Technology Scientists built an AI that can spot breast cancer better than a doctor

01:55  03 january  2020
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Usually, breast cancer screening is done by scanning mammograms (or X-ray images of the breast ), but they have limitations. It still isn’t perfect. While Google’s AI managed to beat human experts in many cases, there were times when experts caught the presence of cancer signs in the cases that

Google wants to give doctors web-like searches for medical records. Google made much ado of its recently created Health unit, but it didn't offer much insight into what that division would actually well , do. Now, however, it's considerably clearer.

Artificial intelligence is already invading many aspects of our daily lives, but while “smart” virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa can be helpful, more powerful AI might actually save your life. In a new study published in the journal Natureexplains, cancer-detecting algorithms are becoming so adept at spotting problems that they are now more accurate than human doctors.

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The work, which was carried out by a team of researchers including scientists from Google, focused on the ability of an AI system to positively identify instances of breast cancer across a group of over 28,000 patients. Put simply, the AI knocked it out of the park.

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Artificial intelligence can spot breast cancer more accurately than doctors , according to a study by Google Health. The technology’s reading of mammograms reduced both false positives, where healthy patients are mistakenly diagnosed with the disease, and false negatives, where the cancer is missed

Google’s artificial intelligence detected breast cancer better than doctors , a study published Wednesday found. The Google AI program that The research suggests that AI could help improve the accuracy of mammograms, the most common method of screening for the second-leading cause

Scientists have been training artificial intelligence algorithms to spot cancer in tissue scans for years now. Slowly but surely, researchers develop new, better algorithms that are more accurate and reduce the number of false positives and false negatives. At first, the “holy grail” was an AI capable of detecting cancer as well as a human doctor. Now, scientists are striving for something even greater.

As the paper explains, the AI is “capable of surpassing human experts in breast cancer prediction.” That means the computer is more accurate in spotting cancer, producing fewer false positives and false negatives in a head-to-head trial against six trained radiologists.

Google Health's AI can spot breast cancer missed by human eyes

  Google Health's AI can spot breast cancer missed by human eyes One in eight women will get breast cancer at some point. More accurate diagnostic tools are sorely needed.Unfortunately the current primary method of detection via mammogram -- a scan of the breast that's then examined by a radiologist -- can result in a false diagnosis of cancer for many women. For others, it misses the cancer altogether.

" Breast cancer is one of the highest causes of cancer mortality in women. Finding cancer earlier means it can be smaller and easier to treat. Last year the first ever systematic review of AI in medicine, published in the Lancet Digital Health, found that machines are now equally as good at

An AI system trained to spot abnormalities in mammograms can predict who will or won’t develop breast cancer better than radiologists. In an attempt to improve diagnoses, Shravya Shetty at Google Health and her colleagues trained an AI system on 91,000 mammograms taken from women

The team also tested the AI in a double-reading scenario. Double-reading is a process by which potential cancer scans are studied by not just one, but two doctors. This is done to improve the overall accuracy of the diagnosis. The researchers found that the AI was just as reliable in this scenario, with just 12% of the scans requiring a second look from a human doctor.

There’s still some work to be done before such a system could be implemented in a real-world scenario. Doctors aren’t ready to hand over the reins just yet, but it might not be long before computer algorithms are spotting cancers and saving lives in hospitals around the world.

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