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Technology New Amazon AI can transcribe a doctor's natural speech to text

17:31  03 december  2019
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The Pixel 4's Recorder app can capture and transcribe simultaneously

  The Pixel 4's Recorder app can capture and transcribe simultaneously Google's Pixel 4 smartphone will come with a nifty new Recorder app that is sure to earn fans among journalists and students. In one of the more show-stealing parts of the company's fall hardware event, Google's Sabrina Ellis revealed she had been using the app throughout her presentation to record her part of the keynote. The app can both record and transcribe audio at the same time. Additionally, thanks to machine learning, it can identify specific words and sounds, allowing you to use the app's built-in search function to find specific parts of a transcript. Ellis later revealed that the entire demo was done with the Pixel 4 in airplane mode.

If the transcription proves accurate after a thorough check, the doctor in question can prompt Transcribe Medical to automatically feed the patient If you're a doctor who thinks you could benefit from Transcribe Medical, the details surrounding how this technology works, and how you can take

Speech - to - text system is very accurate and can deliver transcriptions straight into the patient’ s medical record. Over at AWS re:Invent 2019, Amazon has launched a new machine learning-powered service which can transcribe conversations between doctors and patients, effectively

Amazon's newly introduced Amazon Transcribe Medical is an automatic speech recognition technology that understands medical lingo -- abbreviations and all -- and can transcribe a doctor's speech to text.

a woman standing in front of a computer: Amazon announces a new speech recognition service for clinical settings.© svetikd/ Amazon announces a new speech recognition service for clinical settings.

Two years after Amazon announced the Amazon Transcribe service, a tool that automatically converts speech to text complete with natural formatting and punctuation, the company announced Amazon Transcribe Medical, a similar tool that has been optimized for clinical settings.

This tool would automatically convert the speech of doctors reading aloud their clinical notes to text in real time. According to Amazon, clinicians don't need to feed the tool punctuation by saying things like "comma" or "full stop" -- these details are understood by the technology.

Pixel 4 Recorder app can transcribe speech in real time without an internet connection

  Pixel 4 Recorder app can transcribe speech in real time without an internet connection On-device and in real time, without sending data to the internet .For whatever reason, Google hasn’t made a voice recorder app before now. It’s been an odd absence on Pixel phones. And while it could be remedied by downloading any number of apps from the Play Store, having a simple one built into a phone should very much be an expected feature.The Recorder app really does seem to push beyond what most voice recorders can do, though. Apple’s Voice Memos app, for instance, just records audio and stores it for playback.

With Amazon Transcribe you can save on the costly process of manual transcription with an efficient and During the preview you can use the asynchronous transcription API to transcribe speech in Whether alone or combined with other Amazon AI services this is a powerful service and I can’t wait

Cloud Speech - to - Text is tailored to work well with real-life speech and can accurately transcribe proper nouns (such as, Sundar Pichai) and appropriately format language (such as, dates, phones numbers). Google supports more than 10x proper nouns compared to the number of words in the

Medical speech doesn't have to be challenging to transcribe. You can now use Amazon Transcribe Medical to automatically convert medical speech to text.


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December 2, 2019

Once complete, these text files can then be sent to electronic health record systems or AWS language services like Amazon Comprehend Medical, which pulls out specific medical information from unstructured texts.

Matt Wood, the VP of AI at Amazon Web Services, told CNBC that the purpose of this technology, "is to free up the doctor, so they have more attention going to where it should be directed. And that's to the patient."

Likewise, this could potentially save resources in clinical settings, as human scribes and third-party transcription services will be less frequently needed. Amazon states that the service is HIPAA eligible meaning that it protects the privacy of individuals' medical data.

Right now, Amazon Transcribe Medical is available in the East and West regions of the US.

Amazon AI generates medical records from patient-doctor conversations .
Amazon believes its latest Web Services tool will help doctors spend more time with their patients. The tool, called Amazon Transcribe Medical, allows doctors to easily transcribe patient conversations and add those interactions to someone's medical records with the help of deep learning software. According to Matt Wood, vice president of artificial intelligence at Amazon Web Services, the tool can understand medical language. Additionally, doctors don't have to worry about calling out commas and periods; the software will take care of that automatically.

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