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The secret of the perfect apple strudel

Saturday  06:50,   23 october 2021

in times of finished climbing is learned the swirl drawing in workshops. We tell you the tricks. © Kruste & Krume With more than 124,000 contributions, the apple strudel ranks # 2 of the most popular domestic pastries on the photo platform... >>>

a second alert launcher Facebook

Saturday  04:25,   23 october 2021

A former member of the civic integrity team made a testimony with the stock market authority, accusing the network to turn a blind eye on some problematic content © Olivier Douliery / AFP Frances HAUGEN is at the origin of a series of revelations... >>>

Google reports increase in state requests for the deletion of content

Friday  16:55,   22 october 2021

© default_credit Google-Neu triggers are often new laws. According to Google, these laws are not limited to repressive regimes. Google has released its Transparency Report to remove content for the first half of 2021. The company warned that there... >>>

plugs, strike at the SNCF ... Holidays of Toussaint Complicated Transport

Friday  15:00,   22 october 2021

© Philippe Renault / Archives West France Traffic jams on the Rennes ring road (Ille-et-Vilaine) in 2015. Stock Photo Illustration. . The holidays of All Saints begin this Friday, October 22nd. Marked by a strike at the SNCF and the traditional... >>>

malware on discord

Friday  12:10,   22 october 2021

© default_credit discord malware Check point research (CPR) discovered a multifunctional malware on discord capable of creating screenshots to download and execute additional files as well as to perform keylogging. Check Point Research (CPR), the... >>>

How to enhance your website engagement via an app

Friday  12:00,   22 october 2021

Web and mobile application development are increasingly popular for companies to boost customer engagement and promote long-term business growth without a huge marketing budget. Mobile applications have become a significant source of profit for... >>>

NEW UPDATE: Apple Maps makes other apps superfluous

Friday  05:50,   22 october 2021

The new iOS update of Apple brings an improved navigation system with themselves which other services could now make a competition. © Provided by finanzen.net Daniel Roland / AFP / Getty Images Difficult Start for Apple Maps Since 20 September 2021 >>>

Competition for Elon Musks StarLink? Telekom plans Satellite Internet

Friday  05:50,   22 october 2021

It is the declared mission of the Spacex Internet Save StarLink to enable all people in the world via satellite a quick internet access. However, with this vision, the space company from Tesla boss Elon Musk is not alone, the Deutsche Telekom plans >>>

Hippopotames of Pablo Escobar recognized as legal persons in the United States

Friday  03:10,   22 october 2021

© Raul Arboleda Hippopotames at Hacienda Napoles who belonged to Pablo Escobar, Colombia in November 2013 for the first time, an American court recognized a legal personality to animals. And not anywhere: the descendants of the hippopotamuses of... >>>

The small note of white on mbed

Thursday  21:55,   21 october 2021

© supplied by Sports.fr Laurent Blanc estimates that Kylian mbed is still a big margin of progression. Al-Rayyan Qatar Club coach, Laurent Blanc is preparing to play the final of the Emir Cup against Al-Sadd, the team led by Xavi Hernandez. On the... >>>

Lazio Falcononier Lunar Defense After his salute Nazi

Thursday  21:05,   21 october 2021

© supplied by Sofoot Falconifier, but a true in the soul. During a meeting at Stadio Olimpico, Juan Bernabè was Gailed in the process of making a Nazi salute, well encouraged by some of Lazio's ultras supporters. The Biancocelesti leaders decided... >>>

The traffic light must not be overwhelmed

Thursday  18:50,   21 october 2021

Berlin. The coalition negotiations of SPD, Greens and FDP start in a good mood. The possible traffic light coalition has taken great a lot - in addition to urgent climate protection also profound structural reforms in the Hartz IV system. The new... >>>

The mythical house of the horror movie "The clutches of the night" is for sale

Thursday  12:45,   21 october 2021

© Douglas Elliman You will no longer meet Freddy Krueger , the terrifying killer of the movie the claws of the night, but the House in which it wandered in the 80s is now on sale. Located in Los Angeles, at 1428 North Genesee Avenue (the street had >>>

Vodafone advertises "green" mobile tariffs

Thursday  12:30,   21 october 2021

in the fight for the customer's favorite, Vodafone relies on mobile phone tariffs, which are advertised as "green". © Sebastian Gollnow / dpa Contribution to climate protection or "greenwashing"? Vodafones New "Green" mobile tariffs are discussed... >>>

SAP Share In the PLUS: SAP expects further strong growth of core software in the cloud

Thursday  11:15,   21 october 2021

One year after the dramatic strategy change with the clear focus Cloud, the software konzern SAP is confirmed by the customer's demand and the financial figures. © Provided by finanzen.net Philippe Huguen / AFP / Getty Images The growth path of S4... >>>