Technology Translation gadgets in 2020 are nearly as good as Babel fish

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Female fish can create entirely new species if her partner is attractive enough

  Female fish can create entirely new species if her partner is attractive enough Dashing strangers can lure female cichlids into adventurous breedingThe study, published Wednesday in the journal Nature Communications, examined 2,000 fish from from two freshwater lakes in East Africa, along with DNA analysis of more than 400 cichlid fish (tilapia is a cichlid fish, for example). More than 40 new species were found in one of the lakes -- Lake Mweru. The hybrid offspring can feed on things their parents can't, invade new habitats, and swim into deeper waters than their ancestors.

Better drone detection systems should help prevent major air traffic problems. In 2018, drones flying near London's Gatwick airport during the peak of holiday travel affected 110,000 passengers and 760 flights. More recently, police arrested climate protestors who attempted to close Heathrow Airport

There’s really good news, though. Technology has made it much easier, and a lot more convenient to learn a foreign language. It starts with your There may be no better way to learn a foreign language than by speaking with a native-born speaker. If you’ve traveled to another country, you know what I

Hundreds of thousands of attendees from every corner of the globe descended upon Las Vegas last week to see the latest and greatest in consumer technology trends. However, with so many people from so many places in a single space, language barriers can be an issue. Thankfully myriad companies were onsite with their own tech-based solutions to address these communication breakdowns. We were able to check out a few and see which are best placed to become the babel fish we were promised.

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Brooklyn-based Waverly Labs has been making translation earpieces since its founding in 2014. The company released its first device, the Pilot, in 2016 and followed that up this past November with the Ambassador -- an over-ear device designed for travelers. The Ambassador detects and automatically translates any spoken word it hears within 8 feet. Well, technically, it listens to the words, transcribes them to text in its associated iOS or Android smartphone app (yes you'll need an LTE or WiFi connection, what did you think the process ran on pixie dust and unicorn farts?), translates that and then repeats the translation back into your ear. It can interpret 20 languages and 42 individual dialects.

Feature or bug? Translation key on China's WeChat takes jabs at other country's flags

  Feature or bug? Translation key on China's WeChat takes jabs at other country's flags Feature or bug? Translation key on China's WeChat takes jabs at other country's flagsReuters could not confirm when the glitch first surfaced or its origin, though reports of it by users began circulating widely on Twitter on Tuesday.

In the universe of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, bilingual communication was made easy by a small, friendly yellow creature called Babel fish . It could translate any language spoken in any galaxy. Scientists recently invented the world’s

AI powered translation piped through wireless earbuds is another big step towards the removal of the Some elements rely on a good data connection The Bragi Dash Pro wireless earbuds put AI in your ear with motion commands, smart controls and Babel Fish -like translation via the iTranslate app.

Two people can each don an Ambassador and carry on a near real-time conversation, or up to four Ambassadors can be wirelessly tethered to a single smartphone, allowing groups to easily converse, regardless of their native tongues. The devices can also be connected to a speaker system, enabling the user to address and take questions from an audience -- a super helpful feature when conducting a lecture or business presentation. You can expect around six hours of operation per charge when the $200 Ambassador ships in March 2020.

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We also took a look (and a listen) to the newest two-way translation device from Pocketalk. The palm-sized device is already a hit in Japan and will arrive in the US soon. Its latest iteration is smaller and lighter than its predecessor but sports a larger screen for easier reading as well as a back-mounted camera. That camera comes in handy when attempting to decipher text, whether that's a street sign or restaurant menu.

Welcome to Engadget's 2019 year in review

  Welcome to Engadget's 2019 year in review With 2020 fast approaching, it's time for our editors to look back on the year in tech. The first three articles of our year in review went live this morning, covering Spotify's big podcast push, the best games of the year and our favorite gadgets. Over the coming days we've got a lot more for you to read. What's the deal with high-profile streamers leaving Twitch? Is VR finally going to go mainstream now that a Half-Life game is on the way? What's next for the streaming wars? And when did tech CEOs lose their luster?Depending on who you ask (and let's not get into that whole "there is no year 0" thing), it's also the end of a decade.

It seemed that the Babel Fish envisaged in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy nearly 40 years ago was finally here. Back in January at the giant CES gadget show in Las Vegas we profiled a young inventor from Manchester who had arrived with something amazing to show off.

Make the most of 2020 . Read the FT in print for just . Doctor Who’s Tardis taps into telepathy; the Babel Fish in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reads brainwaves, while the To ensure accuracy, it reviews translations using measures such as fluency, tones of speech and specialised terminology.

