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15:49  12 august  2019
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Stop typing. Make your Amazon Echo call and text your friends

Stop typing. Make your Amazon Echo call and text your friends Leggo your phone and put Alexa to work.

Look out Sonos— Amazon ’s Echo speakers have brought multiroom audio to everyone . With its latest update to Alexa, you can now play the same music on different Echo devices in your house . Amazon calls it Multi-Room Music, and it may just be the best addition for music lovers that Alexa’s made .

The Amazon Echo offers our first serious glimpse into the future of an intelligent home. (Fill in the blank with the name of a playlist you created in your Amazon Music/ Amazon Cloud ( You should know this command when listening to a cookbook called Dump Dinners. It ’ll stop her from reading it .)

You buy everything on Amazon , like birthday and holiday gifts. But do you want everyone else in your house to know what you've bought them? Of course not, and fortunately you can switch that setting off in the Alexa app.

Amazon Echo tells everyone in your house what you buy. Make it stop© Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. Make sure your Echo's light never turns yellow again. Ian Knighton/CNET

When you have a house full of people who talk to the same Amazon Echo , it can be tough to keep what you've bought a secret. When there's a notification, a yellow pulsing light will appear on your Echo (and everyone in the house knows what that means). When someone asks Alexa about the notification, the Echo will read off what's on the way or what's been delivered.

Amazon's new Echo Dot has a built-in clock

  Amazon's new Echo Dot has a built-in clock How is Amazon going to improve on last year's Echo Dot? By turning it into an alarm clock, it seems. The company has introduced a fourth-generation Dot with a clock built into the side. You won't have to ask Alexa what time it is when you wake up prematurely. It can also display extras like the temperature or alarm times to answer some of your other obvious questions. And if you do use it as an alarm clock, you can tap it to snooze the alarm for some extra shut-eye.The new Dot will sell for $60, with pre-orders starting today.

Tell Alexa to stop if you don't want to hear more recommendations. You can also order specific If you have multiple Echos around the house , you can link them up to play music at the same time in I think we've covered a lot here, but really that's just a taste of what you can do with an Amazon Echo

Read more: Which Amazon Echo speaker should you buy ? Just tell her to " make my lamp blue," or " make the living room fuschia," and she'll make it happen. You can also create more complex scenes in apps like Philips Hue and Lifx, then trigger them by name with a single command.

Amazon Echo tells everyone in your house what you buy. Make it stop© Sarah Tew

For example, she might say "Your package of Roomba vacuum has been delivered." Turning that setting off will stop the yellow pulsing light on your Echo that comes on when you've made an Amazon purchase, so your family will never know when you've bought something.

When you turn off the yellow light, you're turning off all notifications, so make sure to tell everyone who relies on the notifications that you're switching them off, even temporarily.

Amazon Echo tells everyone in your house what you buy. Make it stop© Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. Turn "Where's my stuff?" requests off. Katie Conner/CNET

Here's how to turn that tattling setting off now.

1. In the Amazon Alexa app, tap the three stacked lines.

2. Select Settings.

3. Tap Notifications.

4. Select Amazon Shopping.

5. Under the 'Give Ordered Items' Titles section, you can turn off the titles for items you've bought. Toggle the switch off for Within delivery notifications and Within "Where's my stuff?" requests.

Amazon’s new Echo Flex lets you put Alexa everywhere in your home

  Amazon’s new Echo Flex lets you put Alexa everywhere in your home Alexa now has its own smartplug with modular accessoriesAmazon is announcing two Echo Flex accessories that you’ll be able to slot into the bottom, a motion sensor and a nightlight. Both will be priced at $14.99, and since the Flex is clearly modular we’ll likely see a lot more accessories in the future. Amazon is even building an API for software developers, and will share the specs for accessories in the future so others can build for the Flex.

MORE: Amazon Echo Buying Guide: Which Is Best For You ? You can stop , skip, shuffle, repeat or like songs. If Alexa can't find the item in your order history or can't complete the order, Amazon will suggest an alternative. You can tell Alexa to lock or unlock your door, as well as check on its status.

The Amazon Echo is twice the price of the Echo Dot, but it might be worth it if you plan to play music and podcasts regularly. It makes the most sense in a central location in your home -- either the kitchen or the living room, as it has all of That won't allay everyone 's privacy concerns, but it does

6. Take it a step further by toggling the switch off for Out for delivery and Delivered. This will be helpful if you don't want anyone to know you've bought something. That's it! Now you can shop in peace without peaking minds trying to figure out what you've bought.

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If you've been thinking about adding a smart doorbell to your home, then Amazon's latest deal may tempt you. The company is currently offering a free Echo Show 5 smart display to people who buy a Ring Video Doorbell 2 or Video Doorbell Pro through Amazon.com. Prime subscribers can save an additional $40 off the Video Doorbell 2 and $50 off the Video Doorbell Pro, making them $159 and $199 respectively. Otherwise, the two devices will set you back $199 and $249. The Echo Show 5, meanwhile, currently costs $89.99.With this deal, you're getting two devices for the price of one.

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