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Technology8chan could be back online as soon as next week, lawyer says

02:30  06 september  2019
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White House plans meeting with tech companies about online extremism

White House plans meeting with tech companies about online extremism But it wasn’t clear which companies

8 Chan Board Back Online ! Click here! I go it up for one day, but now it’s been taken down again… Hello Max, I can ’t at the moment as I’m locked out of my Email, but I’ll getback in once I’m home (which is in justa week !) SissyLeah says : 20/06/2017 at 12:49 PM. it is back online now!!!

8 chan said it was coming back online . Now another internet company appears to have blocked it. By Graham Kates. Four hours after the Cloudflare decision was first announced Sunday, Epik CEO Rob Monster posted on Gab that BitMitigate could be an alternative option for 8 chan .

8chan owner Jim Watkins provided evidence to congressional staffers on Thursday to comply with a subpoena the House Homeland Security Committee issued him after a series of racist manifestos from mass shooters were posted on the site. His site has remained down since shortly after the shooting — but new statements made to The Verge suggest it may be coming back sooner than many expected.

8chan could be back online as soon as next week, lawyer says© Jim Watkins, YouTube

According to Watkins’s lawyer, Benjamin Barr, 8chan’s owners hope to have the site back online in the next week or so. In his prepared remarks for the committee, Watkins said that 8chan is currently “offline voluntarily” and that it may come back online soon, once the site “is able to develop additional tools to counter illegal content under United States law.”

Norway mosque shooter allegedly posted to 8chan before attack

Norway mosque shooter allegedly posted to 8chan before attack He reportedly attempted to live-stream the attack on Facebook , but was unable to do so. Following the New Zealand attack, Facebook and YouTube were forced to remove millions of copies of the shooter’s video, and Facebook implemented new restrictions on who would be permitted to post live video to the platform. The company indicated that it would apply a “one-strike” policy for users who violated its community standards. It’s not immediately clear if these restrictions prevented today’s shooter from streaming the incident, and Facebook did not immediately respond to multiple requests for comment.

it would go back online after he spoke with the Homeland Security Committee.[31]. Numerous controversies related to content posted on 8 chan have arisen, to the extent that participation by individuals or companies in the website can itself cause controversy.

8 chan is still down on the web after several internet infrastructure companies like Cloudflare pulled their services to the site after the El Paso shooting. Watkins says that the site will continue to stay “offline voluntarily” and “may come back online ” as soon as he is able to develop new tools to counter illegal

“This isn’t written in stone, but somewhere around a week, they hope to be back,” Barr said.

“This isn’t written in stone, but somewhere around a week, they hope to be back”

Barr told The Verge that he believes the tools Watkins described are complete, but he could not comment on exactly what the tools are or how the relaunched 8chan will counter illegal content on the platform. In his prepared remarks, Watkins did say that 8chan could implement a “read-only” mode for when the site is in a state of emergency, like when a manifesto is posted, or created a separate “restricted mode” that would go into effect under the same circumstances that would make the site inaccesible over the Tor Network and prohibit users from posting any files.

House Homeland Security Committee subpoenas 8chan owner

House Homeland Security Committee subpoenas 8chan owner The House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday subpoenaed the owner of 8chan, the internet messaging board linked to three mass shootings this year, to testify before Congress.House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) and ranking member Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) issued the subpoena of Jim Watkins in order to support its ongoing probe into extremist content online."Today the Committee on Homeland Security issued a subpoena to Jim Watkins, the owner of the website 8chan," the leaders of the committee, which has partial jurisdiction over the issue of domestic terrorism, said in a statement.

Russia is threatening action against U.S. media outlets operating there as soon as next week . Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said "I think that our patience that is nearly run out will take some legal shape. I don't rule out it will be done next week ," she said in the interview according to the

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But Barr pushed back against reading too much into that idea. “I don’t think it is the restricted mode,” Barr told The Verge, “but it is with respect to being able to identify illegal content.”

Watkins wrote in his statement for the committee that 8chan already uses one bot to “remove illegal content and spam, automated or human, based only on keywords.”

So far, it appears that 8chan is still down because they are still threatened

“They’ve already executed the security,” Barr told The Verge, but 8chan is currently offline because the owners are “working on having a stable hosting solution where they can’t be deplatformed or it will be a lot more difficult to deplatform them.”

8chan was initially taken offline in early August after the white nationalist El Paso, Texas shooting that left over 20 people dead. The suspected shooter posted a racist screed onto the site prior to carrying out the attack. Following the shooting, Cloudflare, the company that provided cybersecurity to 8chan revoked its service and effectively forced the site offline. After securing another security service, 8chan’s host Epik, also pulled service.

According to Barr, Watkins may be asked to return to the committee in the future, and he hopes to have a publicized hearing. Thursday’s meeting happened behind closed doors with committee staffers, not lawmakers. It’s currently not clear when that next meeting might occur.

“We want to thank Mr. Watkins for his cooperation today,” committee leaders said in a statement following the meeting Thursday. “He provided vast and helpful information to the Committee about the structure, operation, and policies of 8Chan and his other companies. We look forward to his continued cooperation with the Committee as he indicated his desire to do so during today’s deposition.”

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Controversial site 8chan tries to return under 8kun name .
New name, same problems.

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