The latest Pocketalk can also quickly convert currency, length, width and temperature. Inside are a number of translation engines so it can understand 74 different languages (55 languages for a two-way conversation, 17 languages for bilateral text-to-speech and another 37 languages for unilateral text-to-speech, again using a network connection. And, thanks to a pre-installed SIM, it operates in 130 countries around the world. The device comes with a two-year LTE data plan and can connect to WiFi as well, should the need arise.

I got a chance to play around with the Pocketalk and it's a slick little gadget at about half the size of my Pixel 2. Only a few taps on the large, well-lit screen are needed to set up the device -- whether you're translating Farsi to English or Argentinian Spanish to Cantonese -- and once that's done, it can be activated with a single touch.

Xiaomi teases a new Mi Watch Color smartwatch for 2020

  Xiaomi teases a new Mi Watch Color smartwatch for 2020 Xiaomi has a new smartwatch on the way, and it looks to be able to do everything you'd want a smartwatch to do.While the video is hardly spilling over with details and specs, it does give us a few ideas about what to expect. For a start, the watch has a circular casing, unlike the squared design of the Mi Watch that debuted a couple of months ago.

Babel Fish Translation .

It seemed that the Babel Fish envisaged in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy nearly 40 years ago was finally here. He insists his Clik earbuds do more than the Pixel Buds - group translation with transcripts after a multilingual meeting for one thing, much higher audio quality for another.

It only took a second or two for the Pocketalk to work its interpretive magic, both for spoken and written words. You'll get around 4.5 hours of operation on a 105 minute charge. I wouldn't want to try watching a foreign language film with it, but for normal conversations, the Pocketalk is capable of facilitating the interaction. At $300, it's a bit pricier than the Ambassador, but it also doesn't require you strap a gadget to the side of your head.

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The Ila Pro from TranslateLive, on the other hand, is a lot like the Pocketalk but much larger and way more expensive. The device can handle 120 spoken languages and dialects. It's design comprises a pair of touch screens connected at the top by a hinge. Each person in the conversation selects their preferred language and then just starts talking. The Ila translates in real time and displays the output on each screen like a text message conversation. This provides both people access to the transcript to ensure accuracy. The Ila can also access existing free TRS services from the FSS and connect via Bluetooth with braille displays and hearing aids, so even if you're hard of hearing or have reduced visual acuity, the Ila can help you out. And if you do somehow manage to stump the translation software, the Ila can call in a live interpreter to assist. But all those features come at a steep price, that being $1000 for the unit itself plus an annual $120 subscription fee.

Win a mystery bag to celebrate the launch of Processor, a new newsletter from Dieter Bohn

  Win a mystery bag to celebrate the launch of Processor, a new newsletter from Dieter Bohn Free stuff!

Babel - Fish for translation . In the faction science fiction great The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you slide a yellow Babel fish into your ear to get interpretations in a moment.

What are Babel - Fish earbuds? The Bable- Fish earbuds connect wirelessly with Google’s latest Through Google Assistant, the earbuds can translate 40 spoken languages nearly in real time or at The translation is currently processed on Google’s AI-focused data-centers, because it takes a lot of

Communication involves more than simply being understood, listening is an equally crucial component. Luckily, that's what the Langogo Minutes excels at. This handheld device doesn't just translate conversations in over 100 languages with a claimed 80 percent accuracy rate, it also records up to seven hours of audio and delivers written transcripts of what it hears.

The $90 device isn't available just yet, as Langogo plans to launch an Indiegogo campaign in September and hopes to begin shipping by the end of the year. It'll work worldwide once it does hit the market, using its built-in Cloud-Sim card. That will give users access to both 3G and 4G mobile networks in 72 countries as well as WiFi. Users can also replace that SIM card with one of their own if they prefer.

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Don't let the knock-off AirPods look fool you, the WT2 is a capable multi-language translator. The buds are designed to be shared; one for you and one for your interlocutor, and the magnetic case cleverly splits apart as if you were sharing a massive high-tech aspirin with your companion. The WT2 "only" offers translation for 40 languages, but also claims support for 88 accents. Though it's unclear what that means, as we can think of more accents than that in one state alone, let alone the other 39 dialects on offer.

Reading between the lines on Tom Brady’s future

  Reading between the lines on Tom Brady’s future Brady, Bill Belichick, and Robert Kraft have spoken — but what did they really mean? Let’s try to translate.Get more out of your Globe subscription: Sign up to text with Patriots writer Ben Volin during the NFL playoffs. Click here to learn more.

