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05:05  18 january  2020
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 PowerPort Strip 3 with 3 USB Ports.  PowerPort Strip 6 with 3 USB Ports.

Power Strip with USB, Anker PowerPort Cube with 3 Outlets and 3 USB Ports, Portable, 5 ft Extension Cord, Overload Protection for iPhone XS/XR, Compact for Travel, Cruise Ship and Office. Select "Add both to Cart" to automatically apply promo code ANKERPT3. Here ' s how (restrictions apply).

For years, Anker has kept people's tech fully charged, wired and wirelessly. But you may not know that it has a line of power strips, too. We'll look at three of its premier strips: the PowerPort Cube, PowerPort Strip PD 2 Mini and PowerPort Strip 3. Each one houses several AC outlets, as well as three USB ports. These are powered by Anker's PowerIQ 2.0 technology, which recognizes a device's optimal wattage and charges it at maximum speed.

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The PowerPort Cube is $18.99 (regularly $25.99) on Amazon, while the PowerPort Strip PD 2 Mini can be bought for $33.99 on anker.com or Amazon. The PowerPort Strip 3 costs $22.99 on anker.com or Amazon.

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PowerIQ Anker ' s world-famous smart charging technically detects connected devices and adjusts voltage output to deliver a tailored, high-speed btw i live in the philippines and use a forwarding company to have it shipped here on my doorstep. i love anker products but im really disappointed.

Anker ' s PowerPort Cube is equipped with three USB ports and three AC outlets so you can power up to six devices all at once. Trying to find a way to charge multiple devices around your desk becomes a lot easier with a power strip like the Anker PowerPort Cube.

The strips share similar capabilities, but are shaped differently for a variety of situations and uses.

Take a look below to see what we thought.

PowerIQ technology

USB ports with PowerIQ 2.0 technology will automatically detect your device's optimal power output and match it. In other words, it will safely charge your device at its optimum speed. For example, you can charge an iPhone 8 in two hours, compared to the typical three. And a Samsung Galaxy 8 can reach full in just an hour and a half. An iPhone XS can even reach 50% in just 30 minutes, 30% more than the original charger would provide. Each strip comes with not one, not two, but three USB ports capable of these speeds.

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Power Strip , Anker PowerPort Cube, 3 Outlets and 3 USB Ports with Switch Control, Overload Protection, 5 ft Cable, Ultra-Compact for Travel and Office. High-Speed Charging: Deliver an optimized charge to USB devices with Anker ' s world-renowned PowerIQ technology.

This wonderful and extremely useful Anker USB-C power strip is available for you to own right now with a 28% discount applied. That financial outlay is going to get you optimized 30W charging all packaged together into a space-saving power -based accessory. This well-designed product is going

A space-efficient cube

The PowerPort Cube ($18.99, regularly $25.99; Amazon) is, frankly, one of the coolest power strips you'll ever come across. Measuring in at 2.4 cubic inches, it's a cube with ports on four of its six faces. On three, you'll find AC outlets capable of putting out up to 1250 watts. On the top face is a row of three PowerIQ 2.0 USB-A ports. Above that is the Anker logo, and above the logo is a circular button that toggles USB charging. On the bottom are four small nubs that act as feet.

In case you drop your Cube or it isn't working, there's a reset button on one of the faces with an AC outlet. A pen tip or paperclip can be used to press it. For a safety feature, the Cube has built in overload protection and its exterior is flame retardant up to 1,382 degrees. The length of the power cord on the Cube is 5 feet, 9 inches. In addition to the Cube, you'll find an instruction booklet and two adhesive strips in the box. The adhesive strips can be used to mount the Cube to flat surfaces — an addition that can come in handy.

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Anker is the global leader in charging technology, taking your mobile devices further than you ever thought possible. Join us now to win a free high-speed wireless charger.

The variety of configurations - right angle, power strip , swivel, or circular - means you will be able to find a surge protector that fits your particular room arrangement. With features such as coaxial and phone/Ethernet protection, you can also prevent your cable box, internet router, and telephone from

The PowerPort Cube is a flexible power strip. Its compact nature makes it great for travel, and a family could take this on vacation and not want for more ports. It's also more than enough for someone who takes a lot of tech with them. That being said, it works well as a permanent fixture, too. The amount of AC ports alone rivals that of smaller power strips, and since they're each on a cube face, your larger plugs won't get in each other's way.

But with the addition of the three USB-A ports, the Cube becomes a terrific fixture for tech, large or small. Plus, the adhesive strips add more versatility for keeping it in place on a desk or wall, or even beneath a table. I stuck mine to the side of my desk, powering my desktop and rapidly charging other tech like my laptop and Fire HD 10 tablet. And when I want to charge my phone, earbuds and Wonderboom 2 speaker all at once, I can just toggle USB power and start right away.

