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09:00  14 february  2020
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Turn your old phone into a home security camera for free

  Turn your old phone into a home security camera for free Give your outdated phone new life.You could turn one into a baby monitor or a makeshift Google Home speaker, for example. Those are good ideas and you can find more in the link below, but one of the most useful ways to upcycle an old phone is to make it into a home security camera.

Here are the best reminder apps for Android ! BZ Reminder is a very simple to-do list app. The app also features jokes and motivational quotes as a little added bonus. It honestly doesn’t do much that other apps on the list don’t also do. You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

Conversations with security professionals here at Mobile World Congress, the “The amount of thought that consumers are giving to security is almost nonexistent,” said Gary Davis Unfortunately, most of the devices on the floor don’t run the latest version of Android , which can leave them open to

The pile of Android threats to watch out for has been mounting at a pretty rapid clip so far this year, with apps sneaking into the Google Play Store that can do everything from log in to your Google and Facebook accounts, access key features of your device, spread malware and so much more. Google, of course, kicks these apps out of its store as soon as they’re found, which we note each time this occurs — though each instance is also one more reminder of just how much of a minefield the threat landscape remains. Meanwhile, as if all that weren’t enough, the security firm Malwarebytes is calling attention to what may be one of the nastiest Android infections yet — a piece of malware that’s actually been circulating for a while now that can reinfect a device after almost every defense has been thrown at it, including a factory reset.

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  New Android phone? Change these 5 settings right away Whether it's a new Galaxy S10 or a Pixel 3a, you can get the most out of your phone by tweaking a few settings.New Android phone? Change these settings.

Where once we debated the merits of Mac and PC, now the struggle for dominance between smartphones leaves some users vulnerable.

Call Reminder Notes basically works like the built-in to-do list on your phone, except that it reminds you to call a particular person at a specific time. In Call Reminders is a feature of the app that allows you to set reminders attached to a particular contact. For example, you want to tell your wife about

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Back in August, this particular malware strain, called xHelper, had already been detected by Malwarebytes’ antivirus app on some 33,000 mostly US devices. That eventually put a target on the malware, by researchers who regarded it as a major Android threat on the basis of those numbers alone. xHelper is essentially a so-called trojan dropper, installing malicious APKs on a device that can, in turn, be used to install a variety of malicious apps.

What makes this one such a tough threat is that it can apparently survive factory resets, which return the device to its original state. Researchers at Symantec also noticed this back in October, writing about how they’d “observed a surge in detections for a malicious Android application that can hide itself from users, download additional malicious apps, and display advertisements. The app, called xHelper, is persistent. It is able reinstall itself after users uninstall it and is designed to stay hidden by not appearing on the system’s launcher.” The Symantec researchers went on to note that, by their tally, it had already infected more than 45,000 devices over the previous six months, and that many users were complaining about random pop-up ads and how the malware keeps showing up even after they’ve manually uninstalled it.

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  Huawei ban: Full timeline as US reportedly finds Chinese company has access to mobile networks globally We break down the saga of the controversial Chinese telecom giant and phone maker.The company's chairman predicted that 2020 will be "difficult" for Huawei, and the early going seems to bear that out -- the US is continuing to pressure allies to block Huawei from their next-generation 5G wireless networks. Despite this, January saw UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson giving the company approval to build non-core parts of the country's 5G infrastructure, setting an important precedent as the wireless tech becomes increasingly mainstream.

Latest Features The Muse The Slot Pictorial Barf Bag Dirt Bag Video. Delete These Scammy Android Apps That Drove 382M Downloads.

It’ s the latest reminder that if you’re not paying for an app, its business model may well involve selling your data. Action has been taken against the “The failure to disclose, or adequately disclose, these facts, in light of the representation made, was, and is , a deceptive practice,” the FTC wrote.

Per Symantec, once xHelper connects to its command and control server, other payloads like rootkits might be downloaded to the compromised device. It’s believed that malware from xHelper’s server can actually perform a variety of functions, “giving the attacker multiple options, including data theft or even complete takeover of the device.”

This all came back to light this week, when Malwarebytes published a report detailing how one device owner kept removing the malware only to see it return to her device inside of an hour. The source of this malware is still being investigated by researchers — but, in the meantime, device owners can keep their gadgets safe by making sure their software stays updated, avoiding unfamiliar and untrustworthy sites when downloading apps, frequently backing up data, installing a strong security app, and being aware of permissions requested by apps.

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