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13:45  18 november  2019
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The FTC has reportedly opened a probe into Amazon's cloud business

  The FTC has reportedly opened a probe into Amazon's cloud business The US Federal Trade Commission is expanding the scope of its Amazon probe to include its cloud business, according to Bloomberg. In addition to looking into the company's e-commerce business, investigators have reportedly started asking the software companies Amazon works with about Web Services' practices to figure out it's been harming competition or violating any antitrust laws. Amazon Web Services has been providing most of the company'sAmazon Web Services has been providing most of the company's operating income over the past four years. It didn't meet analyst expectations in the third quarter of 2019, and its growth seems to be slowing down a bit, but it still posted $9 billion in sales.

The Vonage Business Cloud increases efficiency by integrating with the most widely used cloud -based applications. For example, insurance companies often integrate Salesforce with Vonage

With Vonage Business Cloud , upgrading your business communications is simple. We offer easy setup, onboarding and training, and 24/7 support so you can get up and running fast.

In the age of the landline, Vonage was pretty much a household name. But now that most of us are using our cell phones at home, the company has invested in its Business Cloud Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. And though you have to pay extra for basic features like video conferencing, chat and file sharing, pricing scales on the number of lines you'll be using, which should appeal to enterprises with legacy phone systems.

a screenshot of a cell phone: Vonage Business Cloud© Provided by Future Publishing Ltd. Vonage Business Cloud

If you’re running a small business that only needs one to four lines, the price per month per user is going to be higher than if you’re at a business with 20 to 99 employees. Plus, unlike some of the other players in the VoIP market, Vonage Business Cloud requires no annual contract. The downside is that most competitors really can offer more for less money.

Companies aren't keeping their cloud data secure

  Companies aren't keeping their cloud data secure New research from Thales has shed light on the difficulties of securing sensitive data in the cloud.To compile its 2019 Thales Global Cloud Security Study, the firm surveyed more than 3,000 IT and IT security practitioners from Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Japan, the UK and the US. Of those surveyed, only one in three (31%) organizations believe that protecting data in the cloud is their own responsibility.

To ensure the highest level of security, Vonage Business Cloud will require that browsers use TLS 1.2 or higher by the end of April 2018. You must update your browser prior to 4/15/18 to ensure that you

Whether you need business phone service or powerful business cloud solutions, Vonage provides unified communications for small businesses , enterprises and beyond.

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a desktop computer sitting on top of a table: Vonage Business© Provided by Future Publishing Ltd. Vonage Business

Key features and pricing

For the most part, the functionality you get when you sign up for Vonage Business Cloud is par for the course. The difference between it and, say, RingCentral Office is that Vonage’s trio of subscription plans is that RingCentral gives you a lot more at the base level.

Assuming you want just one to four lines, the $19.99 (£16) Vonage Business Cloud Mobile plan is – in Vonage’s own words – great for “any team that doesn’t need desk phones.” It offers unlimited calling and texting, a desktop app, a mobile app and VonageFlow, which is apparently Vonage’s team messaging service. Sure.

a screenshot of a cell phone: Mobile and PC apps© Provided by Future Publishing Ltd. Mobile and PC apps

The problem is you don’t get anything else - there's no auto-attendant or conferencing, and if the few features you do get with the Vonage Business Cloud Mobile plan are limited to PCs and smartphones, then RingCentral’s most affordable business option is clearly a better value. Even 8x8 Virtual Office Pro’s $25 (£19.26) per user per month X2 Edition plan is more compelling, despite being a little pricier, since it comes with a phone line with a unique number and extension, an auto attendant and internet fax.

Google Cloud Print follows Reader and Inbox to the trash heap after 2020

  Google Cloud Print follows Reader and Inbox to the trash heap after 2020 If there's anything Google loves as much as launching interesting new projects (say hello to Stadia and Duplex on the web!), it's killing them off after a few years, and now we have an end date for Google Cloud Print. The service launched in 2010 as a way to make printers more accessible for Chrome OS, but 9to5Google points out a post on the support site that indicates its services are no longer needed. Google correctly notes that it has improved native printer support on Chrome OS, but Cloud Print has been a welcome link from all kinds of devices to the printers we know, love and are endlessly frustrated by when they refuse to work.

Using the Vonage Business Cloud Mobile App employees can link their business phone numbers to mobile devices & access robust calling features. Get started.

Vonage cloud -based business phone system. With over 40 features, a VoIP office phone system will help your team to work smarter. Or have a Vonage Business Cloud specialist call you.

