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Technology Americans bust their budgets by $7,429.24 a year, data shows

16:45  20 september  2019
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Drug agents seize $10,000 in meth, black tar heroin in Biddeford bust

Drug agents seize $10,000 in meth, black tar heroin in Biddeford bust Maine Drug Enforcement agents said they arrested a man and woman in Biddeford Wednesday on drug trafficking charges. Kailey Prejean, 23, of Biddeford, and Antonio M. Morrissey, 31, of Fayette, were arrested after a month-long investigation, according to the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency. Drug agents said they were investigating Prejean on suspicion of selling meth in the Biddeford-Saco area. Agents conducted several undercover purchases of methamphetamine from her, the MEDA said. Drug agents arranged to meet her for another drug sale Wednesday in the parking lot of the old St. Mary's Church on Hazel Street, which is across the street from the woman's apartment.

According to a new poll, Americans admit to spending $ 7 , 429 . 24 over their budget every year . “The survey shows how difficult it can be for consumers to stick to a budget , but there are ways to approach your shopping differently that can be used to your advantage,” said Josh Meyers, CEO of Slickdeals.

by SlickDeals, the average American spends $ 7 , 429 . 24 over their budget every year . Over half of respondents even said that they “meticulously” itemize their budget for each month. “The survey shows how difficult it can be for consumers to stick to a budget , but there are ways to approach your

The purpose of having a budget is to track your spending and ensure that you're not going overboard. If you do overspend, you risk racking up debt and falling short on your savings goals.

Somber-looking man and woman using laptop on couch and holding sheets of paper.© GETTY IMAGES Somber-looking man and woman using laptop on couch and holding sheets of paper.

Now, not everyone has a budget, but apparently, even those who do aren't doing a great job of sticking to it. In fact, Americans are spending a whopping $7,429.24 over their budgets every year, according to a new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Slickdeals.

Here are Americans' biggest budget busters:


Percentage Who Overspend on It

Cocaine valued at $16,000 seized in Sanford bust, drug agents say

Cocaine valued at $16,000 seized in Sanford bust, drug agents say The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency said agents seized $16,000 worth of cocaine in a bust in Sanford on Thursday. Guydalbert Elie, 40, Huberson Sylne, 40, and JeanSamuel Merlain, 40, all of Massachusetts, were arrested on aggravated drug trafficking charges. MDEA officials said agents worked with Sanford police to investigate the trafficking of cocaine in the area. Investigators said the drugs were being brought from Massachusetts to Maine. Officials said police stopped a car on Main Street at about 10 p.m. A search of the car found 148 grams of cocaine, 13.5 grams of crack cocaine, $3,500 in suspected drug proceeds and other evidence of drug trafficking.

+176.33(+2.24%). Russell 2000 1,532.13. It's no secret that the holidays can be a very expensive time of year , especially when we factor in the cost of parties, travel, and gifts for friends and loved ones. That's because 21% of Americans plan to spend more than ,000 on holiday gifts this year

Thought it is barely above the poverty line, many Americans believe that they can live on ,000 a year . The number is implausibly low, but perhaps a sign that many people have set their financial aims downward since the start of the Great Recession.

Online shopping


Grocery shopping


Subscription services


Technology products


Buying lunch


Household essentials




Food delivery


Gym memberships





Of course, some of these expenses are necessary ones. We all need groceries, and we all require household essentials like cleaning supplies, kitchenware, towels, and linens. Even coffee can count as a necessity for many people. Therefore, it's not problematic that Americans are spending on these items; rather, it's troubling that they're spending more than anticipated. If you've been falling into a similar boat, whether with regard to the above expenses or other ones, a few simple moves on your part could help get you back on track.

Four detained after illegal game room bust in north Harris County

Four detained after illegal game room bust in north Harris County Four people were detained after busts on illegal game rooms Friday night in north Harris County, according to the Harris County constable's office. The bust took place around 10 p.m. in the 6100 block of Airline Drive, according to Sgt. Bradley Sternberg Precinct One Constable's Office. HPD INVESTIGATIONS: Man attacks his wife with machete in SE Houston A security guard who locked the doors as he saw deputies approaching one of the game rooms is among those detained. Bradley noted how in many game room busts, authorities also have found guns or narcotics on site.

Video Shows Anchors & Reporters Show Clips. Charge up a storm and you might kick-start a dangerous cycle that haunts you for years to come. But even if you do manage to scrounge up the money to cover your holiday purchases, before you rack up a ,000 tab, ask yourself whether you

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1. Rework your budget

It's one thing to occasionally overspend in one or two expense categories. But if you find that you're regularly going over your budget in specific areas, whether it's food, utilities, car maintenance, or something else, you'll need to redo your budget so that it more accurately reflects what those expenses cost you.

Chances are, you'll also need to change the way you spend in other categories to compensate. For example, if you typically exceed your monthly grocery budget by $50 despite your best efforts to avoid doing so, you may need to accept the fact that food costs have gone up or that your family's grocery needs have changed and that you'll need to make up that $50 by cutting back on non-essentials, like rideshares, streaming services, or visits to the movie theater. The key, however, is to be realistic about what your expenses cost, and set priorities so that you know where to give yourself leeway to spend more and where you need to force yourself to scale back.

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2. Automate your savings

The problem with busting your budget is that it could leave you in a position where you have no money left over for savings. If you don't trust yourself to rein in your spending, you may need to combat that tendency by automating your savings so you don't fall behind.

If you don't have money set aside for emergencies, amassing three to six months' worth of living expenses should be your first goal, in which case you should set up an automatic transfer to your bank. If your emergency fund is solid but you need to work on retirement savings, sign up for your employer's 401(k), where contributions can be deducted automatically from your paychecks. And if your employer doesn't offer such a plan, find an IRA with an automatic savings option and do the same thing. By sending money into savings so that it's not usable, you'll effectively force yourself to spend less on things you can technically live without.

3. Get a side hustle

If you keep failing to stick to your budget, the solution could boil down to boosting your income. But while you can't march into your boss' office and insist on a raise, you can increase your earnings via a side hustle. By bringing home extra cash, you'll have the leeway to spend more in the categories you've been going overboard on without having to worry about racking up debt or missing out on savings opportunities. Of course, you should still rework your budget to reflect what your spending looks like, but this way, you won't necessarily have to force yourself to cut back.

Coast Guard cutter's crew makes massive 4,600-pound cocaine bust, 2nd in 5 days

Coast Guard cutter's crew makes massive 4,600-pound cocaine bust, 2nd in 5 days The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Midgett recently seized more than 4,600 pounds of cocaine, their second cocaine bust in five days. © Dramatic raw video shows the crew of a Coast Guard cutter leaping onto and commandeering a submarine being used to transport drugs across the Eastern Pacific. The drugs were confiscated July 31 from a "low-profile go-fast" vessel in international waters of the Eastern Pacific Ocean, the Coast Guard announced Thursday.

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Following a budget is a good thing, but if you constantly exceed yours, it's a sign that something is off. The sooner you get ahead of the problem, the less havoc it will wreak on your finances.

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