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17:11  05 december  2019
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New traffic light technology helping firefighters in metro city respond faster

  New traffic light technology helping firefighters in metro city respond faster New technology is getting you faster help in an emergency in one metro Atlanta city. It's all tied to traffic lights.The city of Marietta is the first in the country to have technology that gives firefighters green lights at pre-cleared intersections. The city covered the $60,000 cost for the system with SPLOST money.

AI Is Helping Fight Wildfires Before They Start. Wildfires are notoriously unpredictable, but that hasn’t stopped Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Ralph Terrazas from spending much of his As a battalion chief more than 20 years ago, Terrazas was asked to figure out how fast wildfires move.

That ’s where AI could help . To date, there are two different approaches to AI : rules-based and When it comes to helping solve climate change, a learning-based AI could essentially do more than Even with the latest Amazon fires , I didn’t see any tweets about the idea of using drones to combat the

As wildfire season raged in California this fall, a startup a few states away used artificial intelligence to pinpoint the location of blazes there within minutes — in some cases far faster than these fires might otherwise be noticed by firefighters or civilians.

a close up of a rock: Kincade Fire in Northern California, as shot by the Sentinel-2 satellite on October 27.© European Space Agency via Descartes Labs Kincade Fire in Northern California, as shot by the Sentinel-2 satellite on October 27.

Santa Fe-based Descartes Labs, which uses AI to analyze satellite imagery, launched its US wildfire detector in July. The company's AI software pores over images coming in roughly every few minutes from two different US government weather satellites, in search of any changes — the presence of smoke, a shift in thermal infrared data showing hot spots — that could indicate a fire has ignited.

AI can help doctors spot brain hemorrhages faster

  AI can help doctors spot brain hemorrhages faster AI is already capable of discovering medical conditions with a high degree of accuracy. However, brain hemorrhages are particularly challenging -- false positives slow things down, while missing even a tiny hemorrhage could be deadly. The technology might be ready for it, however. UC Berkeley and UCSF researchers have created an algorithm that detected brain hemorrhages with accuracy better than two out of four radiologists in a test. The key was the algorithm's finely-detailed training data.The process relied on a convolutional neural network that pored over 4,396 CT scans.

An AI early warning detection system allows us to deliver care sooner.” Working with GE Healthcare, Callcut helped develop the Critical Care Suite Last week, the FDA cleared the AI for use. This means doctors can begin working with the software in pilot tests. Critical Care Suite should start to show up

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Descartes is testing its detector by sending alerts to select forestry officials in its home state of New Mexico and told CNN Business its wildfire detector has spotted about 6,200 total thus far. The company says it can often detect these fires when they're just about 10 acres in size.

"Since wildfires are hot, they stand out pretty well," said Clyde Wheeler, an applied scientist at Descartes who spearheaded the project.

It's a big change from how fires are often spotted in the US. Current methods include looking for fires via planes or lookout towers, or simply having civilians report them. Donald Griego, New Mexico's State Forestry Resource Protection Bureau Chief, told CNN Business that alerts from Descartes have "definitely" helped the state find wildfires more quickly than they otherwise could, and they've been pretty accurate.

Tesla and Walmart settle lawsuit over solar panel fires

  Tesla and Walmart settle lawsuit over solar panel fires Tesla and Walmart clearly weren't ready for a knock-down-drag-out fight over solar panel fires. The two companies have settled a lawsuit that accused Tesla of neglecting and botching installations for solar panels that caught fire on the roofs of seven Walmart stores. In a joint statement to Engadget, the companies said they were "pleased" and that concerns had been "addressed." The duo looks forward to a "safe re-energization of [their] sustainable energy systems," according to the companies. You can read the full statement below.

That ’s how Wolverton and his team at Northwestern used AI for a paper published this month in Science Advances. The researchers were interested in making new metallic glasses, which are stronger and less stiff than either metal or glass and could one day improve phones and spacecraft.

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Beyond that, the alerts can help first responders arrive more quickly, too. While a motorist or airplane pilot may call in a smoke report for a general area, Descartes' text-based tool narrows down where the fire is. "That's very beneficial," Griego said, "especially at night when it's hard to determine what mountain range this fire's actually on when you're on top of a peak 20 miles away."

The need for all manner of fire-fighting solutions is growing as climate change worsens wildfires across California and the Southwestern US. Wildfires blazed through California's wine country and the Los Angeles area in October, less than a year after a devastating fire leveled the California town of Paradise. Last year, California's former governor warned that the fires ravaging the state are part of a "new normal."

Descartes is just one of numeroustech companies that thinks it can help firefighters find and stop wildfires. California recently funded defense contractor Northrop Grumman and wildfire-analyzing startup Technosylva to come up with prototypes that can help detect and predict the advancement of wildfires. While such technologies may be helpful, it remains to be seen whether they will also increase the risk of authorities responding to false alarms.