Nevertheless, Vonage seemed to have set their sights on enterprises who are less concerned with cost and more interested in working with legacy PBX systems based on landlines than cloud services, and this is where pricing and features work in Voange's favor.

If you bump the number of lines up to 5 to 19 lines, the lowest price for the Vonage Business Cloud becomes a bit more digestible. It’s $17.99 (£14) per month per line. Otherwise, if you need between 20 and 99 lines, it’s going to cost you $14.99 (£12) per user per month. Anything more than that in terms of desired lines, and you’ll have to contact the Vonage Business Cloud sales team for pricing.

  Vonage Business Cloud © Provided by Future Publishing Ltd.

Next up is the Vonage Business Cloud package that businesses will more likely find attractive: the Premium Plan. At $29.99 (£25) for one to four lines, its pricing falls between RingCentral’s Standard and Premium subscription packages. Again, adding 5 to 19 lines brings the price down to $27.99 (£23) whereas 20 to 99 lines will result in a price drop down to $24.99 (£21). However, Vonage Business Cloud Premium’s functionality is frankly more limited than that of the $24.99 (£19) RingCentral Standard package.

A one-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud apps is 40 percent off for Black Friday

  A one-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud apps is 40 percent off for Black Friday Save up to $240 on a one-year subscriptionYou read that right: this 40 percent price cut applies only if you elect to subscribe to every one of Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps. While you might only use one or two apps, like Photoshop and Lightroom, subscribing gets you access to all of the apps on all of your devices.

With Vonage Business Cloud , upgrading your business communications is simple. We offer easy setup, onboarding and training, and 24/7 support so you can get up and running fast.

Are you a Vonage Business customer? Log into our Business Cloud or Enterprise platform here.

While it does have a multi-level auto assistant, video conferencing, chat, file sharing and some integrations, Vonage Business Cloud Premium is missing internet fax and voicemail-to-email transcription forwarding. That said, CRM integrations don’t kick in with RingCentral (For Business) unless you’re subscribed to the $34.99 (£26.97) Premium plan, which costs more than Vonage Business Cloud’s Premium plan.

Speaking of which, the list of CRM integrations you’ll find with Vonage Business Cloud is extensive. The company says its business VoIP service integrates with Salesforce, G Suite, Office 365, Clio, Bullhorn, ConnectWise, JobDiva, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, and Zoho. RingCentral (For Business) integrates with, ZenDesk and 8x8 Virtual Office Pro integrates with Salesforce, ZenDesk and Netsuite.

a person using a laptop: App on a tablet© Provided by Future Publishing Ltd. App on a tablet

Lastly, Vonage Business Cloud, like other VoIP services, has a top-end plan that only certain companies will find appealing. At $39.99 (£32) per user per month with one to four lines, Vonage Business Cloud Advanced is somewhat more enticing if you want 5 to 19 lines for $37.99 (£30) or 20 to 99 lines for $34.99 (£28). It comes with 15 hours of on-demand call recording, call group and visual voicemail. Oh, and Vonage will set it up for you.

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Vonage Business provides cloud -based business communications solutions for small, mid-size & enterprise businesses . Get a quote for integrated communications.

Vonage offers business grade cloud unified communications as well as VoIP service for your home. Get a quote for VoIP phone service, cloud solutions & more.

Final verdict

Compared to other cloud-based VoIP services Vonage Business Cloud seems to under-deliver on a number of fronts. When compared to competitors it's difficult to see what could really appeal for small businesses. Where Vonage seems to be targeting this service is at enterprises who would like to touch on cloud services while still being reliant on landlines. In that regard Vonage can deliver but chances are competitors can deliver more.

Despite the negatives, Vonage does offer a lot of features and can obviously cater for its target market. But, if you're a new or small business, and you're looking to fully embrace digital transformation when it comes to cloud-based phone systems, you're probably better off looking to more innovative competitors such as RingCentral, Dialpad, or Jive.

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Google's 2020 transparency reports will include enterprise data requests .
Google's twice-per-year transparency reports are about to feature more details on government snooping. At the start of next year, the company says it will include a section in the documents that details the number of enterprise Google Cloud and GSuite data requests the company has fielded from governments. "The publication of this information is an important milestone in our efforts to improve transparency and help address broader uncertainty about how often governments are coming to Google to request access to enterprise customer data," said Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian in a brief blog post.

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