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18:30  02 october  2022
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Secret Story Back on TFX on August 26

 Secret Story Back on TFX on August 26 on Friday August 26, TFX will devote his evening to his reality TV show "Secret Story" on the occasion of his 15th anniversary. © TFX On Friday August 26, TFX will devote his evening to his reality TV show "Secret Story" on the occasion of his 15th anniversary. Secret Story left the small screen almost five years ago, in December 2017. A twelfth season is not topical for the moment, but the program will be the subject of a special evening on Friday August 26 at 9:05 p.m.

coralie-porrovecchio © supplied by Starmag Coralie-Porrovecchio

Coralie Porrovecchio is a fulfilled woman. After breaking up with Raphaël Pépin in 2017, the former candidate of Secret Story 9 formalizes her relationship with footballer Boubacar Kamara. If her expatriation in New York will have been short -lived, Coralie, on the other hand, felt at home in the south of France. Because it was without hesitation that she again left Belgium to settle in the Marseille city, in order to be as close as possible to her darling. Especially since he asked him for his hand on Valentine's Day in 2019.

in February 2020, the young woman announces to wait her first child with the defender of Olympique de Marseille. Their son Leroy was born on May 23 of the same year and has been since the happiness of his parents. And the little family was quick to grow. On January 10, Coralie gave birth to a little boy named Kingsley .

Judgment of Plus belle la vie (France 3): "I have the impression of having lived three mourning ...", Sara Mortensen in turn expresses her dismay

 Judgment of Plus belle la vie (France 3): The actress took very bad of the series and is not delighted either to have learned the stop of the soap opera. © TF1 DNA The actress took very badly to be removed from the series and is not delighted to have learned the stopping of the soap. For seven years (2012-2019-, Sara Mortensen interpreted Coralie in Plus belle la vie. A role taking mainly within a daily life like that of France 3 until it is thanked by production.

Coralie Porrovecchio et Boubacar Kamara @ Instagram © supplied by Starmag Coralie Porrovecchio and Boubacar Kamara @ Instagram Coralie Porrovechio, a mother hen?

However, although she is a mother with angels, Coralie does not forget her life as a woman . During her second pregnancy, she mentioned her weight gain, which was not without consequences:

I voluntarily took 30kg during my first pregnancy. A little far from a year after my delivery, I got pregnant. But I haven't lost my 30kg yet ... So I'm starting this pregnancy with 10kg in addition to my initial weight.

But the pretty brunette did not let go and declared last March that she started a strict diet for to find line . But in the meantime, Coralie also wanted to change its head . And if we believe the opinions of Internet users, it would have been rather poorly recommended.

10 Great Movies That Got The Internet Right, According To Reddit

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A new hairstyle that is not unanimous

to mark this start -up 2022, Coralie opted for a new hairstyle. The young woman had Dreadlocks made with her long brown hair and seems to be quite satisfied with the result. However, she asked her subscribers, legend a photo posted on Instagram, which they thought of her new look.

Mélanie da Cruz likes that pic.twitter.com/nvcScffcnf

- Solife gossip (@Solifegossip_) Octuber 2, 2022

and these were rather mixed. If Mélanie Da Cruz was obviously charmed, some Internet users made the Belgian candidate well known that they were not at all seduced:

not a fan.

sorry, coconut, but the hairstyle is not suited to you.

But it's too naughty.

If you like, that's the main thing.

I don't like at all but tastes and colors cannot be discussed.

At least, no filters, no touch -ups and it suits him well, his cut.

The most beautiful and natural of all the reality TVs combined.

The female of the woman's locks a boubacar kamara. ???? pic.twitter.com/ufddehwihm

- h. ???????? (@Pablopicasshoe) October 1, 2022

and you, what do you think of the new Coralie Porrovecchio Cup?

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