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New phone, new two-factor authentication. Here's how to move Google Authenticator

Saturday  17:00,   14 december 2019

When you get a new phone, transferring your Google Authenticator app and two-factor codes is a vital, but really easy step that you can’t forget.Don't forget to transfer Google's Authenticator app when you set up a new... >>>

Why flawed broadband speed tests have devastating consequences

Saturday  15:31,   14 december 2019

If government policy is based on flawed data, everyone loses.On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal published an investigative article accusing several broadband companies, including AT&T, of trying to make their services look better by manipulating... >>>

Amazon vs Google: Which smart home giant won 2019?

Saturday  15:21,   14 december 2019

We compare the hardware, software and privacy problems that defined the past year for these companies.So which kid will be the burnout and which will go Ivy League and never call you again once they're financially solvent? Who's to say? But 2019... >>>

Google Maps satellite images cover 98 percent of the world's population

Saturday  15:10,   14 december 2019

Google makes its mapping products more informative and immersive with the use of imagery, and now the tech giant is giving us a deeper look into its map-making process. The tech giant says it has captured over 10 million miles of images for Street... >>>

Hang on, will Apple really kill Lightning on the 2021 iPhone?

Saturday  14:09,   14 december 2019

Are you ready for a wireless future?Free AirPods with every... >>>

Google's RCS texting is like iMessage for all Android phones. Learn to use it

Saturday  14:07,   14 december 2019

Google Chat has now rolled out to all Android phones. Here's how to take your text-message game to the next level.If you don't use Google's Messages app for text messaging on your phone (not to be confused with Samsung's Messages app), you'll... >>>

New Orleans city government hit with cyberattack

Saturday  12:43,   14 december 2019

The computer network that handles governmental operations for the city of New Orleans was taken offline Friday by a cyberattack, city officials say. © City of New Orleans New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell speaks to reporters after the city's... >>>

The Data Decade: How We Were Bought and Stolen in the 2010s

Saturday  10:35,   14 december 2019

Our personal information is now the world's most valuable currency. Can we reclaim it before it's too late?Since 2010, your personal information has been sold on the dark web, stolen by foreign nations (here’s looking at you, China, Russia,... >>>

The Bot Decade: How AI Took Over Our Lives in the 2010s

Saturday  10:35,   14 december 2019

There's no turning... >>>

NFL streaming: Best ways to watch football live without cable during the 2019-2020 season

Saturday  08:21,   14 december 2019

The 2019 NFL football season is upon us, and cord cutters have more ways than ever to catch the action. Here are our favorites.For cord cutters, live NFL football streaming options to watch NFL games live get a bit more complicated. Your best bet is >>>

The $1,399 Pixelbook Go with 4K display is now available

Saturday  03:40,   14 december 2019

When Google announced the Pixelbook Go, it promised a top-of-the-line model with 4K display for those willing to pay over a grand for one. Well, those who've been holding off on buying until it becomes available can now get it -- or ask for it... >>>

Best iPhone 11 and 11 Pro cases you can get now

Saturday  03:20,   14 december 2019

Looking for a new case for your new iPhone? Here are our current top picks.I'll be updating this best roundup with new picks for the best iPhone 11 cases as they continue to... >>>

Google's RCS texting arrives Monday to bring some iMessage features to Android

Saturday  02:55,   14 december 2019

Read receipts and typing indicators are finally coming."Hi everyone! RCS is now available to all users in US as of Monday," the tweet, spotted earlier by Pocket Lint, said. "Make sure to update both Messages and Carrier... >>>

FCC endorses C-V2X mobile network that lets cars talk to each other

Saturday  01:55,   14 december 2019

The agency's proposal would free airwaves for Wi-Fi, too. But it's bad news for the older DSRC car network technology.The FCC's proposal also would free up some spectrum for unlicensed use. But it casts a shadow on an older rival to C-V2X... >>>

Database exposes names of risky potential bank customers

Saturday  01:20,   14 december 2019

Convicted criminals and people susceptible to extortion are named on a LexisNexis database that leaked onto the open internet. Graphic by Pixabay/Illustration by CNET Called WorldCompliance Data, it's LexisNexis's proprietary database that warns... >>>