019

The impressive launch of Disney+ essentially provides us with a case study in how to successfully enter a saturated media market and immediately make an impact. There's no question that the streaming field these days is crowded, but Disney... >>>

On Sale Today at Best Buy: iPad, Nintendo Switch, Fitbit Versa 2 and more

Sunday  17:40,   15 december 2019

And it comes with a free Google Nest... >>>

Telenor says Huawei will still play role in 5G rollout

Sunday  16:50,   15 december 2019

Telenor says Huawei will still play role in 5G rolloutStill, on Friday, the head of Telenor Norway, Petter-Boerre Furberg, told Reuters that the operator would gradually phase out the use of Huawei network components in Norway over a 4-5 year... >>>

Andrew Yang has defied expectations. Can he turn that into a 2020 win?

Sunday  15:16,   15 december 2019

Yang has honed in on a message of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, touted a universal basic income and boasted about his ability to reach disaffected... >>>

FDA clears an interoperable, automated insulin pump

Sunday  15:15,   15 december 2019

It might soon be decidedly easier for Americans to manage diabetes -- the FDA has approved the sale of an interoperable, automated insulin pump for the first time. Tandem Diabetes Care's updated t:slim X2 can pair with a Dexcom G6 glucose... >>>

Amazon's Alexa can play Christmas music, control lights and more

Sunday  15:00,   15 december 2019

Plus, five questions for your Echo to try out this holiday season.You can use these Alexa skills when you want to impress your family -- even if they're not able to make it to the holidays this year. These features require little to no setup, and... >>>