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TechnologyIndian hackers who debugged Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, Paypal

09:35  12 september  2019
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An Airbnb host in Seattle is offering people the 'experience' of a mock Amazon job interview for $4,600

An Airbnb host in Seattle is offering people the 'experience' of a mock Amazon job interview for $4,600 The Seattle "experience" was listed by a host identified as Nick. Nick appears to be Nick Dimitrov, the cofounder of Amazon Game Studios.

Facebook or Airbnb ? Netflix fs92. Feb 14, 2018 23 Comments. Bookmark. COPY LINK. Friend has an offer from Facebook and is interviewing at Airbnb . She is an entry level data scientist / analyst. I’m really not comfortable with people who behave entirely differently in an anonymous forum.

My account was hacked , paypal details added [personal information hidden] and my first payout went to the hackers ! I have been trying to get in touch. I have been trying to get in touch with Airbnb for almost a month ! to try to recover it and they keep on telling me that they are investigating the issue

So far, being a techie in India has been synonymous with being a coder or a developer. But not anymore.

Indian hackers who debugged Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, Paypal© Provided by Atlantic Media, Inc. Illustration file picture shows a man typing on a computer keyboard in Warsaw

Ethical hacking has now become a lucrative career path for engineers in the country.

Laxman Muthiyah, a 26-year-old Chennai based independent security researcher, has won $62,000 (Rs44 lakh) over the last five years by finding security flaws in Facebook and its photo-sharing app Instagram. In March this year, Rohit Kumar, a second-year student at Lovely Professional University (LPU), was inducted into the Facebook Hall of Fame for being among the top 20 bug bounty hunters in 2018.

'Norsemen' producer gamed Netflix's algorithm with Facebook ads

'Norsemen' producer gamed Netflix's algorithm with Facebook ads When you open up Netflix, you'll see a splashy promotion for one of its shows or movies. For me right now, it's highlighting the terrific GLOW,the third season of which arrived Friday, and there are other shows showcased alongside it such as in the Trending Now section. That's vital real estate, as what Netflix promotes there can drive a ton of viewership. It's a bit of a vicious circle, as Netflix is more willing than in the pastto cancel shows that perhaps don't hook enough viewers, yet it decides what to showcase in the so-called recommendation carousel.

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Airbnb . 15M likes. World’s largest community driven hospitality company offering homes & experiences Have a question or need assistance? Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content.

Indian hackers who debugged Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, Paypal© Provided by Atlantic Media, Inc.

In 2018, hackers from India claimed the second-highest share of bounties in the world, after the US, according to cybersecurity firm HackerOne.

Indian hackers who debugged Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, Paypal© Provided by Atlantic Media, Inc.

Quartz spoke with three ethical hackers—Sandeep Singh, a 25-year-old security analyst at HackerOne; 23-year-old Shivam Vashisht, who dropped out of mining engineering at National Institute of Technology (NIT), Raipur, in the second year; and 21-year-old Harsh Jaiswal, who works as a security engineer at food-tech firm Zomato by day and hacks by night.

Edited excerpts:

How did you get into hacking and when did it become a profession?

FBI used PayPal verification history to track cybercriminal

FBI used PayPal verification history to track cybercriminal With just about every aspect of modern life networked together in one way or another, it's hard to carry out a cybercrime without leaving clues.

Can I pay with PayPal at Airbnb ? Does Airbnb 's website take PayPal for payment? Create a new account. Sign up with Facebook . Airbnb accepts PayPal for qualifying orders and customers, according to their PayPal policies.

Depending on the currency you're paying with, PayPal may be available as a payment method. If PayPal is available, you'll be able to select it on the You may need to link a bank account or credit card to your PayPal account to complete your Airbnb reservation. This alternate payment source will

Singh: It all started when I followed a friend’s suggestion to attend an ethical hacking training course. I’d been practicing hacking for three years when I came to know about bug bounties.

Jaiswal: I have a love for computer games. So I used to search for hacks for games, which led me to a lot of websites that were trying to trick me into filling my Facebook/Google passwords. That was when I learned about phishing attacks. The moment I got my first reward from Medium, it made me realise this is cool. If it allows you to learn and earn together, why not make it a profession?

Why do you prefer hacking over a traditional developer job?

Vashisht: In a traditional, low-paid developer job, I would just be scratching the surface with some technology and work to develop things without having the bigger picture in mind. With hacking, I can explore a lot more and it has a powerful result.

Which platforms have you been hacking?

Facebook told staff but not users about single sign-on risks, says court filing

Facebook told staff but not users about single sign-on risks, says court filing Plaintiffs in a court case against Facebook have argued that the social network knew about the security risks that lead to a major hack in 2018 but did not warn their users about them. Facebook suffered a massive breach last year which affected up to 29 million users. There were concerns at the time that hackers could use the compromised accounts to log in to other services using the Facebook Login feature, though investigators found that this had not occurred.

Depending on the currency you're paying with, PayPal may be available as a payment method. If PayPal is available, you'll be able to select it on the checkout page. You may need to link a bank account or credit card to your PayPal account to complete your Airbnb reservation.

