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Technology Intel dramatically cuts prices of top-end i9 gaming chips

02:40  02 october  2019
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Intel's 10th-gen CPUs for powerful ultraportables will reach six cores

Intel's 10th-gen CPUs for powerful ultraportables will reach six cores The big selling point with Intel's first 10th-gen Core processors is the company's new 10nm architecture, the result of a long journey towards shrinking down its production process. It's a much more efficient design, which will lead to both power savings and better performance. But the next batch of 10th-gen chips, codenamed "Comet Lake," won't be taking advantage of that new technology. Instead, they're more powerful 14nm chips meant for heavier workloads in thin and light machines. This time around, Intel has finally brought a six-core/12-thread chip into the U-series family, the Core i7-10710U. That processor will feature a base clock of 1.

Intel has filled in the rest of the details on its Intel Core i 9 microprocessor family for PCs, and started shipping all of them, too. Now with a review of the Here’s a summary of the core counts and prices of the Core i 9 chips we do know, including clock speeds where available. Core i 9 Extreme Edition

It serves up similar gaming performance at a significantly lower price than the i 9 s, making it the best And while that Intel chip will deliver higher frame rates at 1080p with a high- end graphics card, if you step Some of those chips can deliver passable gaming performance without a graphics card, and

Good news if you're into games or video editing: Intel is whacking the prices of its high-end i9 processors as it refreshes an aging design. For example, last year's top-end Core i9-9980XE processor costing $1,990 at retail is replaced by the $979 Core i9-10980XE. The new chips are due to arrive in November.

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"People were stuck in the top part of the mainstream," unwilling to pay a lot more money for a bit more performance, said Frank Soqui, vice president of Intel's Client Computing Group. It's also cutting prices of the chips used in the related but more corporate high-end market: workstations. The price cuts are as deep as 50 percent, Soqui said.

Dell's XPS 13 now comes with the latest Intel 10th-gen processors

Dell's XPS 13 now comes with the latest Intel 10th-gen processors Intel has unveiled its 10th-gen Core processors for ultraportable laptops, so naturally, there are some new laptop announcements, too. Probably the best known ultraportable is Dell's XPS 13, and that model can now be purchased with Intel's 10th-generation, six-core U-series Core i7 CPUs, Dell announced. While these aren't the 10-nanometer chips you might have been waiting for, Intel has promised overall speed gains in the realm of 16 percent compared to 9th-gen CPUs. The new XPS 13 also packs the Killer AX1650 2x2 Intel WiFi 6 chipset, boosting WiFi speeds by up to three times.

Deliver fantastic entertainment and gaming , seamless 4K Ultra HD, and 360 video with 9th Generation Intel ® Core™ i 9 processors. Retail Price . Applied Filters. Clear all. The first 9th Gen Intel ® Core™ i 9 desktop processor with 8-cores and 16 threads, up to 5 GHz frequency and a fully unlocked.

The top - end Intel Core i 9 -10980XE is perhaps the most interesting for our readers. These are consumer chips that we think our readers will find intriguing. Those using Xeon E5 generation workstations will likely see a big performance boost and lower power consumption with the new Core

These 10th-generation Intel i9 chips are built on an aging core called Skylake, but Intel has managed to squeeze out steady if unspectacular performance improvements in the chips year after year. Intel's newer Ice Lake-based designs have just begun arriving, but they're limited to power-sensitive, premium laptops.

Once-dominant Intel faces plenty of competition in the chip market as smartphones have moved into our lives. Those are powered by the Arm family of chips, manufactured by companies like Apple, Qualcomm and Samsung. But Arm's virtues when it comes to sipping power can't keep pace with Intel's clout when you have a behemoth computer you don't have to unplug from that electrical power outlet on the wall.

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Intel Core i9 Extreme chip

Intel introduces eight new 10th Gen Comet Lake processors

Intel introduces eight new 10th Gen Comet Lake processors Just when you thought the 10th Gen lineup couldn’t get more confusing

The following is a list of Intel Core i 9 brand microprocessors. They were introduced in May 2017. With their high number of cores, high power draw, high thermal output, and high performance

Intel has priced its 10-core Core i 9 -10900X chip at a mere 0. We still don’t know how much the new Threadripper chips will cost—or whether AMD will respond to Intel ’s moves with its own price cuts —but it’s clear that competition is beginning to help lower prices at the high end of the PC market.

For the tower PCs favored by gamers and content creators who're willing to pay for every last bit of performance, they'll get another boost this year out of the 10th-generation i9 models.

The 10980XE, for example, keeps the same 3.0GHz base clock speed, but it can rev a bit higher, to 4.8GHz, in turbo mode, compared with 4.5GHz with last year's 9980XE.

Those models have 18 processor cores, good for doing lots of work in parallel. You can get higher clock speed if you cut back on the processor cores.

The Core i9-10900X gets a base clock speed of 3.7GHz, up from 3.5GHz on last year's model, and a turbo speed of 4.7GHz instead of 4.5GHz. Those models have 10 processor cores, and its price drops from $1,020 for last year's model to $590 this year. Intel shared prices only for customers buying in 1,000-unit quantities, not single-chip retail prices, so those prices aren't directly comparable.

AMD unveils its next-gen Threadripper CPUs with up to 32 cores .
AMD has unveiled its 3rd-generation Ryzen Threadripper CPUs built with its 7-nanometer "Zen 2" architecture, and the performance looks impressive. As before, there are 24- and 32-core variants, the TR 3960X and TR 3970X, respectively, with base clocks at 3.8GHz/3.7GHz respectively and a max boost speed of up to 4.5GHz. Both chips will run using AMD's all-new TRX40 chipset with 72 available PCIe 4.0 lanes and 12 USB-C 3.1 gen2 10Gbps SuperSpeed ports.These chips and motherboards are aimed at content creators, because the extra cores and higher PCIe 4.0 bandwidth won't help gamers much.

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