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TechnologyNow’s the time to get your name on NASA’s next mission to Mars

22:25  25 may  2019
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NASA rover Curiosity fulfills dream, drills into Mars clay

NASA rover Curiosity fulfills dream, drills into Mars clay There's a new hole in the red planet, and this one is extra special.

FUTURE MISSIONS . Want to know about the next opportunity to register to fly on NASA ' s Mission to Mars ? Flown with us before? If you provided your email last time , start here To access your Frequent Flyer account, you'll need your last name and the email you used when you requested your

View and share your Boarding Pass and Frequent Flyer Points: go. nasa .gov/InSightPass.

Now’s the time to get your name on NASA’s next mission to Mars

It’s that time of the year again, when NASA gives you the opportunity to “ship” your name to another celestial body. This time, the destination is Mars, and the shipping service is NASA’s future Mars 2020 rover, which will be headed to the Red Planet in — you guessed it — 2020.

The rover’s primary mission is to get us closer to answering that fundamental question: did Mars ever host alien life? The robot is equipped with tools and instruments that will help scientists figure out if the planet may have hosted life in the past. On top of that, the rover will also be drilling and collecting samples of Martian dirt. It’ll then leave those samples on the ground, where they could potentially be picked up someday by another spacecraft and brought back to Earth.

Here’s what a Martian sunset looks like

Here’s what a Martian sunset looks like NASA's InSight lander has been sitting safely on Mars for a number of months now after landing back in late 2018, and it's already making a name for itself with a number of interesting discoveries. 

Exploration of the Planet Mars - missions , videos, images and information. Already submitted? Search for your boarding pass. First Name *.

NASA is giving the public an opportunity to send their names – stenciled on chips – with the Mars 2020 rover mission . The rover is scheduled to launch as early as July 2020, with the From now until September 30, you can add your name to the list (and obtain a souvenir boarding pass to Mars ) here.

Now’s the time to get your name on NASA’s next mission to Mars

And while the Mars 2020 rover is doing all of this, your name could be along for the ride. If you send in your name sometime before September 30th, NASA engineers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory will etch it onto a silicon chip with an electron beam, and then the rover will carry it on its journey. The names are going to be pretty teeny, though — about one-thousandth the width of a human hair. That’s small enough so that more than a million names can be included on a single chip as big as a dime — but big enough for any Martian microbes to read (only kidding... Martians can’t read).

NASA has provided this opportunity for members of the public before, when it landed the InSight lander on Mars in 2018 or when it sent the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft to the asteroid Bennu. And just like any seasoned traveler, you’ll get a boarding pass and “frequent flyer” miles. Seeing as how the InSight travelers got about 300 million miles from their trip, the Mars 2020 folks are poised to get some serious points, too. Unfortunately, it seems doubtful Delta airlines will accept them.

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Help NASA name its Mars 2020 rover.
NASA's Mars 2020 rover is beginning to take shape. Earlier this month, crews installed some of its legs and six of its wheels. Now, the vehicle needs a name, and for that, NASA is turning to students. Beginning in fall 2019, NASA will run a nationwide "Name the Rover" contest open to K-12 students in the US. The spacecraft will need a name by July 2020, when it's expected to launch. The contest is part of NASA's ongoing effort to engage the public in its Moon to Mars mission, which will search for signs of microbial life, characterize the planet's climate and geology and pave the way for human exploration.

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