Portable power

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The PowerPort Strip PD 2 Mini ($33.99; anker.com, Amazon) is an exceptionally portable power strip. Its dimensions across are 3.1 square inches, and its width is just 1.3 inches. On two sides are AC outlets with up to 1250 watts of output. On the forward-facing side are three PowerIQ 2.0 USB ports. The central port is USB-C, flanked by two USB-A ports. On the top of the PD 2 is the Anker logo in the center with a power indicator light beneath it. When it's receiving power, the light will glow blue. On the bottom is a rubber square that provides traction. And, like the Cube, the external surface is flame retardant up to 1,382 degrees.

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Anker ’ s newest compact power strip can stick to your wall or the underside of your desk thanks to the included adhesive, and has every power connection you could need. We’re talking two AC outlets, two 12W USB ports with Anker ’ s PowerIQ tech, and even a USB-C port with 30W Power Delivery for

We’ve waxed lyrical about Anker many times before, and one of our favorite accessories makers is back with another great deal for today. If you travel, this is the perfect little power strip to throw in your bag and use wherever you go, removing the need to take multiple chargers and doing away with

The length of the PD 2's power cord is 5 feet, but the cord is covered in a braided exterior. This provides the cord with extra durability, allowing it to resist damage from bending or scratches. Along with the PD 2 you'll simply receive an instruction booklet with specs and safety tips.

I would categorize the PowerPort Strip PD 2 Mini as the most portable of this trio. Despite being wider than the the PowerPort Cube, it's more flat, making it easy to store in a bag or suitcase. Plus, the braided cable will help it resist damage on your travels. It's compatible with voltages worldwide, too, specifically ranging 90 volts and 264 volts, so we're not just talking about the U.S.

  Here's your guide to Anker's power strips © Provided by CNN

I think what also makes it shine in this regard is that it's the most diverse in port types. Sure, it has one less AC outlet and USB-A port than the Cube, but the addition of the USB-C port makes all the difference. With that, you can bring the greatest variety of tech. Sure, it may not be enough for a handful of people to use, but it's perfect for travel. At least, it's just right for charging most of my battery-powered items I mentioned above, as well as my USB-C Anker Powercore+.

Familiar format

As cool as the former power strips are, sometimes you need a more traditional shape, like that of the PowerPort Strip 3 ($22.99; anker.com, Amazon). It's 9 inches long, 2.1 inches wide and 1.1 inches thick. Just like the Cube, it has three AC outlets and three USB-A ports, but the AC outlets span a straight line. The PowerIQ 2.0 USB ports are in a row at the end beneath the Anker logo. On the other end is the circular button to toggle the power with a surge protection light, power light and grounded protection light in a row next to it. When the strip is powered, all three lights should glow blue. If you flip the PowerPort Strip 3 over, you'll see two rubber lines on either end for traction. You'll also see two holes for mounting it to a wall.

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From Anker , America' s Leading Charging Brand Faster and safer charging with our advanced technology 30 million+ happy users and counting. PowerIQ Anker ' s world-famous smart charging technology detects connected devices and adjusts voltage output to deliver a tailored, high-speed

AC Power Expansion One AC outlet becomes six, so you can power all your appliances at once. Safety Guaranteed 380-Joule surge protection and a 15-amp circuit-breaker keep appliances safe, while Anker ' s MultiProtect safety system shields USB devices from short circuits, surges and more.

Naturally, the Strip has built-in surge protection, but if anything seems amiss, there's a reset button on the side that operates like the others. And, like the PowerPort Strip PD 2 Mini, the Strip's cord is 5 feet.

Of these three power strips, this one is the best for home or office use. That's not to say it isn't portable — its smooth, thin design would still make it easy to pop in a suitcase or backpack. But a power strip like this is great for plugging in permanent fixtures while still leaving charging options open with the fast-charging USB-A ports. Not to mention its great built-in protection features that'll keep your most precious hardware safe. You can even test your carpentry skills and mount it to the wall so the outlets and USB ports are easily accessible. Whatever you choose to do with it, it's a great way to keep your power needs met with peace of mind.

Bottom line

There's so much tech to power these days, having AC outlets and USB ports in one place is a true space saver. And whether you're using them at home or across the world, Anker's power strips will simultaneously keep your tech powered and charge your batteries faster.

Try the unique PowerPort Cube ($18.99, reguarly $25.99; Amazon), the portable PowerPort Strip PD 2 Mini ($33.99; anker.com, Amazon) and the reliable PowerPort Strip 3 ($22.99; anker.com, Amazon). The safety measures, convenience and charging speeds won't disappoint.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer's listed price at the time of publication.

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