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Technology Verizon 5G Home's expansion boosts broadband with mobile tie-in

19:41  21 october  2019
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Comcast, Charter will reportedly use Verizon for 5G service

Comcast, Charter will reportedly use Verizon for 5G service Xfinity Mobile and Spectrum Mobile are getting 5G.

What every smart home needs. With 5 G Home , you’ll have plenty of bandwidth for all your Get more from 5 G Home , too. Check out this comparison chart and see everything 5 G Home has to offer. Easy to use Wi-Fi gets a boost with totally new technology. Wireless Node. A cell site in your neighborhood

Verizon and Tom Tom announce a 5 G innovation project focused on making intersections safer for emergency vehicles. Verizon 5 G Ultra Wideband and the future of finance. The next generation of wireless technology could streamline the banking industry, changing the way we spend and save.

Verizon is expanding its 5G home broadband network, with a twist. The wireless giant said Monday it will expand its service to Chicago on Thursday, joining parts of Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento and making it the fifth city to get home internet from its 5G network.

Verizon's updated 5G Home router and receiver. Verizon© Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. Verizon's updated 5G Home router and receiver. Verizon

Chicago's network, however, will be unlike the initial 5G Home cities Verizon launched last year. Unlike those four, the new network will run off the same 5G technology the company uses for its mobile network (something called 5G NR), where the original cities use a network (known as 5G TF) that's incompatible with the one it's deploying around the country for mobile devices.

FCC offers another $950 million for broadband in Puerto Rico

FCC offers another $950 million for broadband in Puerto Rico The FCC isn't done funding Puerto Rican broadband in the wakes of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Chairman Ajit Pai has circulated a draft order that would offer another $950 million to "storm-harden, improve and expand" broadband in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Not surprisingly, the FCC is pitching this using the prospect of next-gen internet access as a lure. This would help deploy 5G and gigabit fiber to the territories, the agency said, helping residents "fully participate" in the digita world. The funding comes on top of an earlier $130 million funding increase. Commissioners will consider the order at the FCC's next monthly meeting on September 26th.

Verizon currently offers 5 G broadband internet, called 5 G Home , in areas of Houston TX, Sacramento CA, Indianapolis IN, and Los Angeles CA. Mobile 5 G service from Verizon began in early April 2019 and is currently available only in limited areas, but more locations are getting 5 G throughout the year.

Verizon is in the midst of a massive 5 G rollout. In addition to fixed 5 G service, it has also begun rolling out its 5 G mobile service, starting with Chicago and Minneapolis. Here' s everything you need to know about Verizon ' s 5 G network, including when it will arrive in your town.

"We've always talked about how we're going to build one network for both mobile and home," Brian Higgins, Verizon's vice president of device and consumer product marketing, told CNET, noting that this expansion is something the company is "going to take into 2020 and beyond."

With the new 5G Home network, those in the downtown Chicago area who get the company's mobile 5G network can sign up for the internet service for $50 per month for Verizon wireless subscribers, with the company including taxes, fees and a new Wi-Fi 6 mesh router that has Amazon's Alexa built-in and that can double as a smart speaker. Those who don't have Verizon for cellphone service will pay $70 per month.

Verizon could carry OnePlus phones beginning in 2020

Verizon could carry OnePlus phones beginning in 2020 Verizon may soon carry OnePlus phones. According to Android Police, sources say Verizon and the Chinese manufacturer signed a deal and that the phones could arrive in 2020. It's unclear which model (or models) that would include, but PhoneArena claims the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition will be a Verizon exclusive in the US. This is all still hearsay, though, as neither Verizon nor OnePlus have announced the partnership. Given that OnePlus is now available through T-Mobile and Sprint, a Verizon deal wouldn't be entirely surprising. OnePlus is expected to unveil the 7T at a North American event on September 26th.

Verizon is promising home broadband speeds ranging from 300 megabits per second to 1 gigabit per second, or fast enough to download a Blu-ray movie in minutes. The carriers are aiming for peak speeds on the mobile side to far exceed that 1Gbps mark. Verizon is rolling out the red carpet for

For your home . Want ultra-fast, whole home internet? Verizon 5 G can give people the ability to do more and make things better—for everyone. Here' s a taste of what to expect. 5 G Incubator.

