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Technology Andrew Yang rules out third-party or independent run if he’s not the Democratic nominee

03:25  22 october  2019
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Andrew Yang says "Yangmentum" is surging in key states

Andrew Yang says The 2020 contender says growing support is surging in the states where the nation's first primary and caucus are held. "What do you think of Yangmentum?" "CBS This Morning" co-host Anthony Mason asked of Yang's rise in the polls. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); "I love it. You know, it — it's very catchy. We should make Yangmentum a thing. We've certainly made Yang Gang a thing," he said.

Businessman and Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang pledged on Monday to support the eventual Democratic nominee , even if it is not him , ruling out a third - party or independent run . “I would never do anything that would increase the chance of Donald Trump becoming president [again]

The 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries and caucuses will be a series of electoral contests organized by the Democratic Party to select the approximately 3 ,769 pledged delegates to the

Businessman and Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang pledged on Monday to support the eventual Democratic nominee, even if it is not him, ruling out a third-party or independent run.

“I would never do anything that would increase the chance of Donald Trump becoming president [again]," Yang said at a Washington Post Live event. "The goal is to beat that man, get him out of the Oval Office.”

Yang, a formerly little-known ex-lawyer and entrepreneur, launched his campaign in late 2017, warning of the societal and economic changes automation would continue to bring to the United States. To counter it, he has proposed implementing universal basic income in the form of a “Freedom Dividend" of $1,000 a month to U.S. citizens

Andrew Yang crowdsurfs at the AAPI Presidential Forum

Andrew Yang crowdsurfs at the AAPI Presidential Forum The businessman turned 2020 Democratic presidential candidate rode a wave of support at a political event in California. Literally.

He plans to run for a third term for governor and wants to advise the Democratic field on climate The 2004 Democratic nominee and President Obama’ s chief diplomat. Author of a recent memoir Is deeply upset about the Trump presidency and has indicated he would like to continue to play a role in

In 2010, he unseated the party -switching Democratic incumbent Arlen Specter in the primary, before losing to Here lie the presidential ambitions of fallen Democratic contenders: Bill de Blasio Dropped Out : 9/20/19 Last Wish: That the eventual nominee supports an assault-weapons ban and buyback.

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Since then, Yang has exceeded expectations in the Democratic primary despite his lack of political experience, out-fundraising and outlasting several lawmakers and elected officials. Yang’s campaign raised $10 million in the third quarter, more than those of several other sitting senators and governors who remain in the race.

At the Washington Post Live event, Yang reiterated his concerns that automation and artificial intelligence would continue to eliminate American jobs, saying he believed both Republicans and Democrats are wrongly focused on scapegoating other things — the former, immigrants, and the latter, bad trade deals.

What is Andrew Yang's 'big' Democratic debate surprise?

What is Andrew Yang's 'big' Democratic debate surprise? Yang mysteriously tweeted that "we've got something big in store!" Yang continued to build suspense, tweeting overnight that, "It seems to me that ninja-style headwear makes everything cooler." On Wednesday afternoon, he tweeted, "For those wondering I will be crowdsurfing in sandals at Thursday's debate." Yang pulled a similar stunt before the July debate, joking in a tweet that, "I would like to signal to the press that I will be attacking Michael Bennet at next week's debate," referring to the Colorado senator and fellow presidential candidate.

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton suggested this week that current primary contender Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is being used by the Russians who could be plotting a third party run to siphon votes from the eventual Democratic nominee .

Marianne Williamson and Andrew Yang were the only two out of the Democratic And he responded to Gabbard' s tweet storm with a slam at her relationship with Syrian dictator Bashar He said many U. S . troops are 'ashamed of what their country has done' by abandoning Kurdish allies who

“If you ignore that elephant [of automation] in the room, I believe you are making a grave mistake,” Yang told The Post’s Robert Costa. “If we’re stuck chasing immigrants or trade deals while artificial intelligence is about to lead the land, we are sunk.”

a man wearing a suit and tie sitting on a stage: Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang speaks with Washington Post reporter Robert Costa during the Washington Post Live's © B. Vartan Boyajian/For The Washington Post Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang speaks with Washington Post reporter Robert Costa during the Washington Post Live's "The 2020 Candidates" event in Washington on Oct. 21, 2019. (Bruce Vartan Boyajian for The Washington Post) As he did at the fourth Democratic debate last week, Yang lightly criticized a wealth tax — such as the one fellow candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) have made pillars of their campaigns — saying it had already been tried in other countries, only to be repealed because implementation problems meant it didn’t generate as much revenue as expected.

Andrew Yang annoyed Democratic debate overlaps with NFL game

Andrew Yang annoyed Democratic debate overlaps with NFL game Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang took to social media Wednesday to question the date and time of his party’s debate this week. © Scott Olson/Getty ImagesOn Thursday, the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will kick off Week 2 of the NFL season on Thursday Night Football, beginning at 8:20 pm ET. Beginning at 8:00 pm ET, the 10 leading Democratic presidential candidates will take the stage in Texas for what is scheduled to be a three-hour debate, which will run essentially the same length as the football game. Yang will be among the candidates participating in the debate.

