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video. "A calf is born" in this breton breeding: Live its first steps and choose its name

Sunday  13:50,   17 april 2022

© Yannick Vitré Yannick Vitré raises Aquitaine blondes in Finistère. Behind him, his flock, including the calf born in April. Yannick Vitré raises Aquitaine's blond cows in Landeleau, in the center-Finistère. In this month of April 2022, one of... >>>

Return of three astronauts after China's longest stay in space

Saturday  13:15,   16 april 2022

Space-China-Exploration-Station-Spacial: Return of three astronauts after China's longest stay in space © Reuters / Carlos GARCIA RAWLINS Return of three astronauts after China's longest stay in Space Shanghai (Reuters) - The three Chinese... >>>

TWITTER RECOVERY BY ELON MUSK: The social network tries to counter the billionaire

Friday  23:40,   15 april 2022

offensive The social network to the blue bird is the subject of a non-solicited takeover bid on the part of ELON MUSK . © Provided by franceinfo Twitter does not intend to let yourself be done. The social network at the Blue Bird, which is the... >>>

Twitter wants to fight against takeover by Elon Musk

Friday  21:30,   15 april 2022

Los Angeles. The online news service Twitter wants to resist the attempt to take over by Tech billionaire Elon Musk. This announced the company's board of directors on Friday. © Matt Rourke The Twitter logo. The Online Service Twitter is against... >>>

Huawei and his Russia problem

Friday  21:30,   15 april 2022

Dusseldorf. After Apple and Samsung left the Russian market shortly after the beginning of the war, now follow further telecommunications companies. Some devices are now allegedly scared in Russia. © dpa phones could soon be in the shortage in... >>>

Emma Watson: This gesture of his university comrades who had touched him a lot

Friday  17:15,   15 april 2022

© Marechal Aurore / Abaca Emma Watson: this gesture of his classmates from the university who had a lot of touch during a Pause of the filming of the Harry Potter, Emma Watson, who celebrates his 32 years this Friday, April 15, had decided to leave >>>

The NFT of the world's first tweet is for sale for 45 million euros (but no one wants)

Friday  14:15,   15 april 2022

© Fairfax Media big disappointment for sina estavi . last March, the contractor in the cryptomonnies had bought the NFT of the first Tweet of Jack Dorsey , the co-founder of Twitter, for nearly 3 million euros. As he returned to sale this month,... >>>

Redemption of Twitter: ELON MUSK has "sufficient funds" and even a Plan B

Friday  11:40,   15 april 2022

© Pixabay Redemption of Twitter: ELON MUSK has "sufficient funds" and even a Plan B after proposing to redeem The social network for $ 54.20 per share, the billionaire explained its motivations at a conference. ELON MUSK is "Not sure" to succeed in >>>

Frases and False Pas: ELON MUSK

Friday  03:40,   15 april 2022

Tweets © Jim Watson Billionaire ELON MUSK During the presentation of the mega-rocket of Spacex Starship, February 10, 2022 near Boca Chica, in southern Texas ELON MUSK, the Tesla boss and the main shareholder of Twitter wants to redeem the social... >>>

ELON MUSK is "Not sure" to be able to redeem Twitter but has a plan B

Friday  01:30,   15 april 2022

© AP - John Raoux ELON MUSK speaks at a press conference after a FALCON 9 SPACEX rocket test flight In Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, January 19, 2020. Tesla's boss made a $ 43 billion proposal to buy the Twitter social network.... >>>

Eastern Racing: What the new name in the Richer Rennstall means

Thursday  20:20,   14 april 2022

itself the ADAC was not bad, as a team owner Peter Reicher submitted a naming under the name "Eastalent Racing" . The team with the drivers Simon Richer and Norbert Siedler has previously arrived under the well-known name "Yaco Racing". That's... >>>

Photo Loana redone on social networks, Internet users

Thursday  18:20,   14 april 2022

© Christophe Clovis / Bestimage Photo Loana Reprises an appearance on social networks, Internet users for several weeks that Loana had deserted social networks, to the point that His subscribers began to seriously worry. After reassuranceing his... >>>

NASA wants huge space screw spinllaunch 2022

Thursday  18:00,   14 april 2022

after the successful first test of his suborbital mass accelerator in October 2021 Spinlaunch reports the next success. The NASA wants to test the huge centrifugal jug again this year. © t3n.de Imposant: huge space shaft in the desert of New... >>>

in the App Store: Google launches Switch to Android

Thursday  16:05,   14 april 2022

The change from Apple's iPhone to an Android device can sometimes be connected to complications. Google now prepares the introduction of a method that should simplify this process. © mr.mikla / shutterstock Google wants to simplify the move from... >>>

What care for geraniums at the top?

Thursday  13:40,   14 april 2022

© iStock / Getty Images What care for geraniums at the top? There are no less than 300 species and 1000 geranium varieties. Here are the reflexes to adopt for beautiful plants. Place them in the sun to flourish, geraniums need sun and heat. If you... >>>