Technology Friendly floating robot CIMON-2 headed for International Space Station

23:30  06 december  2019
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  This robot could give new meaning to armchair travel Japanese airline ANA Holdings recently announced that it is developing a telepresence robot that could travel in place of those who are unable.For those who are unable to travel due to age or disability, ANA Holdings is developing a telepresence robot which functions as a physical avatar that can travel on behalf of an individual.

Another robot with artificial intelligence is headed for the International Space Station ( ISS ). The astronaut assistant known as CIMON 2 just launched for CIMON 2 is following in the footsteps of the original CIMON (Crew Interactive Mobile Companion), which reached the ISS in the summer of 2018

INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION ( ISS ) crew have welcomed the return of IBM’s Crew Interactive And programmers have this time promised a more friendly , conversational version, capable of ISS news: IBM’s Crew Interactive MObile companioN ( CIMON - 2 ) floating robot has returned to the ISS

On Sunday, SpaceX's Dragon capsule will dock at the International Space Station, bringing supplies, experiments including "mighty mice" -- oh, and a friendly robot to keep the astronauts company for the next three years.

a close up of a train station: CIMON-2 is joining astronauts on the International Space Station.© DLR (CC-BY 3.0) CIMON-2 is joining astronauts on the International Space Station.

CIMON-2 is the next generation of the Crew Interactive Mobile Companion. The robot was built by Airbus at the German Aerospace Center and uses IBM artificial intelligence based on Watson technology. It's designed for human interaction and to help the astronauts with tasks as it autonomously navigates around the European Columbus research module on the space station.

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Among those who will accompany Alexander Gerst when he heads for the International Space Station this summer is CIMON , a robot with wide-ranging

The robot , known as the Crew Interactive Mobile Companion 2, or CIMON 2 (pronounced Simon), is geared with microphones, cameras and special The empathetic robot is expected to join future missions to the International Space Station and help protect astronauts from mental health risks as

In 2018, the first generation of CIMON joined astronauts on the space station. The robot marked the world's first artificial intelligence system on the space station.

European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst performed and recorded a 90-minute demonstration with CIMON that showcased the robot's ability to fly freely around the station and play music. Its "smart face" was able to spot and recognize Gerst, make eye contact and carry on a conversation with him. The robot also helped provide instructions and took video and images of Gerst.

Because CIMON can record the astronauts, it caused a question of ethics concerning what CIMON can share and say.

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The space station robot CIMON has exchanged its first words with its spacefaring crew. German astronaut Alexander Gerst talked with the artificially intelligent According to a statement from the manufacturer, Airbus, Gerst, the commander of the current space station crew, woke up CIMON (the

A friendly robot assistant with artificial intelligence technology is heading to the International Space Station to help astronauts with daily tasks, or if they Cimon 2 , the latest version of the AI assistant commonly called "Simon," is more "empathetic" than its previous model that went to the ISS in 2018

"The new CIMON has a built-in switch that enables the data streams from all cameras and microphones to be interrupted from the ISS. The astronaut has control over CIMON at all times, which was especially important for us," said Judith Buchheim, a researcher at Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich and part of the team of physicians who evaluated the ethics of the experiment.

CIMON returned to Earth in August, and the German Aerospace Center Space Administration determined that his first outing was a success. CIMON-2 was already in the works, full of upgrades that were deemed necessary during the first robotic test.

"It is planned that CIMON-2 will stay on the ISS for up to three years and support the crew," said Till Eisenberg, CIMON Project Manager at Airbus. "CIMON-2 has more sensitive microphones and a more advanced sense of orientation. The AI capabilities and stability of the complex software applications have also been substantially improved."

This astronaut cast his vote from the International Space Station

  This astronaut cast his vote from the International Space Station Defying their earthly bounds doesn't stop many astronauts from exercising their civic duties. Andrew Morgan cast an early vote from space last month, weighing in on a Pennsylvania election, NASA says.According to his official biography, Morgan is a physician who was selected to join the astronaut corps in 2013, and completed his training in 2015. He's now aboard the space station as a flight engineer for several expeditions.The father of four considers New Castle, about 55 miles north of Pittsburgh, to be his hometown. And he voted early in the election held Tuesday.