However, if he does not win the Democratic nomination he plans to be a team player. Sanders has no intentions of becoming a sore loser by running a third Good for Senator Sanders. We need to hold our coalition together and support the democratic nominee . Let the repugnant party split their votes

Andrew Yang . He also claimed Trump is “ not the problem,” but a symptom of “a system that is not fair and accountable to the people,” and promises to fight corporate power and influence in DC. He is announcing his run later than other candidates because his daughter was successfully battling brain

“I am not conceptually against a wealth tax,” Yang said. “I certainly don’t want to walk us down the road that other countries have walked down and learned hard lessons from... I would not rule it out, but it’s not, to me, the first and best choice.” He later praised Warren, saying he was a big fan of the senator, despite their differences.

Yang, who has gained some notoriety for his uniquely candid campaigning style — he once crowd-surfed at an event in California — cracked jokes while simultaneously painting a sobering picture of the perils of automation. He quipped that he was nervous before appearing on the national debate stage for the first time, before the realization that “it wasn’t really a debate” calmed him down.

Still, at points during the Washington Post Live interview, Yang demonstrated the calculated polish of a politician sidestepping a question.

He brushed aside concerns that some of his campaign-trail jokes — about being a hard worker or knowing a lot of doctors because he’s Asian — were helping to perpetuate a “model minority” myth, saying Americans should be “smart enough” to know he’s joking when he says such things.

Andrew Yang to announce $120,000 giveaway during debate

Andrew Yang to announce $120,000 giveaway during debate Yang will announce the online raffle in his opening statement.

The 2020 Democratic National Convention is an event in which delegates of the United States Democratic Party will choose the party ' s nominees for President and Vice President in the 2020

Andrew Yang Businessman. Yang is a former tech executive and entrepreneur who is running the His political career began nearly 40 years ago when the Democratic socialist was elected mayor of He ’ s a long-time advocate of campaign finance reform, which could help bolster his credentials with

“I think, if anything, by bringing these stereotypes into the light and poking fun at them, you’re actually dispelling them and making them weaker,” Yang said. “I know that the Asian community is very, very diverse. And I would certainly never suggest that my experience or anyone’s experience speaks for everyone in a community.”

When Costa asked him repeatedly if Yang supported the protests in Hong Kong, Yang demurred.

“I think that the Chinese response to people who are standing with the Hong Kong people, it’s off base,” he said. “I think most Americans are deeply sympathetic to the Democratic protests in Hong Kong.”

“Do you stand in solidarity with them?" Costa asked again.

Yang paused. “I think that most Americans stand in solidarity with the people of Hong Kong,” he responded.

When asked how he, as a 44-year-old, would differentiate himself from 37-year-old South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who is campaigning on a message of generational change, Yang pointed to his proposal for universal basic income, as well as his plethora of other policies, which cover everything from protecting personal data to doing away with the penny.

“I think they could dig into our platforms and get a sense of our visions for the country,” Yang said. “I will say that everyone can see what my vision is because I have over 160 policies very clearly laid on my website... and that vision, I believe, sets me apart not just from Pete but from every other candidate.”

Democratic debate memes start rich with Andrew Yang cash giveaway

Democratic debate memes start rich with Andrew Yang cash giveaway Ten candidates took the stage in Houston and memes started cranking almost immediately.

And he responded to Gabbard' s tweet storm with a slam at her relationship with Syrian dictator Bashar A third - party bid by Gabbard in 2020 could draw votes away from the Democratic nominee and Party committees are expected to be neutral in the primary process - except in cases when the

While he has some interesting technocratic ideas, he ’ s basically running on universal income He was a buisiness man who wasn’t locked out of debates and most of the democratic primary Andrew Yang has not come onto the radar of major betting sites yet. That suggests his chances are slim.

Yang later said he would be willing to join someone else’s ticket as a vice president if he ultimately did not win the Democratic presidential nomination.

“Of course. I’m not someone who’s had some crazy, native desire to be president of the United States since I was a kid, 'cause I’m not insane," Yang said to laughter. “I’m a parent. I’m a patriot. I just want to help solve the problems of this era.”

Without divulging which other candidate he was most closely aligned with, Yang claimed, of all the Democratic presidential hopefuls, only former vice president Joe Biden had pulled him aside to talk about concerns over automation and the “fourth industrial revolution.”

“I’m definitely open to working with Joe,” Yang said in response to a question about whether he’d serve as Biden’s vice president. "We’ve actually talked about it.”

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Crowd cheers as Andrew Yang makes surprise appearance at hip hop concert .
Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang made an appearance at a rap concert in New York on Monday, in the latest attempt to dispel criticism that he has been perpetuating Asian stereotypes and feeding into the "model minority" myth, NBC News reports.The Venture for America founder reportedly appeared at the concert of Rich Brian - an Indonesian-born rapper who's part of the Asian-centric label 88Rising. Wearing his signature "MATH" (Make America Think Harder) hat, Yang shouted at the crowd "It feels like there's a f------ Yang Gang here tonight."A lot of #YangGang there tonight pic.twitter.

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