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EDITO. Presidential: the one who arrives at the priority theme for the French wins

Sunday  10:50,   17 october 2021

© AFP The JDD Edito - on Europe 1, the editor of the JDD's Political Service, David Revault of Allonnes, returns to The themes that might impose itself in the next presidential campaign. What will be the big topic of the presidential campaign? It... >>>

Walter: "One point is as a yield too little"

Sunday  02:50,   17 october 2021

The 1: 1 against Fortuna Düsseldorf on Saturday night meant the third draw for the HSV in a row. For coach and players, however, it felt like a defeat. © Imago Images / KBS-Picture could only take a 1-1 against Dusseldorf: Hamburg's coach Tim... >>>

COVID-19: The Tests Hanging in Wolverhampton After 43.000 False Results

Saturday  02:55,   16 october 2021

© Morsa Images / Getty Images Covid-19: The Tests Suspended in Wolverhampton After 43,000 False Results about 43,000 people in England and Wales could have been wrongly informed that their CIVID-19 test was... >>>

New study: solar energy cheaper than coal power - so China is carbon neutral

Friday  17:08,   15 october 2021

Carbon Neutral in 2060 - so it has decided the party. The most important component is the solar energy. In a few years solar power should be with battery storage cheaper than coal power. © Picture Alliance / Wang Jiang Zy -scale plant for solar... >>>

Mysterious goings waves in the Milky Way intrigued scientists

Thursday  18:45,   14 october 2021

© GHARABLI AHMAD / AFP Prolonged picture of the galaxy. (Photo illustration) A strange radio signal emanating from the center of the Milky Way, was spotted by a super-powerful telescope in Australia. Such waves had never been observed before. The... >>>

RPT-Second Mission to the Future Chinese Space Station

Thursday  16:43,   14 october 2021

Space-Exploration / China-Shenzhou (Repetition, Photo, TV): RPT-Second Mission to the Future Chinese Space Station (Technical Repeat) Jiuquan, China, October 14th (Reuters) - China will send three Taikonauts on Saturday for a six-month mission in... >>>

Cape Verde: the expectations of the population before the presidential election of October 17

Thursday  06:40,   14 october 2021

© Charlotte IDRAC / RFI panels presenting Carlos Veiga (left) and José Maria Nevez (right), the two favorites in the presidential election CAP -Verdienne of October 17, 2021. The presidential election takes place Sunday, October 17 in Cape Verde.... >>>

Apple lays at warnings in front of other app stores on iPhone after

Wednesday  18:40,   13 october 2021

Cupertino. As part of large digital market reforms in the EU, there should also be more competition on digital platforms. On the iPhone that would mean the possibility to load apps from other sources than from Apple themselves. The Group opposes. © >>>

Here are anti-Gaspi tips to reuse apple peelings!

Wednesday  18:25,   13 october 2021

There are two types of apple consumers: those who eat the fruit full teeth and those who prefer to peel it with eating it. And most of the time, when one chooses the second option the peels go to the trash while they can serve for a lot of things.... >>>

Spatapallabs: Acer Novel 3D display is ready for production

Wednesday  17:47,   13 october 2021

© Provided by Dr. med. Windows Acer Spatapallabs In the spring, Acer had shown the prototype of a stereoscopic display, which allows the spatial representation of objects without additional tools such as 3D glasses. Now the technology is apparently >>>

Apple Share Importantly lower: Apple delivers allegedly less iPhones - in warnings in front of other App Stores Refault

Wednesday  17:25,   13 october 2021

Apple can not produce millions of smartphones due to global delivery bottlenecks. © Provided by finanzen.net Philippe Huguen / AFP / Getty Images It should be assumed that the California group must correct its production target for the new iPhone... >>>

Sale of OM: stroke in view?

Wednesday  14:10,   13 october 2021

© Provided by Sports.co.uk Frank McCourt is ready to put the hand back to give the OM the means of its ambitions. Sleep for several weeks, rumors around the sale of the Olympic of Marseille were suddenly revived. Consequence of the redemption of... >>>

Failure of payment: The US Congress offers a respite to the United States

Wednesday  10:50,   13 october 2021

The United States has a few months of respite to avoid a default with a broadborne Democrat support in the House of Representatives. © AFP.com/andrew Caballero-Reynolds This project would fall under the debt limit of the country of $ 480 billion... >>>

Apple delivers less iPhones from

Wednesday  04:25,   13 october 2021

Bangalore because of chip deficiency. Not only the car industry grows up because microchips were missing. According to the global delivery bottlenecks, Apple can not produce millions of smartphones for a report. That's followed by the stock market. >>>

Growth Market Smart Mobility

Tuesday  17:15,   12 october 2021

Smart Mobility is a young and strongly growing industry in Germany. As the infographic on the basis of a forecast of the Statista Mobility Market Outlooks shows, a market volume of around 90 billion euros is achieved in 2026. This corresponds to... >>>