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10:05  05 december  2018
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  Toddler in need of a new liver and kidney gets both right before her 3rd birthday Ahead of her third birthday, Lilah Joiner received the two best presents she could have ever received: a kidney and a liver. Lilah was born with a rare genetic disorder called autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease, which causes cysts to develop in the kidneys. It can also cause failure of other organs, and on July 31, 2017, after two years of dialysis, she was placed on a transplant list, with doctors telling her family she needed a new kidney and liver, fast.

Exclusive: First U.S. Baby Born After a Uterus Transplant . For the first time in the United States, a woman who was born without a uterus gave birth to a baby . The landmark birth took place at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas, a part of Baylor Scott & White, TIME reports exclusively.

A woman who had been born without a uterus gave birth to the baby at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. The first birth as a result of a womb transplant in the United States has occurred in Texas, a milestone for the U.S. but one achieved several years ago in Sweden.

First Baby Born After Uterus Transplant From Dead Donor© Getty Images A baby has been born to a mother who had a uterus transplant from a deceased woman, in a world first.

An unnamed 32-year-old woman, who was born without a uterus, received the womb of a 45-year-old donor in September 2016, during an operation at the University of São Paulo, Brazil.

The donor died of a brain hemorrhage caused by a stroke. In life, she had given birth to three children, according to a case study published in the latest edition of The Lancet journal.

In a 10-hour operation, surgeons linked the donor's uterus to the woman's arteries, veins, ligaments and vaginal canal. Four months prior to the operation, the recipient had one IVF cycle, providing her with eight fertilized eggs which were then frozen.

In medical first, HIV-positive mother donates liver to her uninfected baby

  In medical first, HIV-positive mother donates liver to her uninfected baby A liver transplant from an HIV-positive woman to her uninfected baby in South Africa has the potential to widen the country's organ donor pool, experts say. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); Doctors in the Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre transplant unit in Johannesburg announced last week that they had performed a liver transplant from a living HIV-positive donor to an uninfected patient, the first in the world.

Birth marks first time womb has been successfully transplanted from dead donor . Patient in Brazil who had been born without uterus gives birth to baby girl. The team carefully dissected the uterus from the donor before carrying out the 10-and-a-half-hour operation in September 2016 to insert the

In very exciting baby news, the first U.S baby born via uterus transplant is officially here, according to a press release. This means that either their uterus doesn’t function properly or they were born without one . Women typically discover they have the condition when they’re going through infertility

Doctors implanted the fertilized eggs seven months after the procedure. Ten days later, the woman was pregnant, and gave birth to a healthy baby daughter via C-section in December 2017.

Surgeons removed the uterus during the C-section, and the woman was allowed to stop taking immunosuppressant drugs.

It is hoped that this, the first ever uterine transplant involving a deceased donor and the first uterine transplantation in Latin America, could enable more women struggling with fertility issues to undergo treatment without having to wait for a live donor.

In the U.S., around 10 percent of women aged between 15 to 44 struggle with fertility, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the authors of the case study, around one in 500 women have infertility associated with the womb. Before uterine transplants, these women could only adopt children, or use a surrogate.

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Ohio State Fan Is Donating Her Kidney to a Rival Penn State Supporter She's Never Met Ohio State Fan Donates Kidney to Rival Penn State Fan

A woman who had been born without a uterus gave birth to the baby at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. Womb donors can be dead or alive, and the Baylor study aims to use some of both. After the uterus transplant , the embryos can be thawed and implanted, at least a year after

It is the second baby delivered by Baylor to a woman with MRKH after a womb transplant from a live donor . The only other successful uterus transplants and births have taken place in Sweden, with live America's first uterus transplant baby : The birth was announced on December 1 , a year after

The first successful live uterus transplant took place in Sweden, in 2014, prompting a rise in uterus transplant programs across the world, wrote the authors of the case study.

But past treatments involving deceased donors failed. In one case in 2011, doctors in Turkey attempted to use a dead donor’s womb to carry through a pregnancy, but the expectant mother miscarried two years later, even though the graft appeared healthy.

Dr Dani Ejzenberg, a gynecologist of the University of São Paulo who worked on the paper, told Newsweek that the baby’s motor and neurological skills are developing normally, and the mother hasn’t experienced any complications.

Dr Wellington Andraus of the department of Gastroenterology at the University of Sao Paulo who also worked on the case study told Newsweek the woman’s story is a “source of hope” for patients struggling with fertility caused by the uterus or a lack thereof.

Damien Hirst uterus sculptures re-emerge at Qatar hospital

Damien Hirst uterus sculptures re-emerge at Qatar hospital Conceptual artist Damien Hirst is not one to shy away from a statement -- and a series of bronze sculptures of a gestating fetus gracing the entrance to a new hospital in Qatar is proof. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); The 14 giant sculptures, entitled "The Miraculous Journey," show a fetus growing inside a uterus, from conception to birth, ending with a 46-foot sculpture of a naked newborn baby boy.

After the uterus transplant , the embryos can be thawed and implanted, at least a year after the transplant to make sure the womb is working well. A baby resulting from a uterine transplant would be delivered by cesarean section. The wombs are not intended to be permanent. Having one means a

This is the first American baby born after a uterus transplant in Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. Pictured: Dr Robert T. Gunby Jr holds up the There have been at least 16 uterus transplants worldwide, including one in Cleveland from a deceased donor that had to be removed because of

Next, the team will repeat the procedure in two more patients. “We are focused on improving our protocol to be able to repeat this success story,” Ejzenberg said.

Dr. Richard Kennedy, President of the International Federation of Fertility Societies, who was not involved in the work, commented that the organization “welcomes this announcement, which is an anticipated evolution from live donors with clear advantages and the prospect of increasing supply for women with hitherto untreatable infertility."

However, he cautioned: “Uterine transplantation is a novel technique and should be regarded as experimental.”

As with all medical developments, he continued, approval from institutional review boards is needed and appropriate safeguards must be put in place before it can become a common treatment.

Dr Srdjan Saso, senior registrar in obstetrics and gynecology at Imperial College London, U.K., said the authors should be congratulated for their “extremely exciting” work.

“This successful demonstration demonstrates a few advantages over live donation. It enables use of a much wider potential donor population, applies lower costs and avoids live donors’ surgical risks,” he said.

Jason Mraz Sings to Hospitalized Teen Waiting for Transplant.
Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz has serenaded a Kansas high school senior who is hospitalized in St. Louis while awaiting a second double-lung transplant. The Grammy Award winner stopped by the bedside of 18-year-old Madison Taliaferro, of Holton, on Sunday while he was in Missouri for a concert. The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that Mraz performed his hit songs “I’m Yours” and “Have It All.” Taliaferro’s mother, Desiree Taliaferro, shared videos on Facebook (see below). She wrote in a post that nurses schemed to get Mraz to sing to her daughter because they “know she loves musicals and just overly enjoys singing.

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