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TechnologyAxios' Dan Primack on 'the most polarizing startup that exists'

01:45  14 august  2019
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Orbit Fab becomes first startup to supply water to ISS, paving the way for satellite refueling

Orbit Fab becomes first startup to supply water to ISS, paving the way for satellite refueling Not even two years into its existence, orbital fuel supply startup Orbit Fab has chalked up a big win – successfully supplying the International Space Station with water, a first for any private company. It's a big deal because providing water to the ISS involved a multi-day refueling process, done in microgravity, using processes and equipment Orbit Fab developed itself. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); The key ingredient here, per ISS U.S.

Dan Primack . Biz editor @ Axios . Pro Rata newsletter writer. DMs are open. Why it matters: It's a reminder of how many Chinese companies have major trading partners besides the U.S., which also was reflected in last night's better-than-expected export data.

Dan Primack belongs to that rare breed of writers who can put across their deeply held convictions, opinions et al on any given issue forcefully and with Dan is one of the most gifted writers/editors in the media today. The vast depth and complexity of the content he provides is only surpassed by the

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines.

This week was a bit special. Instead of meeting up at the TechCrunch HQ to record the episode, Kate and Alex met up in muggy Boston at Drift's office, where we linked up with Axios'sDan Primack. And since we were feeling chatty, we went a bit long.

After checking in with Primack (he has a newsletter and a podcast), we first dealt with the latest from Tumblr. In short, Verizon Media is selling Tumblr to Automattic for a few dollars. How did Verizon wind up owning Tumblr? Ah. Well, Yahoo bought it. Later, after Verizon bought AOL, it bought Yahoo. Then it smushed them together and called it Oath. Then Verizon decided that it didn't like that much and renamed the group Verizon Media. But Verizon doesn't want to own media (besides TechCrunch, of course), so it sold Tumblr to Automattic, a venture-backed company best known for operating WordPress.

Leaked Trump transition vetting documents show numerous officials with 'red flags': Axios

Leaked Trump transition vetting documents show numerous officials with 'red flags': Axios Some of the Trump administration's top officials had "red flags" appear during the Trump transition team vetting process, which was outsourced to the Republican National Committee (RNC), according to internal documents leaked to Axios. The documents show that many of the controversies Trump's Cabinet members were eventually ousted for were already known to the transition team.

Most notably, many have compared Magic Leap to Theranos, the secretive blood-testing startup that has become Silicon Valley's poster child for over-promising and In this case, however, the parallels don't work. Sign up for Dan Primack 's next email newsletter by going to www. Axios .com.

Dan Primack , Axios , Boston. Judge, Global Finals LinkedIn, Subscribe to Dan ’s Pro Rata newsletter. Previously, Dan was an editor-at-large with Thomson Reuters, where he launched both and the peHUB Wire email service, a daily email newsletter with more than 50

That's a lot, I know. What matters is that Yahoo bought Tumblr for more than $1 billion. Verizon sold it for around $3 million. Now, Automattic now has a few hundred new employees and a shot at juicing its userbase before it goes public.

After that, we lamented that the WeWork S-1 had yet to appear. This was a tragedy, frankly. We had expected to spend half the show riffing on WeWork's financials, alas...

So we turned to some normal material, like Ramp's recent $7 million raise to take on Brex, and, SmartNews's recent round, which gave it an eye-popping $1.1 billion valuation.

We ran a bit long because we were having fun, fitting in some conversation surrounding the notes from the SEC regarding the now-dead and then-fraudulent Rothenberg Ventures. More on that here if you want to get angry.

Gavin Newsom: GOP will be a third party over their 'hypermasculinity'

Gavin Newsom: GOP will be a third party over their 'hypermasculinity' California Gov. Gavin Newsom is ramping up his rhetoric against the Republican Party by telling Axios he believes they will soon become an irrelevant third party. Newsom, whose state has sued Trump's administration 50 times, admitted he watches Fox News and hears rhetoric that appeals to a shrinking voting base. "And here's the real story, the Republican Party walks off the cliff, they're third party status," the Democratic governor said. "It's exactly what Donald Trump is doing and Mitch McConnell, who is completely complicit, is doing to the Republican Party nationally.

People have to want to read Axios . Axios means "worthy" in Greek, and VandeHei has already snagged some well-respected journalists people listen to, like Fortune's Dan Primack and Politco's Mike Allen. But everyone has to be on board with the " smart brevity" mandate.

Dan Primack is one of my favorite journalists on the startup and venture capital beat, and his Pro Rata newsletter at Axios is a must read each morning, if you can stomach the occasional musings of a Boston sports nut.

And finally, Vision Fund 2. It's been a big source of interest for everyone on the show, and we expect whatever the second-act Vision Fund winds up becoming to be a big damn deal. The fund will invest in more than just consumer marketplaces, in fact, it's eyeing more AI businesses and even biotech. That should be interesting.

All that and we have a lot more good stuff coming. Thanks for listening to the show, and we'll be right back.

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SoFi Co-Founder’s New Startup Aims to Raise Funds at $1 Billion.
Mike Cagney, the former embattled chief executive officer of Social Finance Inc., is raising more than $100 million for his new startup Figure Technologies Inc. at a $1 billion valuation just less than two years after its founding, according to people familiar with the matter. San Francisco-based Figure uses blockchain technology to provide home equity loans online in just a few days, with approval happening in minutes. The company made its first loan in 2018, and is on pace to provide more than $80 million in loans this month alone, according to one of these people, who asked not to be named because the details are private.

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