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07:30  29 january  2019
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Goose, Gull Overdose On Prescription Pills Left In Park

Goose, Gull Overdose On Prescription Pills Left In Park A goose and gull at a park in California are recovering after eating prescription pills someone left on the ground. The Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center in Huntington Beach posted photos of hundreds of pills scattered on the ground where children play. Another photo shows a goose on its back after ingesting some of the pills. "A caring citizen noticed hundreds of pills all over the grass at a park in Huntington Beach yesterday," the center said

Birds of a feather flock together - until the cat comes. 25k Views · View 10 Upvoters. I learnt it as " birds of a feather flock together " .If it interests you, William Turner in 1545 used a version in his papist satire The Rescuing of Romish Fox that goes

Birds of a feather here means similar birds , i.e., birds which are alike, or of the same species. So, the phrase literally means, birds that belong to the same Example Sentences. Peter and Sam are always seen together just as the birds of a feather flock together . These banking professionals are most

How birds of a feather flock together© Deposit Photos Geese flock flying mechanics

The mechanics of surfing the wind—or waves.

Birds of a feather flock together. But how?

Scientists have long wondered how and why fish swim in shoals and birds fly in flocks—what’s in it for the individuals? New research from New York University helps shed some light on what benefits they derive from their formations.

Unlike, say, a peloton of cyclists that are travelling on land by pushing their tires against the ground, fish and birds are moving in a medium that’s all around them, not just below them—and they’re both doing it, basically, with similar mechanisms: what NYU Ph.D. candidate Joel Newbolt, the study’s lead author, refers to as “flapping.”

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The idea of " birds of a feather flock together " might refer to people sticking within age groups. Many language historians attribute the origin of the phrase to the 16th century. Originally, some writers had used a slightly alternate phrase “ birds of kind and color,” which is a bit more literal than “ birds of

So why do birds flock together ? Scientists believe that birds tend to fly and hang out together in What birds of a feather do you flock together with? If you think about it for a while, you'll realize This makes me WONDER how many together make a flock ? I think tomorrow's WONDER will teach

Previous work has demonstrated that “in these groups like schools and flocks, you can do things like reduce the amount of energy it takes to move through the water or through the air,” Newbolt says. These ways of traveling lead schools of fish and flocks of birds to move in characteristic shapes. The geometry may differ from species to species—a flock of starlings moves differently than a V of Canada geese—but both are deriving benefit from their flock.

Schools of fish offer similar lessons.

In previous models of this behavior, scientists assumed that each fish or bird was flapping exactly the same way, like a group of machines. But the reality is more complicated: even though every goose in the world is different from every other goose, still somehow all groups of Canada geese fly in similar configurations.

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people of same flavour or interest gets together in groups. Example Sentences. The team is divided into people of the same region batting against the The lawyers who attended the seminar were like birds of a feather flocking together . They have not even spoken to anyone outside their group.

THEREFORE, taylor & wondalee, are birds of a feather that flock together (they were doing the same thing) . thus an average person would describe what they did using the If they see one of their own they go with them. Oh look at the group of those VIPS. They are birds of a feather flock together .

Ironically, the researchers behind this latest study actually used machines to model flapping in a controlled setting. They positioned two hydrofoils, a lifting surface designed to cut through liquid efficiently, in a tank of water. They lined the foils up one behind the other, and “flapped” both of them in a manner that parallels the general movement of a fish’s swimming tail or a bird’s flapping wings. What they found was that the lead hydrofoil created a wake behind it that “affects the position of the follower,” according to a supplementary video published by the researchers. That wake “can even keep the follower from colliding with, or separating from, the leader.”

The experiment “shows that these configurations are very robust,” says Lehigh University’s Keith Moored, who was not involved with the current research. His lab also studies flapping. The research lends more weight to the idea that the shape of schools of fish or flocks of birds is mediated by the air or water surrounding them, he says, which exercises force on wings or fins.

Thousands of birds die at California's Salton Sea

Thousands of birds die at California's Salton Sea Authorities say thousands of migrating birds have died at California's Salton Sea this month from avian cholera. The California Department of Fish and Game says ducks, gulls and other birds were found dead at the south end of the state's largest lake between Jan. 8 and last Thursday. Testing showed signs of avian cholera, an infectious bacterial disease. It's spread through direct contact or from contaminated food or water. Wildlife officials say outbreaks occur annually as a result of birds flocking closely together during migration.

You know how they always say birds of a feather flock together ? Once they realize they have things in common, it will be much better. Hanh: Don’t all of the women in that sorority look as if they are dressed in the same way? Zhongyi: They do say that birds of a feather flock together .

Men of my age flock together ; we are birds of a feather , as the old proverb says. In language terms, it was previously more common to refer to birds flying together than flocking together and many early citations use that form, for example Philemon Holland's translation of Livy's Romane

How birds of a feather flock together© Deposit Photos School of fish mechanics physics behavior

But the real surprise finding was that the relationship between the hydrofoils—and the influence of the wake—remained the same regardless of variations in how they flapped. “I was actually very surprised by that finding,” says Lehigh. “It’s a completely new idea.” The thing that kept them similar was the force exerted by the water itself. In the experiments, the wake left by the lead hydrofoil dictated the relationship that the back hydrofoil maintained. It pushed the back hydrofoil away or pulled it closer.

Understanding how individual fish and birds manage to move in groups so successfully can also offer insights to the designers of alternative energy technologies like wind and water power, the team hopes. “Depending on the river speed and their spacing, you can get more efficiency in the following ones,” Newbolt says.

But even the animals remain mysterious at this point. “There’s really so much to be understood about these movements in groups,” says Newbolt.

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