I started hosting a few weeks ago with AirBNB . Since then my account has been taken over by hackers , bank account details changed. I have not received payment for my first guest who left already and I don’t know what to do about the next guest who is due Wednesday.

Singh: I used to hack on Airbnb, Facebook and most of the others are private companies so I cannot reveal their names.

Vashisht: A few of my favourites are Yahoo!, MasterCard, Netflix, and Okta. They have very welcoming security teams. I also work privately with some well-know billion dollar companies which I am not allowed to name publicly.

Jaiswal: If I have to pick a few, it would be Vimeo, PayPal, and Linode. They have a great response time, they appreciate my efforts, and of course, they reward well. It’s always motivating when all these checkboxes are ticked.

Can you give some specific examples of the biggest threats you’ve helped diagnose/solve?

Vashisht: One was in a US-based online job recruiting company. I found a flaw disclosing every user’s private information, which, if used maliciously, could have been used to lockdown or encrypt all the data. For a US-based music company’s fully locked-down administrative panel, I was able to inject sql queries which could have been used to download all their user’s data, log into the admin panel and get full file system access of their servers.

Netflix ships milestone 5 billionth disc

Netflix ships milestone 5 billionth disc Netflix still ships a million discs each week. Justin Sullivan / Getty Images The company, which ships a million discs each week, announced the milestone in a tweet Monday. "The most heartfelt thank you to our incredible members that have been with us for the past 21 years of DVD Netflix," Netflix said in its tweet. "Five billion discs delivered is a huge milestone and we owe it all to our amazing members and team members." The 21-year-old company made its bones as a DVD-by-mail rental service but has steadily been pushing subscribers toward its streaming service for the past decade.

Hackers had also cancelled and removed my number from Airbnb , and spammed my inbox with thousands of emails. Airbnb customer care were totally useless; I had to chase after them again at the end of the day and they have not refunded PayPal or contacted them on the fraud transaction.

Here is a quick look at SIX of the world’s famous online business. They all have one thing in common. Who would have thought 2 decades back that this was even Instagram: The world’s most famous photo company sells no cameras. Netflix : The fastest growing television network lays no cables.

Jaiswal: I’ve helped uncover tonnes of security loopholes which include, but are not limited to, data leaks where one could have leaked the private information of all the users of that product, and authentication bypasses, where one could have gained access to users’ accounts.

How do you make money—bounties or salaries?

Vashisht: My only source of income is bounties. This has been increasing for me every year. In 2018, I made around $125,000 (Rs90 lakh).

Jaiswal: That’s very subjective, but if I have to give an average earning from bug bounties, it should be around $40,000-$60,000 per year. It can be way more depending on how many hours and how much effort you’re dedicating and the kind of bugs and programmes you’re focusing on.

Previously (my income) was all bounties but now salary also plays a role in it. Salaries are constant. When it comes to bounties, there’s a burnout. There will be a period where you start feeling exhausted and you need a good rest to come back stronger.

What’s the most you’ve been paid for a hack? Please describe what it was.

Singh: $6,000 from a private company for accessing the internal panel of the company, which was not supposed to be accessible to anyone outside.

Vashisht: I have been paid $11,500 for a bug in Yahoo!. I was able to steal cookies of a user account by using one of their servers to inject malicious code, that resulted in a full account takeover i.e. allowing the attacker to read all Yahoo! Mail content, and could be used to further compromise associated accounts such as Facebook. The server was taken down within a few hours after the flaw was patched.

Netflix wants to help you binge-watch your way through Labor Day. Here's how

Netflix wants to help you binge-watch your way through Labor Day. Here's how The update on your smart TV's Netflix app has new categories that are easy to browse.

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Jaiswal: I was paid $30,000 from PayPal for executing arbitrary operating system commands on PayPal’s server. I had collaborated with a friend for this hack. My individual highest-paid bug was $20,000, again from PayPal, for finding a way to steal access tokens of other users which could have allowed me to gain access to their accounts.

What is the hacker community like in India?

Vashisht: India’s hacker community is the largest in the world. (The country is home to 27% of all white-hat hackers in the world.) You can see hackers from almost all regions of India. In terms of gender, men have been dominating for now, but this community is quite open and I see a lot of women joining. In the coming years, this is definitely going to change as information security-related career awareness increases.

Jaiswal: I have friends in information security from all over India. There are people who are not financially strong and there are people who are. I have seen people supporting their families financially with the bug bounties, which is really cool.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What is the future of this job?

Singh: Personally, I hope I will be chilling and living a peaceful life in some corner of India near the mountains and nature. Bug bounty has a really great future, and is one of the best career paths for skilled guys who want to live an independent life, on their own terms.

Vashisht: I would probably like to invest time doing some research. This is a lesser-known profession and has tonnes of potential, most such jobs at companies around the world are vacant.

Jaiswal: I believe in taking it step by step. I’m inspired by Orange Tsai, Filedescriptor, Frans‘ research and aim to do some good research work like them in the future, and contribute to the community. When it comes to the future, remember, “Data is the new oil.” Everything is going online, so the cybersecurity industry is only going to boom. Moreover, with new security laws like GDPR coming into play, the future is only looking brighter.

Netflix’s ‘Latest’ tab makes it easier than ever to find new and upcoming shows.
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