2 men charged in investigation into SW Baltimore fires

  2 men charged in investigation into SW Baltimore fires Police have charged two men in connection with the investigation into several fires in southwest Baltimore. Baltimore police arson investigators are working with the Baltimore City Fire Department to investigate 17 fires since Monday. Five of the fires have been ruled arson and the others remain under investigation. Each fire has occurred in a vacant house and there have been no injuries reported. Sign up for our Newsletters "Just because theseBaltimore police arson investigators are working with the Baltimore City Fire Department to investigate 17 fires since Monday. Five of the fires have been ruled arson and the others remain under investigation.

When Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg promised Congress that AI would help solve the problem of fake news, he revealed little in the way of how . To spot a fake news source in close to real time, Nakov and his collaborators trained their system using variables that could be tabulated

Early detection systems could help firefighters combat blazes, aid in recovery, and prevent wildfires To prevent fires from igniting in the first place, AI will need more types of on-the-ground data. By helping point to “ fire mitigation hot spots ,” the maps could help planners figure out how and where

Though it's only been active a short time, Descartes claims its wildfire detector was able to alert the Los Angeles Times with latitude and longitude coordinates for the enormously destructive Kincade fire shortly after the fire began at around 9:30 pm on October 23. That alert was added to the newspaper's wildfire map and tweeted about by an LA Times data graphics editor before many people were even aware the fire existed.

To make this possible, Wheeler built several different algorithms that make up the fire detector. Each algorithm pays attention to different properties of fires, and they're tasked with coming to consensus about whether a fire is present in a certain place on the map.

One algorithm looks back in time and comes up with what it concludes a certain place in the world should look like without a fire, for instance, and that is compared with the latest satellite imagery to see if there are any changes, such as to the brightness of any pixels. Another looks for spots that are hotter than you'd expect them to be.

The current time to beat is nine minutes. That's how long Wheeler says it takes for Descartes to report a fire from the moment images are first captured by twosatellites operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Man accused of breaking into dorm at Jewish university, setting fires

  Man accused of breaking into dorm at Jewish university, setting fires A man has been arrested after he allegedly broke into a dorm at a Jewish university in New York City and set fires while students slept. © Getty Man accused of breaking into dorm at Jewish university, setting fires Peter Weyand, 33, was arrested and charged with arson, burglary with criminal intent, reckless endangerment of property, criminal mischief, criminal trespass and aggravated harassment in connection with an incident at Yeshiva University, according to a statement from the city's fire department.

Focusing on spotting patterns in how content spreads as a detection mechanism does have one major and obvious Even the most groundbreaking news do not spread extremely fast . UK startup Fabula AI reckons it’s devised a way for artificial intelligence to help user generated content platforms get on

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Any fire detection and related decisions that can be done in less than 30 minutes is pretty good, said Ernesto Alvarado, a research associate professor who studies wildfires at the University of Washington.

Caitlin Kontgis, an applied science team lead at Descartes, said the company is now starting to look at how additional data might help it track fires, such as digital elevation models showing the locations of steep slopes that would make it harder to fight a blaze.

Even if Descartes can improve the process of spotting and tracking fires, there may be limits for expediting what comes after. In New Mexico, after a text message from Descartes' fire detector goes to Griego and other forestry officials, it has to be forwarded to an appropriate field office that can verify that a fire exists. The field office can then notify volunteer fire departments in the area, depending on the fire danger they see at the time.

And the protocol for determining where and how to attack a fire varies from place to place, Alvarado pointed out. It can involve different kinds of people or vehicles — on land or in the air — depending on different factors such as who owns or is responsible for the land.

"There are several steps you need to take before someone shows up and starts suppressing the fire," he said.

Alvarado also cautioned that satellites still have issues when it comes to accurately detecting hot spots. What looks like a fire might actually be a hot area in a city or a lake or even a rock, he said.

Descartes said its fire detection considers factors like the angle of the sun at the time that a photo was taken, and whether a supposed hot spot in an image might be, say, a solar panel. Descartes also aims to be cautious about who it's alerting, and when.

"We don't want to map a fire and also link that to the nearest community if that fire is under control or the winds aren't going in that direction," Kontgis said. "We don't want to scare people."

Patsy the dog saves sheep from Australian fires: 'You little champion' .
Who's a good dog? Patsy, the kelpie-border collie mix, is a very good dog.Patsy's humans did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but Cath Hill, whose brother is Patsy's guardian, spoke to Metro UK about the very good dog. Hill told Metro Patsy and her human buddy rounded up a herd of sheep and the dog brought them to the farm's safest paddock as the farmer attacked the fire.

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