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15:26  12 october  2019
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Cheap 4G data plans, smartphones fuelling India's data boom: Trai

Cheap 4G data plans, smartphones fuelling India's data boom: Trai Data costs have also fallen sharply.

Luckily, smart home devices are getting cheaper every year. Here are a handful, each under , that can help secure your house when you're visiting family or friends for the holidays. CNET Smart Home . reading. • 5 best cheap home security solutions of 2019 . Oct 11.

Brinks Home Security offers DIY home security systems that are personalized to fit customers exact needs. Brinks provides three monitoring plans Scout’s mission is to provide modern yet affordable home security solutions . With Scout, you’ll be able to install your own security system and you’ll

It's already October, which makes the next three months the most expensive of the year for most of us. And as you travel more, your house become more vulnerable to burglary.

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So the question is, how do you protect your house without adding another expense on top of travel, gifts, food and Black Friday ? Luckily, smart home devices are getting cheaper every year. Here are a handful, each under $20, that can help secure your house when you're visiting family or friends for the holidays.

The Wyze Cam costs just 20 bucks. © CNET

The Wyze Cam costs just 20 bucks.

Smart bulbs stop dumb burglars

One of the most obvious deterrents to would-be burglars is an occupied house. Throw some smart bulbs into your kitchen, living room or front porch fixtures, schedule them to flip on at certain times during the night, and you instantly make your house much less appealing to the more-skittish thief.

As Amazon unveils new devices, global smart home spending to hit $100B this year

  As Amazon unveils new devices, global smart home spending to hit $100B this year It's also projected to reach $157 billion by 2023. The report comes as Amazon unveils a slew of smart home devices, from a three-in-one Amazon Smart Oven to the Echo Flex plug-in smart speaker.© Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. Spending on smart home devices and services is projected to reach a new milestone this year. James Martin/CNET Spending on devices will make up 54% of the total, according to the 2019 Global Smart Home Market. It'll grow to $81 billion by 2023, the report projects.

What's even better is that you no longer need a complicated setup of monitoring cameras, as most modern security systems are unobtrusive, easy to install and use, and even So we have done the legwork for you – we're good like that – to present this list of five of the best home security solutions .

Best DIY Smart Security Systems 2019 . Do-it-yourself security systems sometimes include smart home integration, too, which adds a bit of a one-two punch to the whole bit. Many of the app-first solutions will let you set up individual PIN codes for the different members of your household, while

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One of the most wallet-friendly options: the Wyze bulb. You can get one for $8 or four for $30 -- not too much more than a regular LED bulb. These gadgets connect directly to your Wi-Fi, and are perfect to schedule and forget about.

Set up fake security cameras

While we're talking deterrence, it might be worth considering dummy cameras. Especially for larger properties, where you want to cover a lot of ground without breaking the bank, fake security cameras can make your house look like a locked-down compound. You can order a four-pack of dummy cams for under $20 here.

5 top cheap home security solutions of 2019

  5 top cheap home security solutions of 2019 Every one of these smart devices will cost you less than $20.The Wyze Cam costs just 20 bucks.

Find the best home security system for you and your family. We detail home alarm system costs, performance and other factors for informed decision Vivint Home Security Pros and Cons: Vivint is a complete solution . The company has an extensive list of equipment, plus it helps you outfit an entire

We select the top five cheap wireless security cameras independently tested at Which? to give you affordable and versatile home security . We round up the best wireless security cameras for less than £130 to give you peace of mind when you're not at home . Plus, see the models to avoid.

Of course, deterrence will only get you so far. If a burglar breaks into your house, you'll still want some sort of device to alert you to the breach.

Buy a real (cheap) smart cam

As CNET's Megan Wollerton has pointed out, "The era of the $200 security camera is over." Today, you can find smart cams for $20 -- yes, that cheap -- that actually offer most of the smarts of the higher end models. Wyze is our pick for the wallet-friendliest smart cam, and it offers free person-alerts, 14 days of cloud storage and an SD card slot if you want continuous recording. That's pretty incredible for the price.

Use a security sensor kit

If you're less concerned about recording specific rooms, and more interested in monitoring entryways to your house, the security sensor kit could be a better fit for you. Wyze again takes the cake here, with a $20 kit that includes a bridge (which connects to the Wyze camera and helps the devices communicate), two door/window sensors and one motion sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition will guarantee you four years of Android updates

  Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition will guarantee you four years of Android updates Samsung offers more security and support to businesses as they embark on connected workforce strategies . Specifically, customers will get access to three years of enhanced support, including next-business day response, and four years of regular Android and Samsung security updates. Admins will also be able to issue firmware and patches over the air.

Best Cheap Laptops. Best Computer Mice. Bottom Line: Trend Micro Internet Security adds useful components to the already rich feature set of Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security , but its big brother Pros: Good antivirus lab scores. Useful home network security scanner. Anti-theft software for laptops.

A chic and simple home security solution with options to avoid monthly fees and contracts — although its upfront cost could be a dealbreaker. It was acquired by the home security kingpin ADT in early 2019 so the company could better serve do-it-yourselfers who don't want professionally installed or

Again, for the price, this is a solid deal. For a small apartment, or if you're just covering your front and back doors, this kit could keep you solidly covered for super cheap.

Wyze Labs© Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. Wyze Labs

Ask Alexa to keep an ear on the house

As a relatively recent addition to the Echo's feature set, Alexa Guard can help keep an ear (or some far-field microphones) on your house when you're away. An Echo Dot, which you can find on sale for $25 fairly often, is the cheapest way to get Alexa Guard in your house. But if you already have an Echo, it's totally free.

a close up of a door: Screenshot by David Priest/CNET© Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. Screenshot by David Priest/CNET

Just say, "Alexa, I'm leaving" to switch on the feature. Then your Echo will listen for glass breaking, alarms or the sound of humans moving around your house (it can distinguish between pets and people) -- and you'll receive a mobile alert if it hears anything.

For renters, add a retrofit lock

It can be tough for renters to boost their home security in part because installation can be pretty involved -- especially when you're talking smart deadbolts. So if you want to add a little security without much hassle or cash down, consider a retrofit lock like this one.

Devices like these, while not Wi-Fi connected, still offer clever ways to add one more barrier for burglars to bypass, which equals a little peace of mind for the anxious homeowner.

Abode’s DIY home security system is now compatible with HomeKit .
Abode's Iota smart home security device is now compatible with Apple HomeKit. If you're an iOS users, that means you'll be able to control your Iota through the Home app on your iPhone or iPad. You'll also be able to control any Abode-branded motion, door and window sensors through the Home app if they're connected to the Iota gateway. The Iota gateway has a built-in 1080-pixel camera, which you can stream through the Home app. It has two-way voice and support for Z-Wave, Zigbee, Alexa and Google Home, making it one of the most flexible smart-home hubs to date.

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