Technology Google says its quantum computer did a 10,000-year calculation in 200 seconds

16:10  23 october  2019
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Google reportedly attains 'quantum supremacy'

  Google reportedly attains 'quantum supremacy' Its quantum computer can solve tasks that are otherwise unsolvable, a report says.A new quantum computer from Google can reportedly do the impossible.

Within the published paper, Google explains how its internally developed 53-qubit quantum computer — Sycamore — was able to perform a calculation in just 200 seconds . Their benchmarks suggest that this would have taken a classical supercomputer around 10 , 000 years to complete the very same

Alphabet Inc.’s Google said it ’ s built a computer that’s reached “ quantum supremacy,” performing a computation in 200 seconds that would take the fastest supercomputers about 10 , 000 years . The results of Google ’s tests, which were conducted using a quantum chip it developed in-house, were

Google claims it has designed a machine that needs only 200 seconds to solve a problem that would take the world's fastest supercomputer 10,000 years to figure out.

Photograph of the Sycamore processor.© Erik Lucero/Google Photograph of the Sycamore processor.

The speed achieved by the computer represents a breakthrough called "quantum supremacy," according to a blog post from the company and an accompanying article in the scientific journal Nature.

The results announced Wednesday herald the rise of quantum computers, which can store and process much more information than their classical cousins by tapping into the powerful forces contained in the field of physics known as quantum mechanics.

Google may have just ushered in an era of ‘quantum supremacy’

  Google may have just ushered in an era of ‘quantum supremacy’ ‘The first computation that can only be performed on a quantum processor’Google’s quantum computer was reportedly able to solve a calculation — proving the randomness of numbers produced by a random number generator — in 3 minutes and 20 seconds that would take the world’s fastest traditional supercomputer, Summit, around 10,000 years. This effectively means that the calculation cannot be performed by a traditional computer, making Google the first to demonstrate quantum supremacy.

Google said in a paper published on Wednesday that its quantum computer had needed only a few minutes to perform a In this case, a mathematical calculation that the largest supercomputers could not complete in under 10 , 000 years was done in 3 minutes 20 seconds , Google said in its paper.

This quantum architecture purportedly could allow quantum computers to solve a set of problems that classical computers can’t in a reasonable amount of The Financial Times reports that they saw a Google publication claiming that the company’s quantum processor can perform a calculation “ in

One big difference: Normal computers use data that exist in only one state at a time — a one, or a zero. Quantum computers use quantum bits, or qubits, which can simultaneously be any combination of zero and one. The difference means much faster processing speeds.

Google will now try to build "a fault-tolerant quantum computer" as quickly as possible. The company sees applications in designing lightweight batteries for cars and airplanes, as well as new medicines.

"Achieving the necessary computational capabilities will still require years of hard engineering and scientific work. But we see a path clearly now, and we're eager to move ahead," it said in the post.

Quantum critics

The speed experiment devised by Google was criticized by some experts and rival companies after the results leaked online ahead of their official publication date.

Google may have taken first step towards quantum computing 'supremacy'

  Google may have taken first step towards quantum computing 'supremacy' Google may have made a breakthrough on the path toward creating a viable quantum computer. In a research paper briefly published to NASA's website and only seen by the Financial Times, the company reportedly claims to have achieved a feat known as "quantum supremacy." That is, the search giant says it has successfully created a computer that's able to complete a calculation that is virtually impossible for traditional computers to perform. Google says Sycamore, its 53-qubit quantum computer, was able to calculate a proof in three minutes and 20 seconds that shows the numbers created by a random number generator are in fact random.

The Google group reiterates its claim that, in 200 seconds , its 53-qubit computer performed an arcane task that would take 10 , 000 years for Summit, a supercomputer IBM built for the Department of Energy that is currently the world's fastest. But IBM appears to have already rebutted Google 's claim.

Image credit: Google . Google says it ' s achieved quantum supremacy. Google 's paper explains how its 53-bit quantum computer -- named Sycamore -- took just 200 seconds to perform a calculation that would have taken the world's fastest supercomputer 10 , 000 years .

IBM said in a blog post Monday that Google had overestimated the difficulty of the computing task. Instead of 10,000 years, IBM argued the problem could be solved by a classical computer in just 2.5 days.

"We urge the community to treat claims that, for the first time, a quantum computer did something that a classical computer cannot with a large dose of skepticism," IBM said.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai defended the company's claim in an interview with MIT Technology Review published Wednesday, comparing it to the Wright brothers' attempts at flight.

"The first plane flew only for 12 seconds, and so there is no practical application of that," said Pichai. "But it showed the possibility that a plane could fly."

China is considered a leader in the development of quantum computing, which could have significant military applications. The United States is trying to catch up, sparking fears of a quantum arms race.

Sundar Pichai standing in front of a store: Google CEO Sundar Pichai with the company's quantum computer.© Google Google CEO Sundar Pichai with the company's quantum computer.

Google Confirms It Has Achieved Quantum Supremacy. Now What? .
IBM has already refuted its competitor's claim.Google announced today that it has finally pulled off the computing benchmark, after a leak last month hinted at the feat. The company claims its quantum computer runs on a 54-qubit chip called Sycamore and took only 3 minutes and 20 seconds to calculate a problem that would take the world’s fastest computer 10,000 years to solve, Google says.

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