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More smart TVs are getting Apple AirPlay but that doesn't mean you'll be able to use it

Saturday  21:20,   23 february 2019

New TVs with Apple’s streaming video feature AirPlay built-in should make the connection easier. But that might not be so for pay-TV subscribers. Here’s the breakdown among some top pay-TV providers: AT&T has AirPlay disabled in the apps it provides >>>

NASA names facility after mathematician who inspired 'Hidden Figures'

Saturday  20:00,   23 february 2019

The "human computer" continues to set... >>>

OnePlus will launch its 5G phone by June, but not in the US

Saturday  17:15,   23 february 2019

OnePlus has teased a little bit more about its 5G... >>>

NASA, SpaceX test flight to go ahead

Saturday  11:15,   23 february 2019

The first test flight of the new commercial Dragon space capsule will go ahead following approval by NASA and... >>>

Parched Mars river valley looks surprisingly Earth-like

Saturday  08:40,   23 february 2019

ESA's Mars Express spacecraft gives us a scenic view of remnants from the planet's watery... >>>

LG announces three new budget Q and K series Android smartphones

Saturday  08:40,   23 february 2019

Just days before the Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona, LG has unveiled three new wallet-friendly smartphones with tiny notches and up to three rear... >>>

Sony's entire Xperia smartphone lineup leaked before MWC debut

Saturday  08:40,   23 february 2019

Just days before the line was scheduled to be officially unveiled, Sony's entire new Xperia collection was leaked with detailed specs, product pics, and even prices thanks to... >>>

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G is a phone without a network

Saturday  08:40,   23 february 2019

US carriers aren’t close to ready for Samsung’s first 5G... >>>

Users give apps sensitive personal information, then they tell Facebook

Friday  22:31,   22 february 2019

Millions of smartphone users confess their most intimate secrets to apps, including when they want to work on their belly fat or the price of the house they checked out last weekend. Unbeknown to most people, in many cases that data is being shared... >>>

As Virgin Galactic launches another test flight, its next spaceships are taking shape

Friday  22:20,   22 february 2019

MOJAVE, Calif. - Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity SpaceShipTwo space plane reached suborbital space again during its fifth powered test flight Friday morning, landing back on the runway at the Mojave Air and Space Port about an hour after launch. Steps... >>>

Samsung is keeping the Gear VR in stasis, and that might be fine

Friday  20:20,   22 february 2019

Samsung and Oculus are maintaining the headset, not changing... >>>

Discovery of cameras built into airlines’ seats sparks privacy concerns

Friday  20:20,   22 february 2019

A viral tweet prompted closer... >>>

Alibaba CEO rules out layoffs this year

Friday  20:20,   22 february 2019

Alibaba CEO rules out layoffs this... >>>

Facebook pulls the plug on its data snooping Onavo VPN service

Friday  19:55,   22 february 2019

Its research programs will also gain more... >>>

85 percent of Chrome apps and extensions lack a privacy policy

Friday  19:55,   22 february 2019

There's a good chance you use or have used Chrome, so there's good reason for you to be disturbed by new data from Duo Security that shows just how vulnerable the 180,000-plus Chrome apps and extensions... >>>