Technology mysterious base discovered on the moon: US air weapon expert unpacks!

11:50  22 december  2022
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A former US Air Force expert has now unpacked a shocking discovery on the moon.

Astronaut auf dem Mond © PEEPO/ISTOCK Astronaut on the moon

A US Air Force expert , which was differentiated to repair equipment on a secret base, was "shaken" after it was "shaken" after it was photos of an allegedly mysterious basis on the moon had been shown.

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he claimed that he has one "" Based on the basis of "seen on the dark side of the moon , when he should help in the late 1960s to repair defective photo equipment.

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alien base discovered on the moon: US air weapon expert beats the alarm

The former US air streak giant Karl Wolfe waited 30 years after the alleged incident to tell his story. He was tied to his security approval, which he had received when he worked for the NASA at the Langley Air Force Best Langley in the US state of Virginia as a repairer for electronic precision photography.

according to "Hows & Whys" he said that his boss had asked him to help in a nearby facility because there was a problem with a device that resembled the one he was used to working.

Wolfe was the only person nearby who could help him, and his security level was increased to give him access.

He said he had entered a facility full of people from different countries, not just from the USA.

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Wolfe was then led into the dark chamber , where the devices were on which he was supposed to work. Another man, a plane, was in the room.

The two men got into conversation and the man told him that the data of the NASA camera for processing to Langley, the headquarters of the CIA, are sent before they are forwarded to different points in the military for analysis.

Here the man told him that new pictures structures on the moon showed that apparently could not have been created by natural processes.

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The plane is said to have said: "We have ... one Discovered base on the back of the moon. "

Wolfe said that he was "shaken" by the discovery when the flight attendant, who noticed his reaction, repeated: "Yes, a base on the dark side of the moon."

Wolfe received the photos for viewing and claimed to have recognized geometric shapes and masts that looked like radar antennas on earth.

He said the base looked organized and planned.

Wolfe claims to have kept the events of this day kept for 30 years because he was bound to to his security approval and only tells his story, many years later.

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