Technology Solar energy: element of a peaceful energy transition

14:50  23 november  2022
14:50  23 november  2022 Source:   liberation.fr

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threats of power cuts and gas shortage, it is the first time for decades that France has to face the fragility of its energy system.

Thus, on September 14, Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne spoke in a speech in order to return to the energy crisis, to present an action plan and above all to reassure the French.

As the government's heading pointed out, the current energy crisis comes at a double level. France is experiencing a supply problem, linked to the war in Ukraine, and accentuated by an explosion in gas and electricity courses.

According to Élisabeth Borne, "the almost total judgment of Russian gas deliveries and maintenance work on many French nuclear reactors cause an exceptional energy situation. "At the same time, concerning electricity," the prices anticipated by the markets in 2023 are 10 times higher than those of 2021. "

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in this particularly anxiety -provoking climate, alternative solutions emerge: this is the case with the Solar innovation to plug in a power outlet. Producing your own electricity then becomes an answer to the risk of energy shortage.

Sunpourtous: The inventor of solar energy to connect to a simple

socket in 2016, Sunpourtous , founded by Jean-François Faus, invents the first photovoltaic panel to plug in a power outlet. A real revolution, this technology is a simple, effective and profitable solution to produce its energy while reducing its electricity bill.

The Module Plug & Play Sunpourtous is a deposited model, delivered mounted and ready to use. Individuals are simply invited to find the ideal location outdoors or have it. The Plug & Play module automatically replaces, to the extent of its production, the public electricity network. The consumer's bill is reduced by the same.

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  L’énergie solaire : élément d’une transition énergétique apaisée © supplied by Liberation What are the advantages of the plug and play module?

According to ADEME data, the installation of a plug & play module of 660 W makes it possible to produce 30% of the electrical needs of an average home per year, excluding heating and hot water, resulting in a reduction on the electricity bill.

The acquisition of a Sunpourtous photovoltaic panel is therefore an effective way to combat the increase in energy costs while encouraging homes on the path of energy independence.

Finally, and not to spoil anything, the time of return on investment is evaluated at 5 years in economics of invoices against 10 years for the installations of photovoltaic panels on roofs.

A sunny future for Sunpourtous!

By inaugurating a new production site in the Gard, Sunpourtous is to face new requests by increasing its action capacities and by shortening its manufacturing and delivery times. Listening to your customers and meeting your needs are objectives that this business committed to an ever cleaner and less costly energy is to fulfill, as evidenced by its founder's support to the Time for the Planet dynamic. Finally,

, Sunpourtous works on the implementation of a brand new partnership with a department. By funding, thanks to a departmental subsidy, part of the solar equipment of individuals, this partnership aims to encourage French households to opt for solar energy. The Plug & Play Sunpourtous module will be recommended within the framework of this device, which highlights the relevance of renewable energies in a context of an energy crisis.

Nuclear power is key to cleaner, affordable, and safer energy .
Governments and people throughout the world are seeking access to additional, affordable energy. Countries throughout Europe have now abandoned their plans to shutter coal-fired energy plants as they work to mitigate the risk of rolling blackouts. Cooler weather is on the horizon and Europeans are concerned they won’t be able to keep the heat on this winter. This shock, exacerbated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, is set to delay Western countries' plans to decarbonize their energy sectors by years. In order to prevent future crises and reach their decarbonization goals, European countries and the U.S. should consider building new nuclear reactors.

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