Technology In pictures: Confined in the largest iPhone factory in the world in China, workers crack

02:50  24 november  2022
02:50  24 november  2022 Source:   observers.france24.com

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Les manifestants font face aux forces de l'ordre en combinaison blanche aux abords du site de Zhengzhou, le 23 novembre 2022. Extrait d'un live sur Douyin, enregistrement vidéo d'un écran d'Iphone. © Whyyoutzhele The demonstrators face the police in white combination near the Zhengzhou site, November 23, 2022 . Extract from a live on Douyin, video recording of an iPhone screen.

During the night of November 22 to 23, anger broke out among employees of the largest factory of iphones in the world, in Zhengzhou in China, confined for more than a month in their workplace. Amateur videos published on social networks make it possible to trace this manifestation of rare intensity for the country.

Dozens of images of angry Chinese workers began to emerge on social networks on the night of November 22 to 23, 2022. Filmed first at night, then by day, they testify to the anger of the employees locked up in their Factory due to “zero covid” policy in force in China.

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This site, subcontractor of the Taiwanese company Foxconn, is the largest manufacturer of iphones in the world and employs more than 200,000 people. But since the appearance of several cases of COVID-19 in mid-October, the employees, who live in the dormitories on the site, have been confined to their workplace.

Images showing employees fleeing the site on foot, climbing flocks, suitcases in hand, had caused indignation on Chinese social networks.

For a few days, anger has been growing on the Zhengzhou site. This Sunday, November 20, images showing employees demonstrating on the site had started to circulate on social networks. But the images published on the morning of November 23 in China testify to a new degree of intensity.

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Several videos originally published on Weibo and Douyin (Chinese equivalents of Twitter and Tiktok) testify to violent clashes between demonstrators and order of the order.

Images filmed from different angles show, for example, a host of demonstrators advancing towards a group of people dressed in white sanitary combination armed with riot shields and batons.

Several videos show the demonstrators picking up the projectiles on the ground to launch them towards the police, in particular pieces of destroyed white barrier which were located by the road.

Several injured are visible on videos. A demonstrator in orange and black jacket appears in particular on several videos, the blood in blood. Injuries inflicted by individuals in white combination - and therefore a priori by the police, as confirmed by another video where we can see him be beaten with baton.

The scene takes place on the site and near the Zhengzhou site, visible in "Street View" on Baidu Map.

Workers leave iPhone factory in Zhengzhou amid COVID curbs

  Workers leave iPhone factory in Zhengzhou amid COVID curbs Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has been elected the next president of Brazil following a tight run-off race against incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro.

on Weibo and Douyin, on the morning of November 23 (French time) We no longer found the images of these events - research via hashtags referring to events, in particular “Zhengzhou riots” give no results.

By typing the keywords “Zhengzhou” or “Foxconn” in Chinese, several publications, however, refer to events. Several of them wonder: "What happened to Zhengzhou?" Or asking other users to send them videos.

The trigger for manifestations is not yet clear. On the videos, we can hear some employees mentioning pay delays or even talking about the lack of food and their living condition. Same speech in a man who presents himself as an employee of Foxconn.

The site would be in need of staff after massive leaks of employees - several thousand according to Reuters, an element which would have participated in the deterioration of living conditions.

In an PRO PRESSION published this Wednesday, November 23, FOXCONN confirmed that there had been violence on the site, but denies having employed new people who contracted the coronavirus, as some demonstrators also denounced, as well as to have lagged behind in bonuses, which had been promised to convince them to remain despite the confinement. “The company will continue to contact employees and the government to prevent similar incidents from happening again,” concluded Foxconn.

The latest videos published on social networks seem to testify to a return to calm, even publications relayed in the early evening in China, November 23, show demonstrators that are still mobilized.

Behind Foxconn’s China woes: mistrust, miscommunication, COVID curbs .
By Yew Lun Tian, Yimou Lee and Brenda Goh SHANGHAI/TAIPEI (Reuters) - When officials from his Chinese village approached Hou last month, urging him to work at the world's largest iPhone factory for at least twice the usual pay, he knew it was risky. Tens of thousands of workers had fled the plant in central China in previous weeks and violent protests had erupted over a COVID-19 lockdown and confusion over hiring bonuses.But Hou, 24, who asked to be identified only by his family name, told Reuters he took the job at the Zhengzhou plant belonging to Foxconn, Apple's biggest iPhone maker, making 70% of iPhones globally.

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