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TechnologyA gem hunter accidentally discovered a new dinosaur species

11:42  05 june  2019
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Dinosaur-era Amber Discovered with 'Unexpected' Millipede Species Inside

Dinosaur-era Amber Discovered with 'Unexpected' Millipede Species Inside The ancient creature measures just under half-an-inch in size.

An amateur Montana fossil hunter stumbled across a major discovery more than a decade ago when bones he found turned out to be a new species of dinosaur It lived in what would become Montana nearly 7million years ago. Created with Sketch. Scientists unearth 'supercroc' that dined on dinosaurs .

The dinosaur ate plants, weighed up to four tons, and was approximately 15 feet long. "I found it accidentally on purpose," Shipp told The "It's an exciting story, because it's a new species , and yet we have this sort of pathetic individual that suffered throughout its lifetime," Mallon said.

A gem hunter accidentally discovered a new dinosaur species© Provided by Penske Media Corporation 61701550_2223270917779992_1243122895928950784_n

Gem hunters and paleontologists have a lot in common. Both spend a lot of time sifting through dirt and rock in the hopes of finding things that have been hidden for countless years and every so often their tireless quests overlap.

Bob Foster, an Australian gem hunter, knows this better than most, and he’s just now getting credit for a discovery he made some 35 years ago by accident. As The New York Times reports, a strange bone Foster discovered decades ago has just found its place in the fossil record, and the entirely new dinosaur species it belonged to now carries Foster’s own name.

Meet the T. rex cousin who you could literally look down on

Meet the T. rex cousin who you could literally look down on Scientists have identified an early cousin of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, a pipsqueak that only reached the 3-foot height of a toddler. The new dinosaur, found in New Mexico, lived about 92 million years ago, millions of years before T. Rex. It weighed up to 90 pounds.

On it a dinosaur skeleton emerges from the shadows, magically brought back to life. The remarkable fossil is a newfound species (and genus) of nodosaur, a In May the Royal Tyrrell Museum unveils the nodosaur as the centerpiece of a new exhibit of fossils recovered from Alberta’s industrial sites.

Paleontologists have discovered a new species of dinosaur in Australia. The wide-hipped, long-necked, four-legged plant-eater was about half the length of a basketball The rest of the skeleton revealed that it was an entirely new species from the group of vegetarian dinosaurs called sauropods.

Foster was never hunting for bones when he made his unexpected discovery, but his search for opal had let him to ancient animal remains on occasion. He’d found fish bones and shells before, but when he found a square-shaped bone he didn’t recognize he decided to bring it to a museum in Sydney.

Unfortunately, the fossils didn’t get the attention they deserved, so Foster took them back and donated them to the Australian Opal Center where Dr. Phil Bell from the University of New England in Armidale realized how special the discovery might be. The bones were closely studied in order to determine what species they belonged to, but when no exact match was found it became clear that it was an entirely new species.

Now, over three decades since they were first found, Foster’s name is in the history books… well, sort of. The new species that the bones belonged to has been named Fostoria dhimbangunmal in his honor. The dinosaur was a large herbivore that would have roamed Australia some 100 million years ago, and its bones were lying in wait for someone to find. That someone just happened to be Bob Foster.

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