A mini extender that plugs into the wall is also included in the box to help cover the entire home with Wi-Fi, while an additional extender that resembles the Alexa-enabled main router-speaker combo will cost $299. Additional mini extenders can be purchased for $99.

An app for Android or iOS will guide you through the setup process, helping you choose the best place for the router to receive the 5G signal without having to call and arrange for a visit from a Verizon technician. Phones on Verizon's millimeter-wave network can struggle indoors, but the router comes with an antenna that can be separated from it and placed instead on the outside of a window to help bring the 5G service inside.

Verizon's updated 5G Home router and receiver. © Verizon

Verizon's updated 5G Home router and receiver.

If you need help, or if you need to install an antenna to the roof of your building to catch a signal, Verizon says it will provide a technician free of charge.

FCC approves additional $950 million for broadband in Puerto Rico

  FCC approves additional $950 million for broadband in Puerto Rico The FCC is making good on its plans to further fund Puerto Rican broadband. Commissioners have voted in favor of an additional $950 million to "improve, expand and harden" communications in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Over $500 million of this will go to fixed broadband in Puerto Rico over the next 10 years, while roughly $250 million will go to mobile data over three years. The Virgin Islands will receive $180 million in 10 years for fixed broadband, with another $4 million devoted to mobile.Regardless of the region, the awards will function in similar ways.

Verizon 5 G Home is the first 5 G home internet service in the US. Here' s where you can get Verizon ' s 5 G service, how fast it is, Verizon 5 G trials, and more. Verizon ' s at- home 5 G offering is based on the 5 G TF ( Verizon ' s 5 G Technical Forum) standard, but future implementations, including mobile 5 G

Verizon , the largest 4G LTE network. And now 5 G . In-Store Pickup is available across the U. S . at participating Verizon Wireless stores. #1 Overall Network Performance and Most Reliable Network, based on RootMetrics® by IHS Markit' s RootScore® Reports 1H 2019 of 4 mobile networks.

Wondering if you can get 5G in your home? Head to a Verizon store or Verizon's 5G Home website where you'll be able to enter your address to see if 5G is available in your area.

Verizon says download speeds on the service will range from 300Mbps up to 1Gbps. As with most of its mobile 5G cities, however, uploads, for now, will be done on the company's 4G LTE network. Higgins said the switch of uploads to the 5G network is planned for 2020. Latency will also improve next year as Verizon switches the uploads to 5G.

The company plans to turn on additional 5G Home cities in the future, and Higgins said it will migrate those in the first four 5G Home cities to the modern, mobile network in the second half of next year.

Unlike with the mobile network, there are no data caps for the 5G Home service.

a close up of electronics: Verizon's Stream TV box. Verizon© Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. Verizon's Stream TV box. Verizon

To persuade people to switch from their cable providers, Verizon is including three months of service for free and throwing in the choice of a free Amazon Fire TV Cube or Fire TV Stick 4K , or its own Android-powered Stream TV 4K streaming box. It's also including a free month of YouTube TV.

Verizon's mobile 5G network is live in 13 cities today and is expected to be in more than 30 cities this year. The company is focusing the 5G Home rollout on areas that don't already get its Fios high-speed broadband, Higgins said.

Those with Fios, however, will be getting a Wi-Fi 6 router similar to the 5G Home router in the future, though Higgins wouldn't say exactly when the upgrade would arrive.

a group of people posing for the camera© Provided by CBS Interactive Inc.

5G made simple

AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon team up push next-gen RCS texting .
For years we've been hearing about the potential of RCS, a protocol replacement for SMS that would bring iMessage and Whatsapp-like features to texting. Unfortunately there's been very little to show for it, with spotty support among carriers, and only Google and Samsung showing any real movement. Today the big four wireless carriers in the US -- AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon (parent company of Engadget) -- announced their "Cross-CarrierToday the big four wireless carriers in the US -- AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon (parent company of Engadget) -- announced their "Cross-Carrier Messaging Initiative.

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