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14:00  17 september  2022
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for each budget there is the right facial care products. You can find out which you can shop cheaply and in which you should take a little more money in your hand. Favorite products. Some swear on high-end seren and creams of renowned brands, others shop their facial care in the drugstore. The fact is: According to dermatologists and dermatologists, there are certain product categories for which you definitely do not have to spend any assets, but then there are also "special cases", ie product categories that are worth taking a little more money in hand. The skin experts Cristina Psomadakis, Sharon Wong and Kemi Fabusiwa revealed the online magazine "Who What Wear".

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  You Have 48 Hours Left to Score Up to 40% Off the Cooling Pajamas Jennifer Garner Has Worn More than 400 breathable styles from Lake are marked downFrom which lunch boxes will keep food cold the longest to which sneakers are the best for Beyoncé-fueled workouts, we trust Jennifer Garner's opinion on just about anything — even what we should wear to bed.

You can shop at a favorable manner. They free the face of make-up, sebum, oil, dirt and, according to experts, this product category does not depend on the price, but whether the cleanser fits your individual skin needs and whether you find the texture comfortable. Tip: Choose a product that is as gently as possible to the skin and does not dry out, e.g. from Cerave or Avène. 2. Exoliator Bei diesen Hautpflege-Produkten lohnt sich die Investition - bei diesen nicht ISTOCK "People spend a lot of money on skin care, but higher expenses do not necessarily mean increased effectiveness," said Cristina Psomadakis. This also applies to exfoliator (peelings) with acids such as Ahas (milk and glycolic acid) and Bhas (salicylic acid). These help to gently remove dead skin cells and boost cell renewal. Good exfoliators can also be found in the drugstore for little money. 3. Hyaluronic acid serum hyaluronic acid has developed into one of the hottest skin care ingredients in recent years, especially because it is a great moisturizing ingredient with high tolerance for all skin types. "In many cases, high expenses are not synonymous with a more powerful product - the consumer often pays for the brand, packaging and perception of a high quality product," says Fabusiwa. In these products, the investment is worthwhile: 1. Vitamin C vitamin C is estimated by skin care experts because of its antioxidative, brightening effect. Vitamin C also stimulates collagen production and helps against pigmentation. However, the difficulty for manufacturers is to keep vitamin C stable in order to grant a long service life. Tip: Always use a product in an

dark tinted bottle

that protects the product from qualitative dismantling. 2. Sun protection sun protection is essential in daily facial care routine because it protects against skin cancer and signs of skin aging. The selection of budget -friendly products is large, but mostly the skin feeling and speed with which the product absorbs is a bit better with high -priced products. This is important for daily use than neglecting a cheap SPF product if you do not like the feeling of skin and ultimately do not wear it.

Skin lightening products are a 'regulatory black hole,' and the FDA is warning against using them .
The FDA is warning against the use of over-the-counter skin lighteners with certain ingredients. Some experts say people of color are most at risk.The agency's Skin Facts! Initiative, announced last week, is aimed at promoting safe use of skin care products, urging people to be aware of non-prescription products marketed to lighten or bleach the skin.

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