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Technology These ex-Instagram and Facebook employees left to make Stories better

18:50  12 november  2019
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Facebook wants to make its ads more interactive

  Facebook wants to make its ads more interactive While Facebook will likely never be ad-free, the social network is at least trying to make advertisements more entertaining -- or more annoying, depending on how you see it. The social network is making more interactive ad formats available to advertisers around the world, including video poll ads for the News Feed on mobile. Ever come across poll stickers in Instagram Stories ads? Facebook's is very similar, giving you options to choose from with a video background. E! used it to promote one of its priority TV shows, so you might have already seen one around. © Provided by Oath Inc. Facebook Facebook is also making its playable ad format available worldwide.

Employees at Facebook ranked the company the seventh best place to work in the US for 2019, according to Glassdoor. But there are plenty of reasons to leave Facebook , too. " These days, instead of telling the entire story , I just say 'I couldn't have dreamed of making something as

But the good news is that Facebook Stories could be the best opportunity for brands to grow There are a few other differences between Instagram and Facebook Stories — we ’ ll discuss these a little later on. After you’ve recorded a photo or video, you can use multiple creative tools to make your

The lead developers behind social media tools like Instagram Stories and Boomerang left their jobs to build new features for the very tools they created.

a close up of a dog© Chroma Stories / CNN

A group of former Instagram and Facebook employees have rolled out a new app called Chroma Stores that capitalizes on social media trends at a pace far faster than what's rolled out by Instagram and Facebook. Flagship social platforms can notoriously take months or even years to push new features to the mainstream.

Yet more and more, users are looking for additional editing tools to spruce up their content beyond filters and clever captions. This has made way for a cottage industry of apps that help Stories, or photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours, stand out.

Instagram tests Group Stories after Facebook ditched them

  Instagram tests Group Stories after Facebook ditched them Facebook might not be giving up on Group Stories just because it's cutting them from its main app. App sleuther Jane Manchun Wong has found test code for a Group Story feature in Instagram. There's no mystery to how it works -- you'd just choose to "share to Group Story." Still, it could be helpful for those moments when you'd like to recap your adventures for a smaller social circle beyond those you've marked as Close Friends. Like other tests,Like other tests, there's no guarantee this will make the cut. That's particularly relevant given the fate of the equivalent feature in Facebook. However, it might stand a better chance of survival in Instagram.

Ex - Facebook Employees Reveal What It's Really Like Working for Mark Zuckerberg. Multiple former employees who were interviewed for the piece compared the general company vibes to "It is not OK to act like this is not the best place to work." This allegedly forced facade of the ideal workplace is

1. Create native Stories ad creatives. This is probably the most important tip to take note of. Facebook has made it super easy to use your Facebook Many businesses, including ourselves, are seeing better results with Facebook and Instagram Stories ads than feed ads. I would highly recommend

Chroma Stories is among these new apps, offering a variety of fonts and other special effects to help users jazz up their Stories for social platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, which pioneered the concept of Stories. It's free to download for more than 150 templates and 20 fonts -- that's compared to Instagram's five font options for Stories and nine for Snapchat. Chrome Stories users can pay up to $30 a year for additional layouts, backgrounds, fonts and other features.

The app also allows users to edit photos, create multiple slides for a Story and add Boomerang-like video effects before posting to the platform of their choice. (Boomerang hasn't been updated since its 2015 debut).

One of the concept's cofounders is John Barnett, a former product manager at Instagram who was behind many of the site's popular filters, including "Lark" and "Juno," which haven't been updated since their debut. (Instagram has since added new filters for Stories, but the filters for posting to the feed have stayed the same).

Instagram might soon let you post group stories

  Instagram might soon let you post group stories Instagram might finally let you make stories for your group. According to app researcher Jane Mancun Wong, the company is currently testing out this feature in one of the app’s test builds.© Jenny Kane/AP Photo This Friday, Aug. 23, 2019 photo shows the Instagram app icon on the screen of a mobile device in New York. (AP Photo/Jenny Kane) Screenshots posted in Wong’s tweet indicates once you snap a photo from the stories camera option, it’ll let you post it to your stories, stories visible to only close friends, and stories for a group. Plus, you’ll be able to create a new group and post your story there too.

Instagram 's 13 employees share 0m as CEO set to make 0m reveals he once turned down a job at Facebook . 'But providing the best photo sharing experience is one reason why so many people love ‘ Facebook and we knew it would be worth bringing these two companies together.

Ex -Google and Instagram employees have created a new company called “Dreams,” and they have one goal – to make vertical videos the standard for video and film. They’ve already received million worth of investment and have done an immense amount of research on the topic to see if it was

He also helped develop Boomerang, Instagram's tool that makes videos loop back and forth, and Stories, a feature he later brought to Instagram's parent company Facebook. Stories has over 500 million active users each day on Instagram. YouTube, Skype and others have since rolled out their own versions of Stories.

But more than a year ago, Barnett, along with former colleagues Joshua Harris and Alex Li, left Facebook to create something new; an appealing opportunity to move faster on features with their own startup. The new app employs six full-time staffers, including two other former Instagram engineers. In December 2018, the company raised seed funding from firms including Index, Combine, Sweet Capital and others, for an undisclosed amount.

