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FTC finds that Cambridge Analytica purposefully deceived Facebook users

Sunday  16:50,   08 december 2019

Early last year, Facebook was rocked by a scandal involving Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm that stealthily acquired personal information about Facebook users as part of a concerted effort to target voters ahead of the 2016... >>>

Hackers targeted BMW, Hyundai in hunt for trade secrets

Sunday  16:20,   08 december 2019

Two of the world's larger car makers were the victims of a sophisticated (but still not very successful) hacking campaign. Bayerricscher Rundfunk has learned that intruders from the hacking group OceanLotus slipped into the networks of BMW and... >>>

Are my passwords on the dark web? These tools monitor your info after a data breach

Sunday  15:55,   08 december 2019

By the time a company tells you your data's been stolen as part of a breach, your login credentials may already be on the dark web. Here's how to keep pace with the hackers.With your stolen information, hackers can do everything from making... >>>

Take a tour of Taiwan’s Te Yang destroyer, formerly America's USS Sarsfield

Sunday  15:20,   08 december 2019

After 32 years of service with the US Navy, the USS Sarsfield found a second life -- and 27 more years of service -- in Taiwan. Let's go aboard.The USS Sarsfield, aka the ROCS Te... >>>

Got a new Google Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max? Here's how to set it up

Sunday  15:20,   08 december 2019

Did you spend a few Black Friday dollars on a Google Home smart display? Get it connected it to your smart home fast with this quick guide.The 7-inch Google Nest Hub is a great device to either begin or expand a Google Home smart home setup,... >>>

The Plan to Turn Your Car Into a Virtual ATM

Sunday  10:41,   08 december 2019

Chris Ballinger wants drivers to make and receive crypto payments while they goSo the former derivatives trader who spent 14 months as finance chief at Toyota’s innovation hub launched a non-profit that aims to turn cars into rolling wallets able to >>>

Apple's redesigned Mac Pro will be available to order December 10th

Sunday  08:41,   08 december 2019

After half a year -- or two years, if you really think about it -- Apple's reworked Mac Pro is close at hand. The company has notified interested customers that both the workstation and the Pro Display XDR will be available to order on December... >>>

Nokia’s first branded smart TV just made its debut

Sunday  03:35,   08 december 2019

Indian company Flipkart will sell Nokia’s first TVVipul Mehrotra, Flipkart’s VP of Nokia brand partnerships, adds, “Flipkart’s understanding of the needs and behaviors of Indian consumers, and the power of its reach, will help it make Nokia branded... >>>

Best action cameras of 2019: How GoPro, DJI and Yi compare

Sunday  02:50,   08 december 2019

These tiny rugged cameras are made for shooting and sharing your adventures -- even if they only happen in your backyard.And sure, those options could include your waterproof and crack-resistant smartphone, but keep in mind that the best action... >>>

OnePlus may return to low-cost phones with the 8 Lite

Sunday  02:35,   08 december 2019

OnePlus might be returning to truly low-cost phones years after the OnePlus X faded away. OnLeaks and 91Mobiles have posted renders and early tidbits of what they say is the OnePlus 8 Lite, a budget model that would sit below the rumored OnePlus 8... >>>

Tesla will start charging $10 per month for 'Premium' in-car data

Sunday  00:55,   08 december 2019

Tesla wasn't entirely accurate when it said it would start charging for some in-car data on July 1st of last year, but it looks like owners have finally been asked to cough up. The automaker is notifying customers who ordered on or after July... >>>

What this powerful new chip could mean for 2020 phones like the Galaxy S11

Saturday  23:50,   07 december 2019

Samsung's upcoming flagship phone will be one of the first to use new features from the Snapdragon 865 processor.As the world's largest mobile chipmaker, Qualcomm's top-tier processors run many of the most advanced phones on the planet. Many of... >>>

Amazon leases space in New York, less than year after scuttled HQ2 deal

Saturday  22:55,   07 december 2019

Following an outcry over corporate tax breaks, Amazon pulled out of a deal for a new headquarters near Manhattan. Now it's leasing office space in midtown.The Queens deal, which followed Amazon's yearlong public search for a new second... >>>

Twitch streamer DrDisRespect is creating a TV show

Saturday  22:25,   07 december 2019

Guy Beahm IV, a popular Twitch streamer known for his alter ego DrDisRespect, is developing a narrative scripted series about the character he created. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he's working on the project under a deal with Skybound... >>>

These are the tech holiday gifts that pay for themselves (in saved money, time and sanity)

Saturday  21:55,   07 december 2019

These are some of Jennifer Jolly's favorite tech holiday gifts that can actually pay for themselves in saved money and timeThere’s a “smart” version of just about every appliance these days, but some are downright genius for saving you serious... >>>