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Technology Find a stolen laptop with free LockItTight service

17:05  09 october  2019
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Join / Sign In. Laptops . Find a stolen laptop with free LockItTight service . It won't actually prevent theft, but it might help you recover your missing I'm not saying LockItTight will guarantee recovery of your stolen laptop . I'm saying it's worth having because it works as advertised, and because it costs

LockItTight is a free online laptop recovery service that allows you to monitor Windows laptops and Android phones this is an additional security measure to protect gadgets Free online laptop recovery service . LockItTight is very easy to use. You must first create your account online on their website.

I typically buy a new laptop every few years, and even though I work from home 98% of the time, there's one piece of software I always install first thing: LockItTight. If the machine ever gets lost or stolen, it'll give me a much better chance of tracking it down. And although it's been around for years, it's still free. Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.

a close up of a computer© LockItTighta close up of a computer: LockItTight.jpg© Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. LockItTight.jpg

How big a problem is this? According to a 2018 Kensington report (PDF), 1 in 10 laptops will get lost or stolen from an organization, while Techspective cites a Gartner study indicating that a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. Even in these days of ubiquitous security cameras, it's still pretty easy for a thief to smash a window and grab a laptop from a home, car or office.

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Is the Dell XPS 13 the best Windows laptop around? Very little sums up Devindra Hardawar's feelings about the Dell XPS 13 better than the first sentence of his review: It's "pretty much the best Windows ultraportable around, and you should buy it." That's a bold statement. However, the combination of thin bezels, a compact design and speedy performance helped to earn the laptop a phenomenal score of 93. The only drawbacks were the lack of a full-size SD slot and a reliance on integrated (instead of dedicated) graphics.

LockItTight is a free online laptop recovery service that lets you monitor Windows Laptops and Android Mobile Phones; it is an extra security measure to protect gadgets from thieves around. The service is completely free but advertisement supported, but if you want an ad- free version you can

LockItTight is free service which can help to recover lost or stolen laptop . It is exciting service which can help you find your stolen computer. With this service you can actually track the location of your computer, and see activity going on in your lost computer.

Arguably the only thing worse than a stolen laptop is knowing there's no way to get it back. After all, it's not like it can "phone home" to report its location.

Actually, with the right software installed, it can. Absolute Home & Office (formerly LoJack for Laptops), for example, can track a stolen system, but this enviable capability costs $15-$60 per year depending on which subscription option you choose.

Track your laptop for free

Thankfully, there's a cheaper alternative: LockItTight, a laptop-recovery utility and service you can get for as little as zero dollars. It's a surprisingly capable solution, and although it won't actually deter a thief, it's one of those tools that's definitely worth having.

Like similar recovery solutions, LockItTight runs a small background client that stays more or less dormant until activated remotely. In other words, if you sign into your account from another PC, you can see your lost or stolen laptop's location on a map and get alerted when it goes in and out of designated zones. You can also capture a screenshot, webcam photo (busted, thief!), keystroke log, browser history and so on.

Asus has a limited edition laptop with a leather lid

Asus has a limited edition laptop with a leather lid The ZenBook 13 Edition 30 sells for $1,400.

Recovers stolen or lost laptops and phones. What is LockItTight ? LockItTight (LiT for short) provides computer tracking and monitoring services for assets tracking There is a basic service available for everyone, free of charge. We have also introduced paid services with more devices per

Unlike similar services , LockItTight is free --for one PC, anyway. After you sign up for and activate your account, you download and run the LockItTight client (which is compatible To tweak LockItTight 's settings and/or find out what your laptop 's been up to, you sign into your account via a Web browser.

Needless to say, all this is predicated on your laptop being connected to the Internet. If a thief merely fences the system without first turning it on and connecting to Wi-Fi, LockItTight probably won't do you any good. Similarly, if you password-protect your laptop, which you probably should, there's little chance it can connect to Wi-Fi to report its location. But, as I said earlier, it's worth having because without it, your chances of recovery are much closer to zero.

LockItTight offers four different pricing plans, but I suspect most users will be perfectly happy with the surprisingly free one. It allows you to track up to five devices, including laptops, Chromebooks, iPhones and Android phones -- though the latter two obviously have their own tracking options courtesy of Apple and Google.

Upgrading to Standard, Premium or Ultimate really only nets you an increase in the number of saved reports and how frequently they're produced. If your chief goal is simply tracking, I definitely recommend starting with the free version. You should also check out Prey, a similar service that offers free protection for up to three devices (Mac and Linux laptops among them).

I'm not saying LockItTight, Prey or any other tracking system will guarantee recovery of your stolen laptop. I'm saying one of them is worth having because they work as advertised and cost nothing. Your thoughts?

Note: Originally published earlier. Updated to reflect various changes.

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