Google Translate already has a conversation feature, and its iOS and Android apps let two users speak as it automatically figures out what languages they’re using and then translates them. But background noise can make it hard for the app to understand what people are saying, and also to figure out when

What does the translating babel fish from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy have to do with your live chat solution? This fictitious little animal found fame in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as “the oddest thing in the universe”. What made the babel fish so unique was its ability to perform instant

The WT2 offers three main modes depending on your situation or environment. The most fun is "Simul" mode, in which both parties wear a bud and speak freely. The conversation is then translated in near real-time with a transcript appearing (in both languages) on the companion app as a backup. "Touch" mode is more helpful for noise environments, as the buds only listen for speech while you rest your finger against them, and "speaker" mode is helpful if you only have one bud, or (fairly) your companion doesn't fancy putting one in their ear.

In practise, the WT2 works well. We tested by holding a conversation with a native Spanish speaker, and despite some background noise it managed a solid translation without much delay -- certainly enough to keep things feeling (relatively) natural. Like many others on this list, you will need a data connection for the translation to work, but the app is easy enough to use, pairing the buds was a cinch and, unlike others listed here, you can buy the WT2 right now -- que bien.

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Interacting with another adult is one thing. Attempting to discern the intentions of a wailing infant is an entirely different kettle of fish -- but that's exactly what the CryAnalyzer Auto attempts to do. Developed in conjunction with Japan's NCCHD (National Center for Child Health and Development), the CryAnalyzer team leveraged data from 500,000 new parents to train their AI. The two-part translation system utilizes a dedicated microphone -- roughly double the size of a MacBook power brick -- that sits in the crib next to your baby's pillow and an associated smartphone app.

This $10,000 gold-plated keyboard is the tackiest way to blow your savings

  This $10,000 gold-plated keyboard is the tackiest way to blow your savings If you want to spend 10 grand on hardware, you could easily get the gaming PC of your dreams.Adata recently showed off this blinged-up peripheral over at CES 2020, and it’s essentially a gold version of the manufacturer’s XPG Summoner gaming keyboard. The main difference being that the Adata Golden Summoner is 24-carat gold-plated (with aluminium underneath that gold, so it’s one heavy keyboard).

Finally, a Babel Fish that doesn't feed on brainwave energy. However the translations weren't really in real-time, there was a lag between when the original message was sent and when the translated version arrived. You'll be able to walk up to nearly anybody in another country and hold a fluid

Firstly, Babel - fish earbuds provides you real-time translation after automatically figuring out which language the person is speaking, this Babel - fish cancels the noise and translates even typical phrases and words with a large support of over 40 languages. It is fast enough to hold the conversation.

When your 0-to-6 month-old baby starts fussing, the microphone picks up its cries and the app's AI system determines whether the kid is hungry, angry, sleepy, uncomfortable or bored. The developer claims that it can accurately guess what your ankle biter is feeling more than 80 percent of the time. Like the Langogo Minutes, CryAnalyzer has yet to hit the market. It should arrive in Japan come this August before spreading to the US and Australia after that. It will cost either $300 to buy outright or can be used on a subscription basis for between $10 and $20 a month.

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Babies aren't the only non-verbal actors whose emotions are being interpreted at CES this year. Japan's Inupathy debuted a vest that can help dog owners understand what their pups are thinking about (besides squirrels and belly rubs). The system consists of a harness, a heart rate monitor and, of course, a smartphone app.

The premise is simple: when dogs get excited, their heart rates spike. By monitoring,analyzing and interpreting this data, Inupathy claims to estimate your dog's current emotional state. That information is then displayed via a LED screen on the top of the harness. If the display flashes red, the dog is stressed; if it's green the dog is relaxed. A rainbow pattern is ideal as it indicates your dog is happy and actively engaged rather than bored and looking for one of your shoes to chew on. The device's developer hopes to launch a crowdfunding campaign in the coming months and bring it to the US shortly thereafter. Of course, it has also been pointed out that dogs do already come with an emotional signalling device preinstalled: it's called their tail.

Florida man catches oldest grouper fish, 50, in state records .
You never know what you'll get when you go fishing in Florida. The fish is "the oldest sample collected for our ageing program," the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Research Institute said Friday in a Facebook post. Biologists in the FWC Age and Growth Lab calculated the grouper's age by examining its otoliths, also known as "earstones," which are hard calcium structures located behind the brain in bony fish.Otoliths allow scientists to estimate a fish's age.

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