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Snapchat is facing outages in the US and Europe

Wednesday  19:30,   08 april 2020

Much to the woe of teens across the US and Europe, Snapchat is currently down in parts of the world. According to DownDetector, there was a surge in people reporting issues using the app at around 10:30AM, following widespread problems in the early... >>>

Remaining payment for trips in May is usually not due

Wednesday  19:10,   08 april 2020

If you wanted to take a package tour in May, you often no longer have to make the last payment for your vacation in April. © Photo: Jens Büttner / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa-tmn It is currently unclear when travel to the Baltic Sea will be possible... >>>

Verizon is canceling home internet installations during the pandemic

Wednesday  18:40,   08 april 2020

‘We are minimizing our in-home installation work to critical needs’“We are minimizing our in-home installation work to critical needs to keep our employees and customers safe and to reduce the spread of COVID-19,” Verizon says in a support... >>>

Senators raise privacy questions about Google's COVID-19 tracker

Wednesday  18:40,   08 april 2020

Being able to track the public health crisis shouldn't come at the price of personal privacy, says a pair of lawmakers.The Trump administration has called on tech companies to provide data for tracking the coronavirus pandemic, hoping that logs... >>>

How about a smartphone with dual camera and a $109 price tag? Thanks, Samsung.

Wednesday  18:40,   08 april 2020

Why spend $1,000 and more for top of the line Samsung Galaxy S phones when the As are so much cheaper? You get more power and better design.Samsung announced Wednesday a new line of low-priced entry-level phones with specs that rival the best phones >>>

Discord wants to clean up and support its massive bot community

Wednesday  17:01,   08 april 2020

Born of a jokey airhorn feature first launched back in 2016, bots on Discord have since flourished into an integral part of the platform’s experience. More than three million bots have been created to date, from those that help you run a full on D&D >>>

Samsung is bringing 5G to its midrange phones this year

Wednesday  17:01,   08 april 2020

It has six new Galaxy A-series phones in totalI’m going to dive into each phone’s features below, starting with the two that will release first on April 9th. The rest will release in the summer. However, note that Samsung hasn’t laid out every spec... >>>

ifo livestream for joint diagnosis spring 2020 - institutes expect recession 2020

Wednesday  16:55,   08 april 2020

© ifo institute ifo institute stairwell institutes expect recession 2020 - strong recovery 2021 According to leading research institutes, the German economy is facing a dramatic downturn due to the virus crisis. "The corona pandemic triggers a... >>>

Jean-Pierre Pernaut's "somewhat special" birthday duplex on TF1 and the nice surprise of his teams

Wednesday  16:55,   08 april 2020

© Capture TF1 Jean-Pierre Pernaut's "somewhat special" birthday duplex on TF1 and the pretty surprise of its teams Pretty sequence this Wednesday in the 1pm Journal of TF1. Thinking of hanging news from one of his correspondents in the North,... >>>

Prevent Zoombombing: Change these 4 Zoom settings now for secure video chat

Wednesday  16:51,   08 april 2020

Improve your Zoom security by following these steps.Similarly, rumors of security risks have circulated around other video-conferencing services. And the stakes are getting higher. Some have accused video-calling app Houseparty of enabling Netflix... >>>

Cloud Gaming: Microsoft's Project xCloud accepts beta registrations from Germany

Wednesday  16:20,   08 april 2020

© Microsoft xCloud should also be available in Germany in 2020. Microsoft's cloud gaming service Project xCloud will soon be available in Europe. Interested parties can now register for the beta. The current corona crisis is holding back. German... >>>

German foreign ministry restricts use of Zoom over security concerns: report

Wednesday  16:00,   08 april 2020

German foreign ministry restricts use of Zoom over security concerns: report"Based on media reports and our own findings we have concluded that Zoom's software has critical weaknesses and serious security and data protection problems," read the memo >>>

Verizon, Cox cable stop home visits. Here's how they're helping you fix your cable.

Wednesday  16:00,   08 april 2020

Some customers need to move to video chat on phones for direction from technicians. Comcast, Spectrum and others are still making house calls.That might not be possible right... >>>

Lyft quietly adjusts its coronavirus sick pay policy for drivers

Wednesday  15:11,   08 april 2020

Without a clear paid leave policy, some drivers may still be on the road despite getting infected."His heart rate was up to 90, sometimes it got up to 110 or higher," said Ben, who didn't want his full name used out of fear of stigma. As we spoke... >>>

Facebook Gaming adds Tournaments to keep gamers connected at home

Wednesday  15:10,   08 april 2020

Originally designed for esports, the feature is now for everyone.Previously designed for live gaming events, the feature allows you to track the tournament so that everyone can follow along, including updating brackets and leaderboards. Creators who >>>