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NSW looks to quantum computing to improve the state's transport system

Tuesday  05:15,   13 april 2021

The state government hopes using Q-CTRL's quantum technology will allow it to have a transport system that 'talks'.The partnership, Minister for Transport and Roads Andrew Constance said, could see the "world's smartest computer" be used >>>

Teen pals build bot to help COVID vaccine hopefuls snag appointments

Tuesday  03:16,   13 april 2021

The young programmers started out wanting to help their parents, but the reach of their free tool quickly expanded beyond home.Teenagers Sam Mendelson and Daniel Stoiber wanted to help their parents avoid the frustrating vaccine-chasing frenzy, so... >>>

Nvidia lays out its three-chip data center roadmap

Tuesday  02:22,   13 april 2021

In his GTC keynote, CEO Jensen Huang previewed what's to come from Nvidia's growing data center business, as well as its new Arm partnershipsGrace, Huang said in his keynote, "gives us the third foundational technology for computing and the... >>>

A small asteroid just gave Earth and some satellites a very close pass

Tuesday  02:22,   13 april 2021

A piece of cosmic debris named 2021 GW4 briefly dove beneath the orbit of many of our largest satellites Monday.Asteroid 2021 GW4 came within 12,324 miles (19,833 kilometers) of the surface of Earth at its closest point of approach Monday morning... >>>

The FCC wants to know how fast your internet connection is

Tuesday  02:00,   13 april 2021

The FCC has had a speed test app since 2013, but under Acting Chair Jessica Rosenworcel it's asking that more Americans download and use the software (which you can get on Android and iOS). By doing so, the agency says you'll help it collect >>>

Unlock the power of Microsoft Excel with this comprehensive bundle

Tuesday  01:30,   13 april 2021

We'd bet that you're at least a little familiar with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or another type of spreadsheet software. But we're willing to bet there are a lot of tools and features you aren't taking advantage of. The... >>>

DeSantis attacks YouTube for yanking his pandemic video

Tuesday  00:20,   13 april 2021

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis attacked YouTube and its parent company Google on Monday, accusing the tech giant of censorship for its decision last week to remove from its platform video of a coronavirus discussion he... >>>

Intel wants to make chips for automakers to help with the global shortage

Tuesday  00:16,   13 april 2021

Intel has laid out a plan to help automakers dealing with the global semiconductor shortage that has left companies like GM canceling production shifts. On Monday, CEO Pat Gelsinger told Reuters Intel is in talks with firms that design silicon for... >>>

Intel hopes to start making chips for car companies within six to nine months

Tuesday  00:16,   13 april 2021

The company is reportedly in talks to start producing automotive chips as early as this year“We’re hoping that some of these things can be alleviated, not requiring a three- or four-year factory build, but maybe six months of new products being... >>>

Americans Are Already Deciding Where to Move Based on Climate Change

Monday  23:55,   12 april 2021

Having been a “climate person” for the past decade-plus has been pretty damn exhausting. Every single choice I make has involved agonizing over the environmental ramifications. But as the climate crisis has become impossible to ignore, more and more >>>

FCC asks public to help test broadband speeds across the US

Monday  23:55,   12 april 2021

The agency wants more people using its speed test app to help improve its flawed broadband maps.The Android and iOS FCC Speed Test App is similar to other online speed-testing apps from companies like Ookla. The test automatically generates results... >>>

How to fix vaccine distribution around the world

Monday  23:55,   12 april 2021

86% of the vaccines given to date have gone to people in high- and upper-middle-income countries, an inequity that threatens to prolong the pandemic.At a Make Business Better event on April 7, Quartz gathered experts in global public health and the... >>>

New Linux Foundation project takes blockchain and the open source approach to the insurance industry

Monday  23:50,   12 april 2021

The Open Insurance Data Link platform and project aims to create a standard data repository and create a connection point for third-party developers.The Open Insurance Data Link platform will reduce the cost of regulatory reporting for insurance... >>>

Best office tech in 2021: Work better and have more fun

Monday  23:22,   12 april 2021

Give your office a tech upgrade with these fun, useful gadgets.I'm both blessed and cursed in that I get the chance to try out a lot of different gadgets and tech. On the plus side, I find some really cool things that boost my productivity and let... >>>

Google says it's fixed issues with Drive, Docs, other services after outage

Monday  22:10,   12 april 2021

Google says it's investigating issues impacting its productivity services, including Drive, Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. According to a message on Google's workplace status dashboard Monday, affected users experienced problems such as... >>>