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18:40  12 september  2019
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CenturyLink, FCC reach settlement over 'cramming' fees on phone bills

CenturyLink, FCC reach settlement over 'cramming' fees on phone bills Under the deal with the Federal Communications Commission, the phone and internet provider will pay $550,000.

For decades, banks and other financiers have relied primarily on consumers’ borrowing history to make lending Now revenue-hungry companies are considering metrics both mundane and peculiar, like whether applicants shop at discount stores, subscribe to magazines or pay their phone bills on time.

Insurance companies spend on negotiations, claims review, marketing and sometimes shareholder returns. One key possible advantage of a Medicare for all system would be to strip away some of those overhead costs. But estimating possible savings in management and administration is not easy.

The way lenders decide who can borrow money is undergoing its biggest shift in a generation.

For decades, banks and other financiers have relied primarily on consumers’ borrowing history to make lending decisions. Now revenue-hungry companies are considering metrics both mundane and peculiar, like whether applicants shop at discount stores, subscribe to magazines or pay their phone bills on time.

Those experimenting with new metrics range from big-name banks like Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Ally Financial Inc. and Discover Financial Services to upstart financial-technology firms.

The changes are an about-face for many banks, which have spent much of the decade since the financial crisis chasing mostly ultra-creditworthy customers. But that pool is only so big.

Tesorio raises $10M Series A to help companies track their cash flow

Tesorio raises $10M Series A to help companies track their cash flow Tesorio, a startup that helps businesses aggregate and analyze their cash flow data, today announced that it has raised a $10 million Series A round led by Seattle's Madrona Venture Group. Existing investors First Round Capital, Floodgate, Y Combinator, Fathom Capital and Fuel Capital. This brings Tesorio's total funding to $17 million. Madrona's Hope Cochran will join the company's board. The company is tackling an interesting market that is surprisingly underserved given that every company likely wants to be able to track its cash flow as closely as possible. In most companies, though, that's still done with the help of Excel spreadsheets.

Personal loans and cash loans are two useful financing options for small businesses, but that’s about where the similarities end. what is your best fishing bait you use when you fish? give reasons why, and what type of fish you’ve caught with it”. How long after mortgage is signed can you leave your job?

Housing Action Illinois has an awesome webinar training for the HUD exam starting 12/3. If you cant make the next NTI, this is the next best t hing! Companies Are Considering Magazine Subscriptions and Phone Bills When Making Loans .

The field of potential new borrowers is huge: About 53 million U.S. adults don’t have credit scores, according to Fair Isaac Corp., creator of the widely used FICO scores. Roughly 56 million more have subprime scores. Some have a checkered borrowing history or high debt loads. But others, banks point out, just don’t have traditional borrowing backgrounds, often because they are new to the U.S. or pay for most expenses with cash.

Despite some signs that the economy is strong, such as low unemployment, it is also showing symptoms of wear. U.S. consumer debt is higher than ever, with many Americans forced to borrow to keep up with rising costs for cars, college, housing and medical care.

Christina Segura, 24, had a low credit score from unpaid medical debts when she applied for financing from fintech startup Meritize. But the company, which funds higher education and skills-based training, used her high-school transcript to approve her for loans totaling $9,000 to attend pipe-welding school.

HTC will preload a Bitcoin Cash wallet on its blockchain phone

HTC will preload a Bitcoin Cash wallet on its blockchain phone If a second blockchain phone didn't make things clear, HTC is still as serious as ever about its crypto-phones On Monday, the company announced a new partnership with Bitcoin.com that will see all new Exodus 1 phones come with the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet app pre-installed. On existing devices, meanwhile, HTC will push an update that adds the app to the phone. As part of the partnership, the Bitcoin.com online store has also started selling Exodus 1 devices. In the future, if you don't plan on hoarding on your Bitcoin Cash, you'll be able to get a discount on select HTC smartphones when you pay for a device with Bitcoin Cash.

In these cases, you may need a term loan to finance your big move. Whether it’s adding an additional location or picking up and moving, the up-front cost Taking out a smaller loan and making regular on-time payments will build your business’s credit for the future. This tactic may also help you build

In Kenya, the local mobile phone company Safaricom, not the banks or the government, has pushed the envelope. Safaricom created a system, known as M-Pesa, that allows customers to make payments directly from their phones . China is the most talked-about location in the battle between cash and

Meritize considers factors such as improvement in grades and signs that students challenged themselves, said Chief Executive Chris Keaveney. The firm, he said, is “essentially proxying grit.”

Government officials at times have encouraged or even required changes to the information in credit reports and scores, reasoning they would bring loans to deserving borrowers who might not fit a traditional mold.

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During the past few years, lenders including JPMorgan Chase & Co., Citigroup Inc., American Express Co. and Capital One Financial Corp. have been talking to FICO about whether incorporating new data into credit scores could boost loan volume, according to people familiar with the matter. Separately, lenders have been asking Experian PLC for ways to find new customers who are more financially responsible than their credit records suggest, according to people familiar with the matter.

Bezos’s Washington Post Licenses Its Publishing Technology to BP

  Bezos’s Washington Post Licenses Its Publishing Technology to BP Every two weeks, Jeff Bezos holds a meeting with Washington Post engineers in part to discuss a product called Arc, which helps companies publish online. The software is a growing part of the Post’s business -- albeit less visible than its scoops about the Trump administration. © Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg Jeff Bezos Now, Arc is expanding into a new market, striking a deal with its first nonmedia customer: BP Plc. The energy giant’s communications team will use Arc’s software to publish articles and videos to its 70,000 employees across 250 internal websites, newsletters and a future mobile app.

