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TechnologyAfter Math: A wee bit of strategery

19:35  25 august  2019
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Yang: I'm the opposite of Trump, an 'Asian man who likes math'

Yang: I'm the opposite of Trump, an 'Asian man who likes math' Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang joked during Wednesday night's primary debate that he was the opposite of President Trump: "an Asian man who likes math."During his opening statement, Yang called on primary voters to support his candidacy and espoused his "Freedom Dividend" universal basic income plan, before closing out with the swipe at the president."We need to do the opposite of much of what we're doing right now, and the opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes math," Yang said, receiving laughter and applause from the Detroit audience.

The word " strategery " (/strəˈtiːdʒəri/ strə-TEE-jər-ee) was used in a Saturday Night Live sketch, written by James Downey, airing October 7, 2000, which satirized the performances of George W. Bush and Al Gore, two candidates for President of the United States

A wee bit definition is - by a very small amount or to a very small degree. Learn More about a wee bit .

We are a slippery species. As this week's headlines evidence, if there's one thing humans are good at, it's getting around the established rules.

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Amazon will no longer use drivers' tips to cover their base pay

Turns out that Amazon took a page out of the DoorDash playbook and leveraged the kindhearted tipping of its customers to screw over the wages of its hard-working deliver drivers. But don't worry, now that the company has been caught red-handed, it promises to stop it.

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Spotify triples its free Premium trial period to three months

I've seen beds with shorter test periods.

After Math: More, more, mooooooore

After Math: More, more, mooooooore Woke up this morning with the "more, more, mooooooore" refrain from Lady Marmalade stuck in my head despite not having heard that song in close to a decade because sure why the hell not. So, since I can't get the demonsong out of my ear, let's get it into yours while we take a look at some of our more, more, mooooooore expansionary headlines of the week. We're getting itchi gitchi ya ya here. KFC's plant-based 'chicken' sold out in five hours You know who's going to need some more, more, mooooooore Beyond Meat deliveries? KFC.

Strategery offers after school chess programs, local adult and scholastic tournament competition, group lectures, and private lessons. Strategery is always looking to form more partnerships with players, schools, and organizations.

The Bush Strategery has taken him from a first term Governor to his second term as President - all within ten years time. The Bush Strategery has left a long list of dethroned Democrats in its wake including Ann Richards, Al Gore, Tom Daschle, Howard Dean, John (F) Kerry, and John Edwards.

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Americans are waiting three years to replace their phones, study finds

BREAKING: Americans discover minor aesthetic and performance bumps no longer warrant spending a grand on an upgrade every 18 months.

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YouTube pulls hundreds of channels tied to Hong Kong influence campaign

The CPC got its hand caught in the internet's cookie jar this week after Twitter found and shuttered scores of Chinese government sock puppet and bot accounts from its platform. The offending accounts are accused of spreading misinformation relating to the recent national strikes in Hong Kong.

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Singapore forgoes Tesla's electric 'lifestyle' for buses

The island nation of six million has effectively told Elon Musk to rightfully go kick rocks, opting for an enhanced public transportation system rather than his electric personal vehicles.

‘I do not have 2-3 months off’: Teachers on summer break are working, a lot.
Teachers are told they deserve low pay, since they get summers off. The problem? They’re actually working, a lot - from second jobs to lesson planning

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