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Technology Silicon Valley congressman: Regulate political ads on Facebook just like copyright

16:41  07 november  2019
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Just that possibility gives Facebook political leverage and politicians reasons to want leverage over Facebook . And we are speaking not of the local It is a dangerous game, with enormous potential for corruption, which is why Mr. Dorsey and most of the rest of Silicon Valley are right to steer as far

Facebook , meanwhile, allows political advertisers to fire up current and potential supporters and to reach broader swaths of the population in order Still, the move to ban political ads on Twitter comes with complications. Dorsey in his announcement acknowledged that ending paid ads is likely to favor

Twitter has banned political ads, Facebook hasn't — who's in the right? There are powerful arguments on both sides, but the one thing they all have in common is the desire to strike some sort of balance between freedom of political speech and attempting to quell the flow of false information.

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US Rep. Ro Khanna, whose California district includes a portion of Silicon Valley, is one of those stuck in the middle. Allowing political ads to be posted with no fact checking was "wrong," he said speaking at a press conference at Web Summit in Lisbon on Wednesday. But he also doesn't believe in an outright ban.

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Further legislation around political ads would bolster the EU's efforts to take a leading role "We don't want the elections to be the competition of dirty methods like Cambridge Analytica, dirty money Last year, Facebook revealed political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica improperly accessed the data

“A digital ad platform public inspection file would be an important step forward in addressing the problem of undisclosed paid political ads on the The bill is the product of a month of behind-the-scenes work that began when Facebook first disclosed it had found ads linked to Russian accounts

"I don't think we should ban political ads from social media, and in the First Amendment's idea is that political speech should be able to get to people where they are," he said. "The question is, what is the balance? It shouldn't be the Wild West, but it also shouldn't be censored. Facebook needs to take steps to come up with a policy."

Khanna, a Democrat, also has a clear idea of how such a policy could work. He suggested a system similar to the one that allows the removal of content for copyright purposes. If a complaint was lodged and upheld by an independent regulatory agency that said an ad was blatantly false, the platform would legally be required to remove it.

"I think you could have an agency under certain guidelines that requires removal of ads there are blatantly false or that are suppressing the vote, and have that adjudicated in a way that is still consistent with the First Amendment," he said.

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Tolia concedes these regulations run “completely counter” to Silicon Valley ’s prevailing free speech culture. Nextdoor’s data could be especially useful to the burgeoning and controversial market in political advertising , in which companies are overlaying detailed data about Share on Facebook .

Twitter political ads don’t actually seem like they’re that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. Silicon Valley has foisted their experimental efforts on the public for far too long. There is an idea that Silicon Valley is finally saying we have responsibilities that we need to start focusing on.

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Zuckerberg gets grilled on Capitol Hill

There's been a growing sense among politicians and even tech executives over the past few years that the US needs to more closely regulate its technology industry. Incidents such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal and antitrust disputes have raised questions about how to ensure Silicon Valley is held accountable for protecting people's privacy and how to allow big tech companies to thrive without stifling innovation.

Khanna said on Wednesday that regulation in the US had fallen deeply out of step with technology, and he despaired over some of the basic technology questions tech executives have been asked by politicians while appearing in front of Congress."We don't need computer scientists, we need people who basically have a curiosity about what's happening in the world and are up to the challenge of having thoughtful regulations about technology," he said.

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  New Facebook logo arrives as its 'family' grows Facebook on Monday unveiled a new logo to represent the Silicon Valley company, distinct from its core social network. The move aims to highlight the Facebook "brand" which operates a range of apps and services including messaging, photo-sharing, virtual reality and is developing wallets for digital currency. The move aims to highlight the Facebook "brand" which operates a range of apps and services including messaging, photo-sharing, virtual reality and is developing wallets for digital currency.

Facebook now requires buyers of political ads on its network to be verified as United States citizens or permanent residents, to cut down on foreign interference. The only other political candidate to come close to Mr. Trump’s Facebook ad spending was Beto O’Rourke, a Democrat and congressman in

Facebook Software Engineer David Reiss grabs lunch in the cafeteria on Tuesday, June 30, 2009, in Palo Alto. After years in downtown Palo Alto, Facebook employees in May moved into their new 150,000-square-foot home in a former Hewlett-Packard building at Stanford Research Park.

Breaking up big tech companies up isn't a solution to solving the lack of regulation in the US, he added, because this wouldn't solve some of the major problems caused by technology — namely, privacy and jobs. Khanna said that he expects the regulation of big tech will be a big topic of debate during the next election, but also that he believes the discussion of bringing more tech jobs to the rest of the country should be more important.

"A lot of people feel that their kids may not have as good a shot at the American dream or as economic opportunity, because they don't know if they're going to have a shot at the jobs of the future," he said.

Khanna might be Silicon Valley's congressman, but one of his central positions on tech is establishing tech jobs across the US. He praised Apple CEO Tim Cook 's efforts to invest in addressing the housing crisis in California, but said there's still an economic incentive to grow the technology industry elsewhere — especially in rural America.

"Our country will fall apart if we don't integrate and provide those opportunities to these places that have been left out," said Khanna. "Put simply, no child should be forced to leave their hometown simply to get a good job. And I think there's an increasing awareness of that in Silicon Valley."

Reddit CEO questions Zuckerberg’s calls for online regulation .
Reddit CEO questions Zuckerberg’s calls for online regulationZuckerberg in a March op-ed suggested that governments could “set baselines for what’s prohibited and require companies to build systems for keeping harmful content to a bare minimum” — an idea he privately pitched to lawmakers during a rare trip to Capitol Hill last month.

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