Installment Loan may seem similar to Personal Loan what concerns the purpose of its use for any personal needs . It’s really highly available for bad credit borrowers as lenders consider other factors besides your score. But it may lead to higher rates to make up for a high risk the company takes

Quicken Loans couples a fully online application with available mortgage advisors for those who Doesn’t consider alternative credit data. It just looks at credit scores and debt-to-income ratios, the Ideal for first-time home buyers who want to talk to a loan officer in person or on the phone , and for

The U.S. lending industry revolves around consumer data. Lenders feed information on their customers to credit-reporting firms Experian, Equifax Inc. and TransUnion, which compile lengthy dossiers on borrowers. FICO scores condense the data in those reports—such as payment track record and ratio of credit-card spending limits to owed balances—into a number between 300 and 850.

While changes at individual banks can affect slivers of consumers, the changes made by the credit industry affect a broad range of Americans.

Last October, for example, FICO announced it had developed a new score—UltraFICO—that factors in how applicants manage the cash in their checking, savings and money-market accounts. The new score functions as a sort of appeal: If an applicant’s traditional FICO score falls short, a lender can offer to have the score recalculated. About 37% of FICO’s revenue comes from the credit scores it sells.

And TransUnion says it sells alternative data to U.S. lenders that can include whether consumers subscribe to and pay for magazines. “It’s an indicator of stability,” said Mike Mondelli, senior vice president of global data strategy.

Twitch viewers can subscribe to streamers on iOS

  Twitch viewers can subscribe to streamers on iOS Twitch users on iOS can now subscribe to their favorite streamers directly from the app. It'll offer the same benefits of subscribing on desktop, including ad-free viewing, sub badges, channel emotes and sub-only chat, as well as supporting the partner or affiliate monetarily. Subscriptions work differently on iOS than other platforms on which Twitch is available. You'll need to buy an iOS Sub Token through the app, which is good for a Tier 1 subscription for a month. You can redeem up to 12 at a time per streamer to keep a subscription to them going for a year.The tokens cost a little more than desktop subscriptions to account for Apple's App Store fees. They're $5.

Make sure that the lender reports your account and payment history to one or all of the three major credit bureaus, and then pay all your bills on time. The banks, lenders, and credit card companies are not responsible for any content posted on this site and do not endorse or guarantee any reviews.

In a closed-end credit, loans are made on a continuous basis and you make at least partial payment. The most expensive loans are available from finance companies , retailers, and credit cards.

Credit scores have been the bedrock of consumer lending for decades. Fair Isaac created the FICO score in 1989, and banks adopted it broadly in the 1990s. Investors that buy securitized consumer loans—sliced-up pools of credit-card, auto and mortgage debt—often rely on FICO scores to assess their risk.

Critics say the changes could make millions of borrowers appear safer than they are, diluting the value of credit scores and reports. Others say the alternative metrics, like a consumer’s reliability in paying electric bills, don’t translate into a likelihood they will repay their loans.

Consumers with thin credit files are more likely to default on their loans, though the majority of them perform well, according to TransUnion. FICO estimates that about one-third of people who don’t have credit scores had a major negative event like a bankruptcy at some point in their past.

Goldman Sachs started making personal loans in 2016, part of a bigger move into consumer banking. Among other factors, it considers whether applicants overdraw their checking accounts.

A Goldman Sachs spokesman said the bank has “built a technology and data architecture that can ingest and use multiple sources of data to make the best decisions for the customer and the bank.”

White House urges federal agencies to cancel subscriptions to NYT, WaPost

  White House urges federal agencies to cancel subscriptions to NYT, WaPost The White House is urging federal agencies not to renew their subscriptions to The New York Times and The Washington Post after President Trump said earlier in the week he didn't want either newspaper in the White House.The Wall Street Journal first reported that other agencies were being instructed to cancel their subscriptions to the news outlets."Not renewing subscriptions across all federal agencies will be a significant cost saving for taxpayers - hundreds of thousands of dollars," press secretary Stephanie Grisham said in a statement to multiple outlets.

Some would-be borrowers have low credit scores because of a limited U.S. borrowing history. Per Breivik said he had a credit score in the low 300s after he moved to Houston from London last year, and had trouble getting a credit card.

Mr. Breivik, who runs maintenance for a drilling company, turned to HSBC Holdings PLC. “I said, ‘We need to try to work something out. I have all this history with you guys,’” he said, referencing deposit accounts with the bank abroad.

HSBC reviewed his relationship with the bank, including his record of repaying an HSBC credit card he had before he moved to the U.S., and approved him for a U.S. card.

Some lenders are working with fintechs that assess consumers’ purchase data to determine risk. Fintech ZestFinance, for example, says applicants who spend more at grocery stores than on eating out tend to be a lower risk, as are those who shop at discount stores or are registered to vote.

Angel Hernandez, a 42-year-old maintenance worker, used cash for almost everything for much of his adult life. He has twice tapped Spring Bank for loans to pay for funeral and travel expenses when relatives died. Spring Bank, based in the Bronx, N.Y., lends to consumers with little to no credit history.

The bank verified Mr. Hernandez’s income with his employer. It also had him set up a savings account at Spring Bank where a portion of his paycheck was regularly deposited. Spring Bank made withdrawals from it to repay the loan.

Mr. Hernandez recently received his first credit card offers in the mail. He has since signed up for several cards.

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