"As a startup, we can move even faster," Barnett told CNN Business. "We can go and ship [a feature], try it out and get that to people a week or two later. If it's a totally new product, that can take sometimes months, if not years, depending on what technology it involves [at Instagram].

Instagram testing group story feature despite Facebook ditching it

  Instagram testing group story feature despite Facebook ditching it Over the weekend, reverse software engineer Jane Manchun Wong discovered by looking through Instagram's code that a group stories feature could soon be coming to the stable version of the app. Notable for finding unannounced upcoming features and security vulnerabilities within an application's code, reverse software engineer Jane Manchun Wong recently reported that Facebook-owned Instagram is currently testing Group Stories.Notable for finding unannounced upcoming features and security vulnerabilities within an application's code, reverse software engineer Jane Manchun Wong recently reported that Facebook-owned Instagram is currently testing Group Stories.

According to this ex - employee , the “Trending Topics” sidebar does make use of an algorithm that This led to speculation that the service might be limiting the surfacing of news stories about the Even if Facebook fired all of its “news curators” tomorrow and left its news feed up to the workings of

Former Facebook employees report the work culture at the social media giant resembles a “cult,” according to Facebook , which has been known to be one of the best places to work in Silicon Valley, has Naturally, ex - employees of any company could be expected to have some complaints, but the

Bigger companies like Facebook have a road map for the next 12 months, or even for many years, which "can make it harder to try something new," he said.

Startups generally have the ability to grow faster than a large organization and can put out a new product faster because the focus is typically more narrow, according to Eleftheria Kouri, an analyst at ABI Research.

"They don't have internal delays," she said. "They don't have multiple boards, and all these things that can delay a decision."

Chroma Stories is also working with influencers and popular content creators to build layouts for the app, including Brandon Woelfel, a photographer with over 3 million Instagram followers. The layouts include options with bright-colored borders and ways to add multiple photos to one Story post, a tool Instagram doesn't currently offer. Another photographer, known as @Bryant on Instagram, inspired layouts that make photos look like they're part of a retro roll of film.

Li, a cofounder of the app who also helped build Stories at Instagram, said Chroma Stories has a different business model than Facebook, which is driven by advertising and time spent. Chroma Stories, which doesn't plan to feature ads now or in the future, hopes users find enough value in the app to splurge for a subscription version.

TikTok is the hottest new thing in social, so Facebook is obviously copying it

  TikTok is the hottest new thing in social, so Facebook is obviously copying it Remember how quick Facebook was to steal every popular feature Snapchat in the past few years and add them to its own apps like Instagram and the Facebook app itself? Well, the company is about to rinse and repeat, but this time around it’s going after a different company. TikTok is the hottest new social app right now, so Facebook obviously went ahead and stole one of TikTok’s key features to use in Instagram. Meet Instagram Reels. ImagineImagine Instagram Stories that let you record 15-second clips set to music, and that’s what the new Reels feature is.

Facebook is planning to integrate its WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger apps. Each service will remain a standalone app but the chat functions will 'We're working on making more of our messaging products end-to-end encrypted and considering ways to make it easier to reach friends and family

A look inside the perks and benefits Facebook offers its employees . Facebook . Twitter. Instagram . The 11 coolest perks at Facebook , the best place to work in America.

"Many people would argue that the current social network business model is not well aligned with the people using it and the people providing the service," Li said. "We're in a business where that's not the case, and I feel good about that."

To date, Chroma Stories has been downloaded 533,000 times, according to data from Apptopia, a firm that tracks mobile apps. But other apps, including StoryArt and Unfold, which offer similar layout options, photo editing and more fonts, have been exceptionally popular, too. In October, Unfold hit over 1.2 million downloads in October, while StoryArt reached over 1.4 million. VSCO, a filters app which has been a favorite among Millennials and Gen Z, has surpassed 4.3 million downloads, according Apptopia.

Although ABI Research's Kouri said it's been a smart strategy for these companies to tap into the large user bases on social platforms, others argue these apps may appeal only to a niche group of social media users.

"It's really for people who care very strongly about what they look like online, and how they are perceived online," said Randi Priluck, a marketing professor at Pace University who studies social media. "Most people will just use the tools already available [on Instagram]."

While there's nothing stopping Instagram or another platform from copying any of Chroma's popular features, the app said it will protect against this by continuing to create more of what resonates.

"We're going to come up with the next thing. They can copy or take or whatever and it's okay," said cofounder Harris. "We'll just keep adding to that awesome toolbox."

a couple of people posing for the camera: Chroma Stories founders Alex Li (left), Joshua Harris and John Barnett.© John Barnett Chroma Stories founders Alex Li (left), Joshua Harris and John Barnett. a close up of a dog: Chroma Stories gives users more tools to spice up their Stories for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more.© Chroma Stories / CNN Chroma Stories gives users more tools to spice up their Stories for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more.

Facebook can flesh out your Dating profile with existing Stories .
If Facebook Dating is going to compete with the heavyweights of the hookup world, that means offering livelier profiles -- and it won't surprise you to hear how it's going to accomplish that. You can now share your existing Facebook or Instagram Stories in Dating to give potential partners a sense of who you really are. If they're enamored, they can send a Like to (hopefully) get the sparks flying. You can keep looking at Stories as long as one side hasn't blocked or passed on the other. And sharing your Stories doesn't change your sharing settings in Facebook or Instagram -- you don't have to worry about widening access to your account just to woo someone.

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