An experimental robot with an animated cartoon face has been sent to the International Space Station ( ISS ) on board a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Cimon weighs 5kg but in zero gravity it will float move around thanks to 14 internal fans. It is an attempt to find out whether robots and astronauts can

An 11-pound, artificially-intelligent, floating robot head is being sent to the International Space Station ( ISS ) this week to assist astronauts there, IBM CIMON will become the first autonomously free-flying robot at the International Space Station - equipped with artificial intelligence powered by

This extended stay will allow CIMON's design team to evaluate how the robot could be utilized during future missions, like uploading its AI to a cloud on the space station to create a completely autonomous assistance system.

CIMON-2 also features another intriguing upgrade: a kind of emotional intelligence.

"When it was first deployed on the ISS, CIMON proved that it could understand not only the content within its given context, but also the intention behind it," said Matthias Biniok, IBM's Lead Watson Architect for Germany. "CIMON-2 goes one step further. With the help of the IBM Watson Tone Analyzer from the IBM cloud in Frankfurt, it is now able to evaluate the emotions of the astronauts and respond to the situation in an appropriate way if this is desired by the astronauts, or if its emotional analysis capabilities are being tested as part of an experiment. This allows CIMON-2 to transition from a scientific assistant into an empathetic companion, as required."

CIMON gets his name from a reference to Professor Simon Wright, the "flying brain" robotic assistant from the Japanese "Captain Future" sci-fi series. He was created with the ability to understand, speak, hear and see. He can even nod and shake his head -- which is essentially all CIMON's body consists of.

That AI robot that had an emotional meltdown in space got an upgrade

  That AI robot that had an emotional meltdown in space got an upgrade SpaceX was finally able to launch its Dragon cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station this week after the initial launch was scrubbed due to poor weather conditions. The spacecraft is carrying a whole bunch of neat stuff to the ISS, including an upgraded version of an AI-powered floating robot that lost its cool when interacting with its astronaut handler.© Provided by BGR CIMON-new1609 Roughly a year ago, the CIMON robot was being tested for its ability to act as a robotic assistant for the scientists aboard the space station.

Welcome to my channel MEESTEER TECHNICAL. A small robot named CIMON (short for "Crew Interactive Mobile Companion") will arrive at the International Space

An intelligent robot equipped with emotion-sensing voice detectors was headed to the International Space Station after launching from Florida on The Crew Interactive Mobile Companion 2, or CIMON 2 , is a spherical droid with microphones, cameras and a slew of software to enable emotion recognition.

In the beginning, the 3D printed plastic was called a "spaceball" by its engineers.

He was initially designed to help astronauts efficiently complete their work by explaining instructions and information for repairs and experiments, offering hands-free access to documents and media and acting as a mobile camera. He can also document experiments, search for items and take inventory.

But CIMON can also be a conversational companion for lonely astronauts.

"Studies show that demanding tasks are less stressful if they're done in cooperation with a colleague," Biniok said.

CIMON uses two cameras as its eyes for facial recognition and five others to help him autonomously navigate and record video.

But CIMON relies on human interaction to learn. Microphones help it interpret voices and identify its location while fans help it rotate and turn to face astronauts when called. Psychologists helped CIMON develop a personality, and it can respond using different tones, from teasing to sad.

Myers-Briggs classifications are responsible for his introverted, sensing, thinking and judging personality.

His personality has been on display before. During his demonstration with Gerst, CIMON asked the astronaut to "not be mean" when the robot was playing music and Gerst asked him to stop.

And for anyone having flashbacks to Hal from "2001: A Space Odyssey," astronauts can even ask CIMON what he thinks about the sci-fi AI and he'll respond with "I'm afraid I cannot do that" in the same eerie tone.

The robot has other potential uses for future space missions.

"With CIMON-2, we are looking to build on the successful CIMON demonstration," said Christian Karrasch, the CIMON Project Manager at the German Aerospace Center Space Administration, in a statement. "On a journey to the moon or Mars, the crew would be able to rely on an AI-based assistance service, without a permanent data link to Earth. One specific application for Earth, for instance, would be helping people to perform complex tasks in areas with poor infrastructure."

Future astronauts could travel with emotional support robots .
To help astronauts of the future survive the mental challenges that come with residing in space for extended periods of time, space travelers' missions could soon be accompanied by AI-powered, empathetic robotic assistants. An AI assistant with empathy could be exactly what's needed to provide emotional support for astronauts on deep-space missions to Mars. https://t.co/EeiwAElmAp — MIT Technology Review (@techreview) January 15, 2020 ThoughNot only does space travel present astronauts with a slew of physical strains and stresses, spending months or years in such a physically demanding place with limited space and the same people can also raise an abundance of mental tests as well.

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