Technology A Kharkiv, thousands of private electricity inhabitants after a Russian strike

21:43  28 september  2022
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Wildfires are setting off hundreds of unexploded bombs on WWI battlefields, endangering firefighters

  Wildfires are setting off hundreds of unexploded bombs on WWI battlefields, endangering firefighters On the site of former World War I battlefields, a huge wildfire has caused hundreds of unexploded ordnances to be detonated, according to local media.A wildfire in the southwest Kras region of Slovenia, which officials told The Washington Post was the biggest since the country's independence in 1991, has destroyed more than 8,000 acres of farmland.

  A Kharkiv, des milliers d'habitants privés d'électricité après une frappe russe © AFP

p Lusteur Russian strikes hit a rail site in Kharkiv on Wednesday to Wednesday, the second city of Ukraine In the northeast of the country, leaving more than 18,000 inhabitants without electricity, without making victims.

According to the governor of the region, Oleg Sinegoubov, the Russian army fired from Kharkiv S-300s, ordinary missiles for anti-aircraft defense but which Moscow also sometimes uses to target Ukrainian infrastructure.

The regional rescue services, for their part, indicated that the strikes destroyed an electric transformer and affected a warehouse in this city which had some 1.4 million inhabitants before the war and that the Russian forces never have managed to take.

Zelensky warns Ukrainians to stay away from Russian installations in Crimea

  Zelensky warns Ukrainians to stay away from Russian installations in Crimea Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is warning residents of Crimea to stay away from Russian military installations following apparent Ukrainian attacks on Kremlin facilities in the occupied peninsula. © the Ukrainian Presidential Press Service/EPA-EFE Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (L) warned citizens in Russia-occupied Crimea to stay away from Kremlin military installations after an apparent attack on a military depot on Tuesday.

An AFP team, present in Kharkiv, was able to hear the explosions.

Located near the Russian border, this city is regularly targeted by the Russian forces which have however lost thousands of square kilometers in the region, thanks to a counter-offensive of the Ukrainian army which pushed the troops of moscow beyond the Oskil river.

These Ukrainian successes prompted Russian President Vladimir Putin to decree a "partial" mobilization of reservists.

Following the Russian strikes, which made no victim, 18,500 inhabitants of three Kharkiv districts were immersed in the dark on Tuesday evening, without electricity. The current was still not restored on Wednesday morning.

In the morning, AFP journalists saw firefighters extinguishing a fire caused by at least two missiles who demolished a building, hit rails and destroyed two wagons that were there.

'Situation more difficult by the hour': Ukrainian forces break through to Russian border. Live updates.

  'Situation more difficult by the hour': Ukrainian forces break through to Russian border. Live updates. Ukraine making major gains as a Russian-installed official said Ukrainian forces outnumbered Russian troops by 8-to-1. Live updates.A Russian-installed official in the Kharkiv region said Ukrainian forces outnumbered Russian troops by 8-to-1 and had broken through to the Russian border. Vitaly Ganchev told the state-owned Rossiya-24 television channel on Monday “the situation is becoming more difficult by the hour.

"It makes no sense" to target these rails. "There is no military infrastructure here," deplores Mikhail, a 34 -year -old welder.

"It scares"

The strikes on this railway site intervene a week after a similar bombardment in the region which had touched the passage of residential buildings.

According to the Ukrainian presidency, six Ukrainian civilians were injured in Russian bombing during Tuesday in the Kharkiv region.

"It is afraid of being here," admits Antonina Moussiyenko, a 42 -year -old engineer, while employees are busy behind to clear the debris.

"The anti-bombing alarm sirens are constantly sounding. You wait but you never know where it will fall," she said, awakened this morning in the dark because of the power cut.

If the gains of the Ukrainian counter-offensive in September protect Kharkiv from any Russian assault, the city is still within reach of Russian artillery.

In this Russian -speaking region, however, it is said loud and clear that the annexation votes, organized by Moscow in four regions of Ukraine and largely condemned by kyiv and his allies, will not change the Ukrainian determination.

"These votes are not legitimate. We believe in our forces, we believe in the Ukrainian armed forces. In the end, victory will be for us," insists Denis Kotchkov, a railroader aged 30.

"We are a Russian-speaking population, and we got what we got peace, fraternity? No, you see what we got," launches his colleague Irina Maïor, 51, pointing a mountain de debris.

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